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    Malaysia Flight 370 Could Be a Catastrophic Event

    UPDATE March 24, 2014

    They Changed the time line again, the “Good Night” transmission came before the turn. We need to know the time the flight reached 45,000 feet and what time it lost all the altitude and made the turn. Because the profile of climbing and then a drastic drop altitude withe a turn to the south west, is consistent with a stall and no pilots. I don’t know what killed them, but I believe some catastrophic event, man made or mechanical killed the crew.

    Skip the update below and read my first observation.

    UPDATE March 18, 2014

    They have reported a different time line since I posted my “theory.” They now say the communication was lost after the turn was made. What no one has reported was when the aircraft climbed to 45,000 feet and when it fell to 23,000 feet. If any of you have heard those times please let me know.

    The profile remains consistent with a stall and something happening in the cockpit. Just what is an

    yone’s guess..


    by C Howard Diaz

    Among other things I am a pilot. I have a multi engine rating and IFR, (Instrument Flight Rules), certified. That is if I was current, which at the present time I am not. That however doesn’t remove any knowledge I have gained since I received my pilot’s license way back in 1958.

    I have also owned many aircraft, the last one being a Cessna 414 Twin Engine, pressurized cabin class aircraft. I probably have about 2000 total hours logged as a pilot.

    Having said that, I have decided to chime in on the Malaysia flight that everyone as his brother has been talking about for the past week.

    At first I thought it was a high jacking and the aircraft was somewhere on the ground, but since they released the latest news about all the systems may have been shut down at the same time, (The Kelly File, 3/17/2014, 6:00PM), I have another thought.

    The following visual aid shows how the plane entered a climb to 45,000 feet and then it descended very rapidly to 23,000 feet, it then slowly climbed to 29,000 feet. I heard somewhere the descent was like greater than 10,000 FPM. During this event, the aircraft changed direction approximately 120 degrees port, to the left.



    The entire profile, of the slow climb and then the rapid descent follows what would happen prior to and after a stall. If the aircraft was trimmed in a slight nose up configuration it would enter a slow climb once the autopilot is knocked out. With no one to advance the throttle the aircraft would eventually stall. The 120 degree change in direction also is within the parameters of a stall to the left. The recovery at 23,000 feet could also be the result of a stall recovery. All this “Could” have happened with no one at the controls.

    It would then follow that if something catastrophic happened, in the cock pit, killed the pilots, destroyed communications and damaged the autopilot. I’m not saying that’s what happened, I’m saying it would be possible.

    Aircraft are designed to fly and the entire sequence, the climb, the turn, the recovery and the slow climb back to 29,000 feet could have occurred without anyone at the controls. It “could” have happened. If it did, the plane would meander until it ran out of fuel at which point it would fall out of the sky.

    If the catastrophic event only happened it the cock pit and the cabin door remained locked, it would be possible the passengers would be alive for the entire event. If the catastrophic event included depressurization of the passengers section, they would have died while the plane was in the slow climb to 45,000.

    There have been comments made by so called experts about the RADAR system operation. One expert said the aircraft were impossible to see on RADAR without the transponder on. In the Air Force I was a RADAR operator and worked my way up to Intercept Controller way back in 1955-59. Back then airlines didn’t have transponders and we tracked them just fine.

    The target image is not called a “BLEEP” it was called a “skin paint.” We were trained to run intercepts against all aircraft like B-36’s, B-52”s and B-47’s that did not have their transponders on. When the British defended Britain during WWII, the Germans weren’t squawking with a transponder. An aircraft the size of a 777 would have a real good skin paint on RADAR.

    So my stall theory is only that, a theory that could have happened from an aircraft flying perspective.