1994 – Coyotes, Camels Confused Concerned Caller

By C H Diaz

The Abundant Wildlife is a publication of the Abundant Wildlife Society of North America dedicated to the preservation of the great American traditions of Hunting, fishing and trapping. Bringing common sense back to wildlife management. In February of this year Campbell County Wyoming determined that an overpopulation of coyotes was causing havoc with wildlife and livestock. Wild turkey, deer and antelope populations had been declining. In 1992 alone, $2.6 million in sheep and lamb losses were reported. After determining the cause was too darn many coyotes in the county, Campbell County officials decided to solve the problem with a coyote hunt. It was to be a great hunt with a $500 prize going to the hunter who bagged the largest coyote. That is, it was to be a great hunt until the animal rights whackos (another type of Green) found out. This excerpt from Abundant Wildlife best tells how ridiculously uninformed the average “environmentalist” or “animal rights” advocate can be.

The Mayor of Gillette, Edd Collins was flooded with phone calls and letters denouncing the hunt. For whatever reason, animal rights folks targeted Collins, who had absolutely no control over the hunt, with their cards, letters and phone calls.  Most letters were filled with the use animal rights propaganda: The “pampered, lazy, greedy, ” ranchers should fence the coyotes out, use strobe and siren devices, buy guard dogs, llamas” etc. etc. Further, coyotes “didn’t eat livestock, only mice and rats.” Coyote predation figures were “inflated and there’s no proof coyotes are a problem.  “Some comments bordered on the bizarre. One wrote: ‘psychiatrists agree that people who shoot animals would really rather be killing other humans. ” Now, that’s a new one. Another letter was downright threatening: “I am planning on attending your upcoming coyote and fox shoot… I am a lousy shot and therefore wish to warn your officials at the county and city that it may not be safe on Feb. 4-6 for you to be outside. After all, a scoped, 30-30 bullet can travel. miles. Who knows, the official count may indeed be an official count. Signed: A excited tourist who may make your day. “

Mayor Collins was extremely patient with callers. However, after hearing the same comments over and over, he decided to play a little joke on one of the callers. The caller said she was from New Jersey and simply could not understand how the Mayor could sit idly by and let this coyote slaughter go on. He must do some thing to stop this hunt, she said. With a smile, Collins asked the lady how much she knew about Campbell County. She admitted she didn’t know much and certainly wasn’t going to visit any time soon. Collins asked her if she was aware of what the coyotes had done to the camels in Campbell Countv. She did not. Then Collins went on to explain that the Campbell County High School mascot was the camel (It’s true, they’re called the Gillette Camels) and the reason the Mascot was chosen was because there used to be camels throughout Campbell County Wyoming (Not true, the only camels ever seen in Campbell County came with the circus and left with it. The lady asked where the camels came from? Collins, striving to keep a straight face and calm voice on the phone, said camels were brought West with the U.S. Calvary during the Indian Wars. Some had gotten loose and ran wild and had lived in Campbell County ever since.

Now, said Collins, the coyotes had killed off nearly all the camels. And the local high school students were distraught over losing their mascot to coyotes. They had brought in counselors for the kids to deal with the emotional stress and nothing seemed to work. And so they were having a coyote hunt in hopes of saving the last remaining camels in Campbell County for the high school kids.

Sympathetically, the lady then stated she understood the problem and could see why they were having the coyote hunt.

Funny as that actual story is, it identifies the real problem facing our wildlife today – no first hand knowledge of the real world. This void allows for people and groups, highly trained at pulling a person’s emotional heart strings, to indoctrinate folks with a “supposed” problem, i.e. coyote slaughter (“massacre” was also used) at Campbell County, and then give a solution, i.e. “Give us money and we’ll stop those awful killers. “

The real story here is how easily the lady from New Jersey could be swayed by the mayor. The Greens have found that Americans in general are the kindest most giving, gullible people on earth and use that fact to manipulate people like the lady from New Jersey. She thinks she is doing good, but doesn’t know any of the facts, and the Greens will only feed her emotionally driven pseudo­science that has no resemblance to the truth. So the sheep continue to be conned. §


The Abundant Wildlife is a publication of the Abundant Wildlife Society of North America dedicated to the preservation of the great American traditions of Hunting, fishing and trapping. Bringing common sense back to wildlife management

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