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    By Editor

    President’s Putin and Obama have proven to the world that character does matter. That men, with an honest heart can withstand all the attacks hurled at them from many people of the world and survive. By sticking to their principles, President Putin and Obama have accomplished the primary goal of protecting the people of Russia and the United States by preventing another armed attack, this time in Syria.

    They did this by standing up to those who wanted an attack on Syria without any regard for the truth, but President’s Obama and Putin knew there was a better course of action.

    The United Nations, in allowing its obese size to get in the way of taking action has proven itself to be just what it is, an overblown bureaucracy that only knows how to spend money. This obese debating society is at the end of its natural life and just as the sands of time continue to flow, the UN has reached the age of retirement.

    The bottom line is, all the political positioning done by diplomats proves to the world how useless they really are when they place the greedy gain of their combined nations in front of justice. They are all undeserving of any justice and should not be allowed in any future decisions concerning the internal affairs of any nation.

    The fact is, two men representing two countries came to an agreement to stop an attack by the United States and disarm the Assad regime of his chemical weapons without one meeting of the United Nations, without any input from the United Nations and without the blessing of the United Nations.

    In this one proud instance President Obama has done America proud. By adhering to the Constitution’s requirement to go to Congress before undertaking an act of war, he could be on a path towards recognizing the Constitution as our law and our guiding principal.

    Consider this:

    It is America who funds most of the UN.

    It is American’s who send most of the aid when other countries are in need.

    It’s American’s who have died defending more countries than I care to mention.

    America doesn’t need the UN and this latest agreement between President’s Obama and Putin proves the world doesn’t need the UN.

    The world does need America. The world needs America because America is EXCEPTIONAL and has been since its beginning.
    America’s EXCEPTIONALISM has freed more people in this world than any other nation.

    Keeping the UN only uses up billions of dollars for bureaucratic payroll and perks. Trying to find just exactly how many thousands of employees the UN has and the size of its budget is like trying make sense of Jesse Jackson’s and Al Sharpton’s finances.

    One thing is for sure, they are some of the highest paid diplomats in the world.

    Years ago Sir Brian Urquhardt, former UN Under Secretary General, officially “retired” in 1984. He received a $135,000 per year pension. But he was also PAID $400,000 tax free per year on a consulting contract to the UN as an advisor. Trying to find out how bloated the UN budget is, is next to impossible. One thing is for sure, all the work the UN does could be done a lot cheaper with more real money getting to the needy without the UN in the way.

    President Obama has a rare opportunity that comes once in a million years. He has an opportunity to dismantle this over-stuffed, over-fed bureaucratic nightmare called the United Nations. The UN is just not needed and is more of a detriment to all mankind. All the work done by the United Nations can be done by individual countries without the waste of maintaining the giant cash-absorbing machine the UN has become.

    President Obama mustn’t stop short. If President Obama seizes the moment he could go down in history as the greatest protector of freedom this world has ever seen. He must complete his mission and end the world domination the United Nations seeks and will attain in the future.

    President Obama should offer President Putin the opportunity to help him insure the UN adheres to the original UN Charter, as signed in 1947, that stated the UN would not interfere with any internal affairs of any member nation.