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    Conservative Putin & the Western Media

    Editor’s Comment:

    Considering Russia fell apart after it failed as the Soviet Union, the most powerful Communist State, of the time, it’s rush towards Conservatism seems unbelievable. Has Putin actually changed or is he a slick politician? Decide for yourself.

    By Xavier Lerma

    In President Putin’s speech yesterday he once again underlined the importance of moral conservatism which in Russia is still a majority. It is always that minority which has gained so much power especially after the Bolshevik revolution that tries to impose itself on the majority. The majority understands true traditional values and seeks to preserve them. The minority shrieks against moral conservatism and it belongs in the asylum or at least restrained against the traditional family

    Vladimir Putin, a practical man defending Russia, understands what works and what does not. He is economically conservative and sees moral conservatism is best for human nature. Sodomy does not make a family. The traditional family is the foundation of society and must be protected. He has placed laws into effect that in the west would be called censorship or racism. He shut the sodomites up and protects the children and the Christian Church.

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