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    Dedicated to the return to the constitution as written by our forefathers, The return of common sense in our laws, the return of morality in our
    Decisions, and the proliferation of environmental truth.

    My Recovery Plan for America

    C, H, Diaz
    January 23rd, 2013

    After winning the War of Independence, our forefathers established the form of government America would have with the Constitution. The Constitution is like a business plan; it defines an organizational structure—some policies, some procedures, some responsibilities, some authority, and very limited powers. It is perfectly designed to be run just as any business in the private sector is run.

    Having a central or “federal” government made sense to the colonies when it came to certain functions, such as a common defense, common ambassadors to other nations, treaties with other nations (approved by the state-controlled Senate), and immigration, to name a few. However, this is where our forefathers wanted it to end.

    Our forefathers, determined to never allow the atrocities committed by King George III to ever happen in the United States, wrote the Bill of Rights. With the Bill of Rights, they insured that a future president would not violate the Constitution.

    We have wandered so far off our constitutional course, we must reset a federal government that has literally become King George again.

    Most people would not release a plan like this because there is so much in it many parts of it could be attacked as stupid or wrong. I don’t have to worry about that because I’m not running for anything. What I am doing is presenting some idea’s to you so you can start a thought process and build on it. This is a work in progress.
    This is admitted in an outline form and far more work is required to define it. So read it, if you will, and ask away.



    In 1887, after a drought had ruined crops in several Texas counties, Congress appropriated $10,000 to purchase seed grain for farmers there. President Grover Cleveland, a Democrat, vetoed the expenditure. In his veto message, he espoused a theory of limited government:

    “I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution, and I do not believe that the power and duty of the general government ought to be extended to the relief of individual suffering which is in no manner properly related to the public service or benefit. Federal aid in such cases encourages the expectation of paternal care on the part of the government and weakens the sturdiness of our national character, while it prevents the indulgence among our people of that kindly sentiment and conduct which strengthens the bonds of a common brotherhood.”

    Cleveland’s Veto of the Texas Seed Bill
    February 16, 1887

    When the American people were made aware of the Texas farmer’s plight and donated $100,000 for seed grain.  The people more than solved the problem without the government and President Cleveland was right in believing it was not the government’s duty.  We must go back to less government, less taxes, more charity and absolutely following the Constitution.

    Recently, a business owner was interviewed on a cable news station stating he was waiting for $1.3 million in stimulus money.  He needs it to buy new equipment that he believes will help him create more jobs and become more productive.

    The use of stimulus money to help a small business owner like this one may sound like a wonderful way for the government to spend money, but you’ll have a hard time finding it in the Constitution.  As president Cleveland pointed out, “I can find no warrant for such an appropriation in the Constitution.”  The government is NOT authorized to loan my tax dollars to any other American.  The man in question should seek investors if his idea is worthy.  That’s the Capitalist way.

    With that in mind and with a conscious effort to return to the Constitution I introduce you to the following in no specific order.

    2. Define any vague statements in the Constitution
    3. The Constitution and the 2nd Amendment does not allow the federal government to take part in any discussion, pass a regulation, or pass a law pertaining to any weapons in the United States.
    4. Per the 10th Amendment the federal government may not take part in any discussion, pass a regulation, or pass a law pertaining any subject not specifically mentioned in the United States Constitution.
    5. Any authority not specifically given to the federal government belongs to the People and The States. Make the case and define the authority.
    6. The federal government to take part in any discussion, pass a regulation, or pass a law pertaining to religion. No discussion, no interference in any way.
    7. Freedom of speech pertains to speech, not art, not dancing, not books, not movies and not burning an American flag. It pertains to the freedom to speak against the federal or State government.
    8. The federal government may not take part in any discussion, pass a regulation, or pass a law pertaining any moral issue, ANY. No discussion, no interference in any way. Only the States and the People shall have that authority.
      G. The death penalty is not itself considered cruel or unusual punishment.
    9.   The following statement shall be removed from all amendments to the Constitution:
      “The Congress shall have power to enforce this article by appropriate legislation”
      This statement opposes the original intent of the Constitution. After which, the Congress shall not have any power to enforce any amendment, only the States and the People shall have that power.
    10. Repeal the 17th AmendmentThis will place the States votes back in Congress as our forefathers envisioned.

    In short, the 17th amendment changed how Senators are voted into office.  Our forefathers wrote in Article 1 Section 3 of the Constitution, Senators shall be “chosen by the legislature” of the State.  This gave the States more direct input to what happens in Washington, as it should be.  The passage of the 17th Amendment cut the States influence in Congress.

    This one act will change the entire balance of power between the States and Washington DC in favor of the States.. The Senate would become an extension of the States. I would also like for the Senate selection to be given to the Governor of the State. This places his representative in DC and all Senate votes required by the Constitution would be influenced by who the people voted for to head their State.

    1. Modify 14th Amendment to insure no “Anchor Babies” are made citizens of the United States.
    2. Repeal the 16th Amendment
    3. Repeal the 23rd Amendment
    4. Change the wording in the 24th amendment and insure all States conduct proportional primary elections for president of the United States. No more Caucus States. All delegates won MUST vote for the the person who wins those delegates unless the person who won them ends with a total of less than 10% of the total of all delegates. (Still working on the wording for this one.
    5. Change the 26th Amendment voting age from 18 to 21 years.
    6. Define the “Commerce Clause” from:

    “To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes;”
    To allow Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes with common regulations that carry no enforcement authority. The States shall enforce the agreed upon regulations.

    1. The protection afforded to citizens of the United States by our Constitution are afforded ONLY to citizens of the United States. Not to visitor’s, not to visa holders, not to Green Card holder’s, ONLY citizens.
    2. Amend the Constitution to state, Flag burning is not speech. nude dancing is not speech, pornographic art is not speech.
    3. Communism and Socialism is not consistent with our Constitution and should be banned from our country. Any American who joins a communist or socialist party does so under the threat of prison or deportation.
    4. The Electoral College is our only method of selection a present of the United States. Any attempt to change it is un-constitutional.
    5. Establish term limits and rules for all Congressman and Senator’s and define Presidential eligibility requirement

    One  term for Senator
    Two terms for Congressmen

    No elected official may write or have published any book, video, documentary or any other process of communicating with the People.

    Pass a law requiring any Federally elected official a financial inventory statement to be submitted as of the first day of any office or position. Upon leaving that office or position the financial inventory may not exceed the original by more than the average inflation rate. Any cheating shall be a felony against the People and shall suffer 1o years in a federal prison.

    Clarify the definition of Natural Born Citizen. A NBC is a person born of two citizens of the United States. Location of the birth is of no importance, but the parents must have lived in the United States for a minimum of 20 years and lived in the United States for five years of the previous twenty years. This definition should be introduced to the United Nations to insure this is known around the world.

    An American citizen can be born a citizen with the father or mother a citizen and one or the other not a citizen at the time of birth. Both parents must have a residence in the United States while out of the country.

    An American citizen may also be a naturalized citizen and qualify to run for any office except President of the United States.


    1. Remove all authority of the Speaker of the House and Head of the Senate.

    The Constitution states, “Each House may determine the Rules of its Proceedings” They must be changed to allow equal representation.

    Remove all Committee’s from both the House and the Senate.

    All issues and bills should be discussed and voted on by all Senators and Representatives as equal members of Congress.  Yes, this will slow Congress down.  Yes all Senators and Representatives shall work harder.

    Congress is made up of the People’s choices from all the States and no one Senator or Representative should be able to influence or hold sway over any other Senator or Representative. The way it is now, a seniority system punishes newly elected Congressmen and Senators from representing their States on an equal footing with all other Congressmen and Senators.

    All States MUST be equally represented in both Houses with up or down votes on all issues and bills.

    The Speaker of the House and Head of the Senate shall only act as spokesperson of their party as will the minority leaders and function in an administrative function only.

    1. No bill may be introduced by any Congressman or Senator that affects any another State, but his own, without that States approval.

    Congressman and Senator’s are elected to represent their State, not run other States.

    1. Budget the daily operational rules of Congress, Senate and White House

    Reduce Congressional Budgets for all Senators and Congressmen. All Senators and Representatives shall have the same budget and number of staff.  This includes leaders, and Speaker of the House

    Today the budgets are doled out by The Speaker of the House and Head of the Senate.

    Cut staff budgets

    Each Congressman and each Senator will be allowed:

    One Secretary
    One Clerk
    Three Researchers

    Eliminate Golden Parachute Retirement Plans

    All members of Congress must follow all laws passed for the citizens. This includes any medical plan or any other law that requires citizens to do or not do anything. Members of Congress are no different than civilians..

    Eliminate all Congressional expense accounts other than operating their office.

    Provide State owned housing for all Senators and Congressmen in Washington DC…

    Current office holders will be required to sell their current residence, in Washington DC, to their state at no profit. The State may, at the States decision, sell that property and buy a property that will serve the needs of the elected official in line with his pay scale. The State owned residence shall be used by the person elected to Congress.

    Elected officials should make no monetary gain while serving in office.

    Review personal staff requirement for Congressmen and Senators.

    One housekeeper
    One chauffer

    Establish a travel budget for all Congressmen and Senators

    Stop all World travel unless approved by their State

    Limit paid travel to each Congressmen and Senator’s state to one round trip per quarter.

    Include family members.

    Children of Congressmen and Senators will attend public schools unless they attend a private school paid for by the Senator or Congressman.

    Subject to changes in public schooling below.

    1. Change the Federal Government Budget Process


    Terminate Baseline Budgeting

    Implement Standard Common Sense Budget Process as used in the Private Sector

    1. Review and approve a Presidential staff budget.

    Eliminate the “Czar” positions

    Review and cut Presidential Cabinet positions and their staff requirement.

    White House staff

    Approve one secretary for the First Lady

    Remove any authority the First Lady may have, we didn’t vote for her.

    A First Lady or First Husband may not run for President of the United States as long as his/her are still living. Coat string fame is not a qualification for president.

    1. Review Responsibility and Authority as per the Constitution and approve staff for Departments of:

    Attorney General
    The Attorney General will no longer be considered America’s Top Cop. It will not have the funding nor the authority to act as a “Top Cop.”
    The Attorney General will represent the president as his legal advisor only. He will act as prosecutor for crimes of treason, piracy and counterfeiting.

    Move the CIA and the FBI to the Department of Defense and merge the FBI with the Department of Homeland Security. Authority to follow.

    Reduce the authority of the Department of Homeland Security until eliminated.

    Airline Security to be the responsibility of each airline.

    Veterans Affairs
    Ambassador to UN
    Office of Management and Budgets
    United States Trade Representative
    White House Chief of Staff
    Department of Treasury
    Department of Commerce

    Increase defense budget
    See Rebuild Our Military

    1. Close the Department of Housing and Urban Affairs

    Transfer to individual States

    1. Close the Department of Health and Human Services

    Form a State run National Commission of Health and Human Services

    Cut the budget by 80% over the next two years.

    Close in four years

    1. Close Department of Transportation

    Form a State run National Commission of Transportation

    Cut the budget by 80% over the next two years.

    Close in four years

    1. Close Department of Agriculture

    Form a State run National Commission of Agriculture

    Cut the budget by 80% over the next two years.

    Close in four years

    1. Close the Department of Energy.

    The Department of Energy was formed after the oil crisis on August 4, 1977 in order to end the United States dependence on foreign oil by President Jimmy Carter’s signing of legislation, The Department of Energy Organization Act of 1977.

    The department’s goal was to reduce America’s dependency on foreign oil.

    In 1977 America imported 30% of its oil requirement. Since 1977 America imports reached 70% of its oil requirement. It has failed, the department must be closed, close it.

    Form a State run National Commission of Energy

    Cut the budget by 80% over the next two years.
    Transfer responsibility for Nuclear Weapons to DoD.

    Build 100 Nuclear Power Plants Over 40 years ore invest in the new Small Modular Reactor (SMR) technology or a combination of both.

    Close in four years

    1. Close the Department of Education.

    Even Senator Sanders has said, during his presidential campaign, that today it takes a university degree to receive the same education a high school diploma provided in the 1950’s. The Democratic solution to that problem is to provide free university education to all.

    The real solution to the problem is not to spend more money and offer free education, but instead rework and re-structure the current education system curriculum so that our children can receive the same valued education as was done in the 1950’s.

    Cut the budget by 80% over the next two years.

    Close in four years

    Form a State run National Commission of Education

    The Commission will establish a standard school system that will:

    Establish a school year as Feb 1st to June 30th designated as Summer Session

    One week for Easter Break TBD

    June 16th to Aug. 31st as summer vacation

    Sept. 1st to Jan. 31st as Winter Session

    One week Christmas Break

    Group children in six month age groups by dividing the school year into two halves starting at age 5 years, six months

    A child’s school year may start February 1st or September 1st

    Children who turn 5 yrs 6 months of age between Nov 1st and Apr 30th will start Kindergarten B on Feb 1 of that six month period

    Children who turn 5 yrs six months of age between May 1st and Oct 31st will start Kindergarten B on Sept 1 of that period

    This means children will only be a maximum of six months apart in age within their grade and school classroom.

    After attending the first Session of called (K-B) the student will graduate to Kindergarten A (K-A) for the second session. (Unless a half year is required for Kindergarten)

    The following graduated Grades continue:

    B 1     First half of 1st Grade
    A 1    Second half of 1st Grade

    B 2    First half of 2nd Grade
    A 2    Second half of 2nd Grade

    B 3    First half of 3rd Grade
    A 3    Second half of 3rd Grade

    B 4    First half of 4th Grade
    A 4    Second half of 4th Grade

    B 5    First half of 5th Grade
    A 5    Second half of 5th Grade

    B 6    First half of 6th Grade
    A 6    Second half of 6th Grade, End of Elementary School

    Junior High School

    B 7    First half of 7th Grade
    A 7    Second half of 7th Grade

    B 8    First half of 8th Grade
    A 8    Second half of 8th Grade

    B 9    First half of 9th Grade
    A 9    Second half of 9th Grade, End of Junior High School

    High School

    B 10   First half of 10th Grade
    A 10  Second half of 10th Grade

    B 11   First half of 11th Grade
    A 11   Second half of 11th Grade

    B 12  First half of 12th Grade
    A 12  Second half of 12th Grade, End of High School

    This division between starting High School and ending High School insures that there will be the least  number of years and months, in age, between a male senior and a female freshman.

    Today, high school starts in the 9th grade.  This allows as a 14 year old female in the same school with an 18 year old male, not good

    The State Commission will establish a teaching curriculum that will

    Be standard for all States to be taught from the same books in all grades

    Establish courses that will allow our children, in the 8th grade, to decide between a:

    College Prep Course
    A Trade Course

    The Commission will establish a graduated general education program for grades K to 7, that teaches our children to read, write, math, science, physical education, world history and U.S. history.

    Teach our children:

    Why and how America was founded

    The Constitution
    How the west was won
    The Civil War
    The Presidents
    American Geography
    World Geography

    Civics in all high schools to include the American political system and voting procedures.

    The Commission will establish a Sports Policy that:

    No schooling with regard to sex. That belongs to the family

    No organized sports in Elementary School

    Children shall play in loosely controlled games such as

    Dodge Ball
    Kick Ball
    Soft Ball
    Tether Ball

    Junior High

    Basic Introduction Trade classes ie. Machine Shop, Auto Body Shop, Engine Repair Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Wood Shop, Electrical Shop, Computer Shop, Basic Programming.

    General physical education for those not interested in team sports

    Team Sports in Junior High School

    No inter school games, no uniforms, only gym shorts and shoes

    Physical Education Teachers shall pick members of teams

    Tag Football

    Physical Education Teachers shall train children in Track & Field, Gymnastics, Swimming

    High School

    Advanced Introduction Trade classes ie. Machine Shop, Auto Body Shop, Engine Repair Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Wood Shop, Electrical Shop, Computer Shop, Basic Programming.

    Provide for Trade School Certification when approved classes have been completed and appropriate testing passed.

    Team Sports in High School (Inter-School)

    Organized, uniforms, sport type shoes

    Baseball (Hardball)
    Track & Field

    Junior Varsity

    General physical education for those not interested or qualified for team sports

    Correctional School

    Each school district shall include on Senior High School where any delinquents from age 15 to 18 will be sent to as a punishment for bad grades, attendance, fighting, lack of respect etc. Once sent they must earn their way back. The school shall be extremely strict and no crap will be allowed.

    When I was in High School we had such a school. It was Jacob Riis. No one wanted to go to that school.

    The United States Department of Education, also referred to as ED or the ED for (the) Education Department, is a Cabinet-level department of the United States government. Created by the Department of Education Organization Act (Public Law 96-88), it was signed into law by President Jimmy Carter on October 17, 1979 and began operating on May 16, 1980.(Wiki)

    Budget 2009 $62.6 Billion (Wiki)

    The Commission will privatize the American school system
    Establish separate schools for special need children

    Sub-contract all existing schools to private companies.

    Teachers would be required to be re-hired by the company.

    Must pass a teaching subject test.

    Eliminate the organizationally structured school systems in each town, county, city and state. (i.e. Los Angeles School System) In other words end public schools.

    Insure the private school system covers all grades K – 12 and appropriate trade schools at the high school level.

    End high cost retirement plans.

    Rescind all laws that would not allow parents to choose schools with a school voucher system

    Voucher estimate is $7,500 per student.

    Disband the National Education Association (Union)

    Allow teachers the right to work in any State

    Eliminate tenure in all schools, colleges and universities

    Overhaul the University System to teach and not indoctrinate.

    Terminate Title IX.

    Support the inclusion of the Junior College system as a back up for those who change their mind after graduating without a College Prep Course major and to also separately offer courses equal to the first two years of university classes.

    1. Close the Department of Interior

    Return All Federal Land to the States.

    Except land required by the military.

    Form a State run National Commission

    Cut the budget by 75% over the next two years

    Transfer the operation of all National Forests, lands and monuments to private industry.

    States may review and change the status of National Monuments introduced by Washington DC.

    States may return said lands to a status that will allow that property to enter the tax base.

    Remove all legislation that prevents drilling for oil where ever it is feasible.  Feasibility to be determined by the drilling company and the State.

    Remove all legislation that prevents drilling for Natural Gas Where ever it is feasible.  Feasibility to be determined by the drilling company and the State.

    Remove all Federal Laws banning logging and management of our forests.

    Feasibility of continued logging shall be determined by the logging company and the State if logging State property.

    Feasibility of privately owned logging property to be determined by logging company.

    The Department of Interior is far removed from the local and State plans, idea’s and customs to serve the people.  Close it.

    1. Change the mission of The Department of Commerce

    From:         The mission of the department is to “promote job creation and improved living standards for all Americans by creating an infrastructure that promotes economic growth, technological competitiveness, and sustainable development.”

    To:    Among its tasks are gathering economic and demographic data for business and government decision-making, issuing patents and trademarks, and helping to set industrial standards.(From Wiki)

    Cut the budget by 75%

    Terminate NAFTA

    Terminate TPP if in force

    1. Close the Environmental Protection Agency

    Form a State run National Commission

    Cut the budget by 75%

    Until it is closed we must remove all regulatory power from the Environmental Protection Agency.  We must form a State run National EPA Commission under control of the individual States with no regulatory power.

    Immediately cut funding of the EPA by 75%

    Stop all legislation concerning Cap and Trade because, as recent events have indicated,

    the science is far from settled.  The UN’s IPCC has proven to be a fraud with recent  findings.

    See Index “TWTW”

    1. Eliminate Council of Economic Advisors

    The president does not control the economy.  If he thinks he does, stop him.

    1. Move Department of Homeland Security to Department of Defense

     Airlines should become responsible for flight safety

    1.  Close the Department of Labor

    Close OSHA

    Replace it with a State controlled National Commission.

    Cut the budget by 80%

    Enforce no State or Federal Government unions and pensions.

    Jobs are not a “Right”

    Jobs are a responsible duty that all American’s should educate themselves to reach.

    1. UNIONS

    The right to form a union is part of freedom in America, but unions should be limited to the Company level and not grouped in any career field, i.e. Carpenters Union, Electrician’s Union etc.

    Unions shall not have the authority to determine how a company is managed in any way.

    Disband and Ban all Federal and States Government Unions

    They work for the people and may not strike in a government job.

    De- certify any International Union. They are not unions they are political parties and are not in the best interest of America.

    De-Certify National Unions. They are not unions they are political parties and are not in the best interest of America.


    1. Stop and Ban all State and Federal Government Pension Plans

    The average American saves for his retirement and uses Social Security as an aid. Government employees should not have it any better.

    In New Jersey a State employee of 49 years of age retired after paying $124,000 into the pension system.  If he lives to a normal life expectancy he will collect $3.8 MILLION.

    In California, some government employees may retire at age 50 with up to 90%+ of their pay for the rest of their life.  Pension plans like this are unsustainable and place a burden on the people.

    1. Stop all Health Care Legislation

    A forced national health care program is un-Constitutional

    Rescind any law that does not allow insurance companies to sell nationwide.

    Allow the insured to select their coverage from a list that includes a selection for previous condition coverage. All men and all women do not have the same needs for medical insurance.

    Other than that the government should stay out of the insurance business with no authority to do or say anything.

    Tort reform to eliminate frivolous law suits against doctors.

    Stop advertising for “client trolling” by law firms and individual lawyers.

    Advertising for people who may have taken some medication, died of asbestos etc.

    Fine the entire firm for client trolling

    Close the firm for a second offense

    Clients must come to the lawyer.

    1. Privatize Social Security

    Over ten years find, design an alternative that removes the government for the system. Possibly use the Chile system as a guideline.

    1. Stop and ban funding to all NGO’s

    There is no mention of Non Governmental Organization’s in our Constitution.  There is nothing written that says they can’t exist.  They are organizations who unite people who have a strong belief about any given subject.  They may do so at their own expense.  They are not voted for and should receive their funding through donations and qualify as a 501c3 if they don’t get politically active.  If they choose to be politically active they will be taxed as any other business. Politically active includes lobbying.

    NGO’s shall be prohibited from suing State or Federal government on any issue that has been raised and accepted or rejected by duly passed law.

    If an NGO seeks definition of a law it must petition the appropriate State or Federal Congress.

    1. Lower  Taxes

    Lower corporate taes to 15%, eliminate inheritance tax and any form of deathb tax.

    Lower income tax with the goal being to abolish Income Taxes and change to a Federal Sales Tax, but only after the Federal Government (Washington DC) is reduced to a shell of what it is.

    1. Stop all Stimulus and Jobs Programs

    Providing money for the private sector with our tax money is not constitutional.

    1. Congress will be required to dedicate 75% of its time rescinding all laws that are not specifically allowed by the Constitution.

    All future laws and regulations must pass a Constitutional litmus test specifying which Article or Amendment allows the introduction and passage of a bill.

    Review and approve all loans and donations to other countries

    Loans must be approved by Congress and Congress must receive approval from the States.

    1.  Reduce U.S. Funding of the UN by 50%

    The UN is anti-American, anti capitalism, anti science and more.  We should actually get out of the UN, but I’ll go with a 50% cut immediately and another cut in four years.

    The UN must go back to the Charter as it was written. In 1947 the only reason everyone signed on was that the UN would not interfere with the internal affairs of any country. They were to try and keep the peace between two or more countries. Over the years this one thing has disappeared in the UN’s mission and all they do is interfere with sovereign nations. They get away with it because it’s mostly humanitarian work, but that alone gives the UN power that was never intended.

    The International Monetary Fund should end, all UN departments that deal with the internal affairs of any country should be closed.

    Close the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Climate Change (IPCC), but if it remains as any entity, remove all funding from USA.

    1. Declare a State of War on Terrorists

    Keep Guantanamo open.

    Try all suspected terrorists by military tribunal.

    Use any force necessary during interrogation.

    Defeat the terrorists where they live.

    1. Rebuild our Military
      Separate plan to follow.
    2. Voting Practices and Procedures:
      All votes on hand written paper ballots counted jointly by represented parties
      No early voting
      A national ID require

    Only citizens 21 years or older who pay income tax may vote. A method to identify voters shall be designed.

    1. Immigration & Citizenship

    Declare by law or amendment:  The Constitution, it’s freedom and protection is reserved for citizens of the United States.

    Set a limit of 325,000,000 citizens as a maximum number of citizens the United States will contain. Adjust any immigration policy to maintain that number.

    Stop all legal immigration for ten years.

    Change any existing law to insure that all immigrants must either have a job waiting for them, are sponsored by some entity or financially able to not become a burden to the American taxpayer.

    No legal immigrant may claim Social Security, MediCare or any other “security” payments unless they have paid into the system for twenty years and reached the age of 65. This, of course means the financial burden rest on the immigrant, its sponsor or its personal wealth.

    All immigrants must pass a health test before being accepted to the United States.

    All immigrants to the United States must be immigrating to become American citizens. As such they much take a pledge of allegiance to the United States of America and the Constitution of the United States.

    Sharia Law is not consistent with the United States Constitution, therefore any person who migrates to the United States must take an oath denouncing Sharia Law in any form or context.

    Establish a temporary work program for migrant workers. Use the Mexican system as a model.

    Place greater restrictions on the H1B1 visa to insure no American citizen will lose a job as a result of an H1B1 applicant. (Possibly do away with it all together)

    In 1941 there were bout 120 million Americans. There are about 310 million now. There must be a limit set to keep America, America.

    There shall be no citizen of the United States that is also a citizen of another country. All citizen’s must swear allegiance to only The United States of America. No dual citizenship is allowed.

    34. Morality and the Constitution

    Our Constitution is a document that defines political rights and political freedom.  That’s it.  And that alone has made it the greatest document is the world. It does not include any moral decisions for the federal government to be involved in.

    However, the Constitution will be amended and Homosexuality will be declared a mental disorder, but they (all types) will be treated as equals in every way, except no homosexual shall be allowed to hold any position of authority over normal Americans. This includes teaching at all levels or politics at any level.