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    SUA MEMO TO ALL June 9th 2016


    I sent this to all the Mods this morning and I’m sharing with all of you.

    Last evening we had an issue that revolved around a word. That word was “testicles.” What followed was everything I try to avoid and, in this case, John threatened to leave and quite a few others defended the joke. It was used in a humorous manner that was probably a lot funnier at
    Chaser’s Lounge where John first told it and I for one did not see anything Foul or Pornographic in the joke.

    Someone disagreed and deleted the lines of the joke. When SUA blew up, I then started a series of responses, I will list them in the order I wrote them. Let me say this is not about John, instead it’s about a policy change that I have been wanting to put into words. John’s action just gave me the opportunity to say what follows.

    John demanded an explanation,
    I answered:
    1. There won’t be any explanation except this. We are a young site and haven’t completely found our sea legs. Some Mods may or may not be more sensitive and we will work that out as time passes.

    John demanded the Mod be fired.
    I answered
    2. That’s not happening, read what I said above.

    Then I decided to say something:

    3. I think that eventually we may develop into to more than just a political blog. In fact we are well on our way with the music thing at night and the easing of what used to be rules. I told you all that I had banned the use of the word “warning” as used by Mods. It creates a more tense atmosphere than help.

    I also ask all you not to say things like, “go ahead ban me.” We all have to work together to make this the site we all want and not what “one” of us wants. That takes time, friendship and common sense. I will not over rule a Mod, but it may not end there. So if you like this place, work with me.

    The place went silent, but I had a few comments of support. Time passed and I wrote:

    4. This place is amazing. It’s like an organism that laughs, cry’s (remember when elizabeth died) argues and fights. As I sit here I wonder, who’s going to break the ice? SUA’s heart runs on
    your comments and involvement. Wake it up.

    Then 1952issue posted this to what I had just posted:

    5. ” Creation of a site that avoids the easy temptation of ad hominem remarks and who’s contributors expect, as a minimum , intellectual honesty no matter what the opinion is, is a testimony to both the creator and the participants. That avoids the creation of an echo
    chamber and the environment to get the appreciation of other people’s perspective, even if they are wrong.”

    This country was founded by people who were trying to get away from religious persecution and I want us to eliminate it here. I never intended this site to be a Sunday School and as adults, the day a slightly, very slightly off color joke is deleted, we are now imposing our will and I won’t have that.

    I’m not asking anyone to step up and say, “I did it, because.” I don’t care about the because. I care about SUA and SUA is more than me and that says it all. It is certainly more than any one of us. People are starting to love this site and I will not allow any deletion or banning unless it is actual foul language or porn. We can look to “IT” for an example of both.

    New people are arriving daily and I want to extend the venting time so they can get things off their chest. If, however, any new bunch use us as a comm center, we should ask them not to do so.

    I screwed up, in the beginning, because I was un-educated in blogging and I thought I could handle SUA by myself. I was wrong. A lot of great people left SUA as a result.

    The Mods stepped up and we are a better site for it. Please work with me and if you don’t like an off color joke, collapse it, but never impose your personal sense of values on SUA. There will be no such thing as banning anyone because you disagree with them, other than the use of FOUL language, PORN and a Liberal who can’t be controlled.

    Fearless Leader

    Amendment 1 – The SCW Rule

    No video’s with Foul Language or Nudity will be allowed. If it’s a YouTube or any other video, post the title, warn the viewer and we can find it ourselves.

    Amendment 2 — Mod Equality 04/27/2017

    Mods are just as much a part of SUA as any other person who enjoys posting on this site. They have no special privileges and have volunteered to insure no porn or overtly foul language is posted. I think you all know what I mean. Mods enjoy the interaction with everyone and have the right to disagree without anyone taking offense because it’s coming from a Mod. That includes me.