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    Goodbye Marti – You Will Be Missed

    It grieves me to say I just received a phone call from Marti’s caretaker. Marti passed away last Friday and according to her caretaker she went peacefully and accepted her dying. A few weeks ago she asked me to call her at least once a week and this week I called for three days with no answer. I sent the police over and they only said she was with the caretaker.
    Today the caretaker heard all my messages and called me. She mentioned another person whose real name I won’t mention had called I assume it was Eva.
    I put up this page for us to say our goodbyes and I can’t believe how much I’m crying right now. The caretaker said that Marti would show her what we posted daily and how much she loved SUA. I told her we all loved Marti too. May she rest in peace.


    Marti was also an artist and she always wanted to post this picture and did a couple of times. She was afraid we would be offended. It’s Art and it’s by Marti so here it is. She named it “Dancing Ladies.”