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    For Those of You Who Say You Won’t Vote


    By C Howard Diaz

    I think there is no better day than today to talk about whether Americans should choose to not vote in the upcoming election. Why today? Because today is Memorial Day, a day we as a nation set aside to honor the thousands of those in the military, both male and female, who have given their life in the cause of freedom.

    Imagine that, they died for all of us. They made the ultimate sacrifice so we can exercise our freedom and vote. If it weren’t for the thousands who have died since the Revolutionary War and all the wars since, we could have lost that right.

    But there are some of us who don’t care about the sacrifice they all made because they can’t bring themselves to vote. The dead died and some of you say, “too bad, I didn’t get my way.”

    You’d rather die than vote for Donald trump. Too bad you can’t change places with one who died for you to say that.

    Here’s what not voting does

    It’s a vote for more Liberal Supreme Court Justices

    It’s a vote against the sanctity of life.

    It’s a vote against American values

    It’s a vote for increased climate change demagoguery

    It’s a vote for the LGBT agenda

    It’s a vote for more illegal immigration

    It’s a vote for more anti American hatred

    It’s a vote for government controlled schools

    It’s a vote for unions

    It’s a vote for ObamaCare

    It’s a vote against the Second Amendment

    It’s a vote for more EPA regulations

    It’s a vote against Our Constitution

    It’s a vote that could lead to the destruction of America

    But you got your feelings hurt, they died and for what?

    You and Bill Kristol?