Trashing Traditional Values

By Walter E. Williams (1994)

How come men don’t whimper and wail when insulted by foul language and rude behavior? We just return the favor in kind, and if the situation calls for it, we have a fair one-rumble. Even if you can’t rumble, you don’t whimper and wail. That’s for sissies – at least traditionally. Also, traditionally, behavior acceptable among men was not acceptable between men and women. Thankfully, there was a double standard. Women could say and do things, like slap your face, that wouldn’t be tolerated if done by a man. Boys were indoctrinated to treat women differently. This made sense because, given enormous male and female strength differences, women would always come out on the short end of the rumble.

For the last several decades, we’ve been told: Women are equal to men; we must eliminate double standards; there must be liberation. We’ve seen the effects of that message. Some men make lewd comments to women and treat them in a manner that not even the lowest of lowlifes would have 50 years ago. And we’re all naively surprised. While we were trashing spontaneously evolved traditional values for male/female relationships, we forgot their purposes. Instead of recognizing the folly and recapturing those values, like fools, we think government sex harassment laws are suitable substitutes.

Our attack on traditional values runs deep. During the past several decades, there has been a successful attack on all centers of authority except government. For example, what’s the appropriate decision-making unit for whether a teenage girl has an abortion? You’d think parents were. Now, that decision often lies in the hands of a judge or social welfare agency. What’s worse, the decision is often made with neither the knowledge nor consent of parents. Hillary Clinton has long advocated the right of children to sue and –divorce parents, using taxpayer funds to do so. With traditional family authority having been undermined, should we be surprised to see so many of our children rebel against, curse and even assault their parents?

Look at all the flap over Clinton’s marital infidelity, pot smoking, draft dodging and other moral indiscretions. The fact that Clinton is what he is doesn’t say much. His faults are shared by millions of men. As such, it’s nothing new. What’s new is that at no time in our history could a man who was a known draft dodger, flagrant womanizer and pot smoker be elected to the nations highest office. This is the first time in our history where military men, from top brass on down, have to be ordered and lectured to respect the commander in chief. The fact that Clinton is the president of the United States says little about Clinton but a lot about widespread national moral degeneration.

There are many other indications of moral capitulation and degeneration. We allow our children to bring home vulgar music that our parents would never have allowed. Instead of parents setting limits, we call for Congress to regulate the entertainment industry. We explain away wicked behavior of murderers; rapists and social parasites by calling them “sick” or saying society made them do it. We give top billing to afternoon TV talk shows that feature grossly deviant behavior. It’s one thing to be tolerant of private deviant behavior. It’s quite another to accept it as morally equivalent and normal. People have children they can’t afford. Instead of holding them accountable, we make others accountable through the tax code.

Unless Americans summon the courage to confront the liberal/leftist government backed assault on tradition, values and accountability, we are going to bequeath to future generations a demoralized, decayed nation. §


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