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    Say Hi to RLegacy

    I just woke up and wanted to give you an update on RLegacy. As you know she suffers from heart problems and has cancer. She doing as best a she can and says she will try and visit us this weekend. Her husband is even in worse shape and has been brought home for his final days.

    As soon as her cardiologist clears her she is going to have surgery for the cancer and as always I sent her your love and prayers and she responded in kind with love and prayers for all at SUA and DC.
    I will create a link for this weekend that you will be able to send her any message you wish. I will Feature the link to an RLegacy page and it will be up by to morrow afternoon. God Bless RLegacy, SUA and all at SUA. (DC too)

    I made this page for you all to say Hi to RLegacy. she will see it.