New Headlines and Old News

I’m introducing you to a new feature here at Speak Up America. It’s under a new tab titled, “HEADLINES” and it will feature headlines of articles from the worldwide web. When you right click on the headline it will take you to the source.

 I didn’t think of this idea, I got it from an excellent web site named “Real Science” and operated by Steven Goddard. I have no idea how he finds all the records from the past, but I am thankful to him for pointing the direction. I give him full credit for the excellent work he is doing.

There are times when I will comment on an article and post it on this blog and I found one that deserves such a comment. The article below is from “The Free Lance Star” of Fredericksburg Virginia dated Wednesday November 3, 1976.

 At first I found it remarkable that the news of TWO HUNDRED FIFTEEN THOUSAND people dying because of a cyclone and tidal wave, was printed on Page 34 of the newspaper. But it happened in 1876 so it was the 100th anniversary of the event. The single paragraph was titled “Tidal Wave swept India.” I wonder what the CO2 level was in 1876.



 Imagine what would happen today if 215,000 people were killed by a cyclone and tidal wave. The media, the Green SS gang and all the Democrats would be screaming for more restrictions on coal and oil. They would have 215000 reasons to stop all industry.

It would be covered twenty four hours a day for a weeks. Thousands of “News Alerts” would happen every 15 minutes. Two hundred and fifteen thousand family members would be asked how they felt about losing their loved ones. Hundreds of nobody politicians would get face time on international television so they could thank all involved for doing such a great job in the aftermath.

 They would blame the entire event on Climate Change. You know, the man made climate change that causes the world to warm. Except it has stopped warming and the CO2 levels have increased. Not ONE of the hundred or so climate models predicted the leveling of the world’s temperature over the past sixteen years.

 Prior to that, I believe they cherry picked data to get the results they wanted at the East Anglia Climate Research Center (CRU). One of them emailed another that they had to, “hide the decline. That was part of just one email that was released by a hacker trying to get the truth out to the rest of the world.

 The head of the unit had to step aside during what I would call a fake investigation and got a slap on the hand for not sharing data with other scientists per the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA). How could that be considered a minor offense?

 Isn’t sharing data a foundation of science? Aren’t scientists supposed to share data so other scientists can prove the theory? Why would they not share data? What did they have to hide?

Oh, I know, they had to hide the decline.


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