1992 – NEA Gets Tax Free Ride

Dornan to the Rescue

Reprinted with permission from the American Policy Foundation, Chantilly, VA..

The National Education Association (NEA) is the largest, richest, most politicized union in America. Its 2.2 million members are forced to join, if they intend to stay long in the class room, and they must pay dues.

In addition the NEA receives grants from the federal government to the tune of several million dollars a year, owns vast property holdings and has chapters in every state, every school district and nearly every community.

In 1976 the NEA endorsed Jimmy Carter for president and cashed in through his creation of the Federal Department of Education. Since then, the NEA has built its power through federal intervention of local school curriculum.

The NEA’s agenda is strictly leftist, big government, big spending dogma. Socialist ideas have long driven the heart of the NEA as reported in its official  publication, “NEA Journal”. Its articles  continually advocate the necessity for  social and economic central planning;  the use of income tax for redistribution of  wealth; wage and hour controls;  consumer protection; pro United Nations  and world government.

The 1992 NEA convention – which endorsed Bill Clinton – floated a similar raft of radicalism. The union came out for “unrestricted universal access” to health care for all, including illegal aliens; it endorsed a convention that would, in essence, attack Western Civilization on the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’ historic discovery.

The 1993 convention got even more radical with approval of such proposals as “multicultural global education,” “comprehensive school-based clinics, and “early childhood education programs in the public schools for children from birth through age eight.

At that convention, the NEA marched in lockstep in its opposition to standardized testing, which might be used to measure how well teachers and students measured up.

It comes as no surprise then, that the NEA is the driving force behind Goals 2000, with its history revisionism, its efforts to control children from birth and its national school board which dictates a national agenda. All have been NEA goals for sometime.

In addition, Outcome-based Education serves the same purpose as the fight  against standardized testing with its lack of testing and accountability to student progress.

The NEA then, represents a massive political force in American politics, representing more than one in eight delegates at the 1992 Democratic Convention. President Clinton promised the NEA, ” if I become President, we’ll become partners. I won’t forget who brought me to the White House.

But there is a “hole” that has opened up in the NEA fortress, leaving an opportunity for NEA opponents to rush in and strike a devastating blow.

Congressman Robert Dornan has uncovered the fact that in 1906 the U.S. Congress granted the NEA a “National Charter.” This is a special designation given only rarely to private national institutions such as the Boy Scouts of America and the American Red Cross. The National Charter gives the organization tax-exempt status, even on its property.

 But unlike any other group granted a National Charter, the NEA has a definite, partisan political agenda for which it lobbies Congress, donates to political campaigns while at the same time receives federal grants for its programs.

Congressman Dornan has reacted swiftly to this revelation by introducing legislation (H.R.1130) which would strip away the NEA’s National Charter and severely restrict its lobbying activities.

If passed, Congressman Dornan’s Bill would strike a devastating blow to NEA activities and loosen its grip on the national education agenda. Funds it would normally use for lobbying or campaign donations would instead need to go toward payment of taxes.

Needless to say, the NEA is using all of its power to derail H.R. 1130. The Bill has been presented before the House Committee on Government Reform and Oversight, chaired by Representative William Clinger of Pennsylvania.

Even with Republican control of the Congress, passage of H.R. 1130 is by no means assured. Massive NEA funds and lobbying power are expected to be used with devastating force.

Reprinted with permission from the American Policy Foundation.  For more information contact the foundation at (703) 968-9768 or by writing 14140-L Parke Long Court, Chantilly, VA 22021.