1957 or 8 The UFO and ME

During one night shift we were alerted by HQ in Great Falls Montana that another radar site located close to Miles City Montana, call sign Undulate, had a strange object on their radar that was acting strangely changing altitude over Miles City, stopping and then accelerating to great speeds.

They contacted us because the object appeared to be meandering east South East and we had F-86D Interceptors at our base.  I asked HQ to send us plots as they occurred because the object was out of range of our radar.

1957 F86Djpg

They did so and our plotter placed the moves on our plotting board.  As time went by the object meandered within range of our search and height finder radar.  We immediately turned on our backup search radar to insure we weren’t picking up weather.  With three radars with different frequencies picking up the same object we knew it was real. When the object got close enough we scrambled an alert bird (F-86D).

I was the intercept controller on this mission and guided the Dog (F-86D) on a course to intercept the object.  The Dog pilot got a contact and a lock on which is now a fourth frequency radar.  A  Dog pilot flies with his head in the bucket not looking outside until he locks on and gets a fire indication.  At that point he raises his head and looks for the target.  It was a dark night and he could not see anything but as he passed over the spot where the object had been he encountered extreme turbulence and I watched as the target moved about fifty miles in a matter of seconds.  In my opinion nothing human could have withstood the G forces created by the acceleration of the object.


                              Me at the scope

At this point I set the Dog up for another intercept that took place at about twenty five thousand feet due east of our site.  On the second pass the same thing happened, the pilot declared a contact, lock on and fire at which point he looked up and again saw nothing but this time he hit the wake of the object with such extreme turbulence that he was flipped into an inverted spin that he didn’t recover until he fell to around nine thousand feet.  The object again had moved fifty to seventy five miles in a matter of seconds.

I asked the Dog pilot if he wanted to try again and he responded “hell no” and I vectored him home.

Now the interesting part of this story.

 To understand how interesting, the reader must understand how our Air Defense Command (ADC) operated at that time.  While I was running the intercept on the controller’s dais, a radar operator is communicating moves to our plotter who marks the plotting board with an arrow and time.  In front of the plotting board sits a teller who communicates the moves to an HQ plotter who plots the move on a larger plotting board at HQ at Great Falls.  There is a teller at HQ that communicates the moves to a North American Air Defense (NORAD) plotter where there is even a larger plotting board.  All these moves are also registered on a log book by each teller at squadron, division and command locations.

 Intermixed with the moves of the intercept that was taking place in the log books were all other normal targets such as airlines or other military aircraft in each radar sites area of coverage.  Everything I did on the dais was also logged from the time we got the first call from HQ and every action we took detailed and what time we took it.

 The UFO had gone, our interceptor returned and you would think that the story is over.  About two or three hours later we received a crypto encoded message from HQ.  Not having a decoder on duty we had to call one in.  It was about 3 AM.

 When the message was decoded we were shocked at what it said.  We were ordered to remove all logbook entries of the encounter at both the teller’s station and our control logbook on the dais.  Not just erase or black out the entry but remove the pages and re-enter all normal moves causing us to renumber pages.  The pages that had the moves of the encounter were then destroyed.

 We had one scope mounted with a camera that filmed everything that happened and we were ordered to destroy the film.

 I have never written about this because we were under orders to keep any UFO contacts secret.  I’ve been thinking lately that if the event I described to you officially was erased as though it never happened it must not be a secret.

 This was a huge Air Force cover-up of an event that I know happened and I recently confirmed it with another individual who was on the dais that night.

 I will not meet with anyone or talk to the media about this incident; I don’t want any notoriety out of this contact with any organization.  I just think you should know what happened.