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    ********SUAnews Blog — Jan. 12th – Jan 18th *********

    Guantanamo will be closed and given to the Communists in Cuba – 11/15/2015




    In 1994 I went to Canada to raise money for Speak Up America the TV Show. We recorded four shows in front of a live audience and I flew in special guests for the each of the shows. These are also a very important part of the Speak Up America history. I hope you take the time to watch them when you can, they are each about :50 minutes. I will leave them here for awhile. If you do take the time to watch any of them, please leave a comment. Remember, the guest speakers are the stars, please listen to them, What they have to say is important.

    Speak Up America the TV Show 1

    Speak Up America the TV Show 2

    Speak Up America the TV Show 3

    Speak Up America the TV Show 4




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    Harney County Fire Chief Resigns. FBI Caught Posing As Militia At Local Armory



    The Science and Environmental Policy Project

    The Week That Was: Jan 16, 2016 (Updated Weekly)


    I have been looking for articles I published back in the 1990′s during Clinton’s terms. They are being posted, as is, so you can remember or learn of issues during that time. Each article’s title is preceded by the year I published it in Speak Up America, the newspaper. You can see them on the right side column under recent posts.


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    When I was interviewed in 1993 I mentioned a video that was purposely not shown on PBS. As a result it was shared by American’s like an underground movement. It was made in 1992, but it is the grand dad of all the skeptic video’s. Though it was made over 24 years ago the information it contains sets the groundwork against the global warming hoax.

    The Greenhouse Conspiracy