An Essay on the Trump Audio

by Andrea Wilkerson

“He popped all my buttons, and he ripped my blouse. He Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.” 

Okay, so now do I have your attention?

I don’t think there is an English speaking person over the age of 40 who does not know exactly what that “lyric” means.   We might disagree on the level of talent or creativeness it involves.   But it paints a vivid picture nonetheless.  It might also be of interest to know that this lovely, lyrical, lilting, lyric (sorry I am fond of alliteration) was featured in the 2013 hit album by Beyoncé who co-wrote and produced the song with Justin Timbertlake, J-Roc Harmon, Key Wane and other prominent members of the music world.  The theme or story of the song is that of sexual intercourse in the back of a limousine, granted not the most original situation but apparently so interesting to a salivating public that it hit # 23 on the US Billboard Hot 100 Chart, # 9 on the US Hot R & B/Hip-Hop songs chart and #1 on the US Hot Dance Club Songs chart.  The subsequently released music video featuring a scantily clad and provocatively moving Ms. Knowles had similar success and was in fact performed at the 2014 MTV Video Music Awards as part of a medley of the singer/dancer’s eponymous album.

Now I could write adnauseum about this song. I could not find the exact profit margin on the song but I did read where it has been covered, rewritten and co-opted by various other artists and persons.  My point being, it has been very profitable.  In my research I did find a few other interesting tidbits.   For example from 1996-present, rapper, Eminem has sold 123 million units (that’s shop talk for a CD or video, download, etc.)  translating into $155 million dollars. Kanye West from 1996-present has sold 102 million units translating into $121 million dollars, Lil Wayne 79.7 million translating into $100 million in sales, and so on and so forth.

You get the general idea.  These artists specialize in lyrics and video with shock value often celebrating the total degradation of women, idolizing cold-blooded murder, criminal gangster activity, ethnic cleansing, police annihilation, the torture of military troops and other incendiary and equally disgusting topics.

The texts are often inflammatory, hate-filled and seditious.  And the bottom line – they make big money.  Why do they make big money? Because the public buys this stuff in huge quantities. There is such a demand for it by an insatiable public that more and more artists are releasing more and more shocking material constantly.  We have gone from “Love Me Tender, Love Me True” to “He Monica Lewinsky’d all on my gown.” 

Now, I am not making any kind of judgment call here. I am a proponent of free speech and expression.  I am merely stating facts.

It is also of note that President Obama has honored a number of these and other artists by inviting them to the White House. The various musicians invited by President Obama have included Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Busta Rhymes, Ludacris, Chance the Rapper, Wale, DJ Khaled, J. Cole, and Janelle Monae.  According to a White House press release the intent of these invitations was to help formulate President Obama’s strategies for “My Brother’s Keeper,” a noble sounding effort on paper:

(“That’s what ‘My Brother’s Keeper’ is all about. Helping more of our young people stay on track. Providing the support they need to think more broadly about their future. Building on what works – when it works, in those critical life-changing moments.”
President Barack Obama, February 27, 2014)

But certainly sending a mixed message when some of these artists, for example Lonnie Rashid Lynn, Jr. have called for such things as burning President Bush (Oh come on, it’s only a metaphor, right?) or praising cop killer, Assata Shakur.  This is only one example of many such people and events.  It seems to me that to support and encourage troubled youth, our government would be inviting more law-abiding and good willed citizens, but I digress once again.

Let me move on to a few other interesting tidbits I have run across today in surfing the net.  This little gem popped up by none other that Geraldo Rivera, who is supposedly outraged over the comments made by Donald Trump in a leaked audio earlier this week, an audio which was supposedly private I might add.  In this Geraldo interview with Will Cain he was asked about his 1990’s autobiography where he bragged about his sexual exploits with over 1000 women, including bragging about how hot his encounter with singer, Bette Midler was. The two men jokingly laughed through this locker room romp, parrying back and forth and slapping each other on the back more or less as to the “coolness- of-machoville-in-celebrity-land. “

In a subsequent interview with Ms. Midler, a staunch Hillary supporter by the way, she was asked about the Geraldo tryst by Barbara Walters.  Ms. Midler laughed as she repeated Geraldo’s description of her as “insatiable.” She joked over it before saying “His penis went to his head.”

Then a more incensed Ms. Midler, a staunch Hillary supporter by they way, talked about how she was groped by Geraldo and his producer.   This apparently after they “broke two poppers and pushed them under my nose and proceeded to grope me.”  Poor girl didn’t remember a thing. Really? Then how could she be so insatiable? She then laughed and said if she’d known he was going to turn out to be a slimy talk show host she would have never let him in the room.  Well how demure.

If you surf the net and Google various things like this you will find an unceasing supply of similar crap, some of it more disgusting than other, but it is everywhere. Why am I posting this stuff?  To underline the supreme hypocrisy of EVERYONES’ reaction to the Donald Trump leaked audio.   There is so much smut out there, so much innuendo, so much raised-eye-brow-winks, porno disguised as art films, music filled with lewd comments made not only by men but also by women, nearly nude women dancing in provocative ways to arouse males to a frenzy, and these things are public and consumed en masse.

You see hack journalists like Megyn Kelly so outraged at Mr. Trump’s “sexist” remarks and yet the lawyer-turned-reporter had no shame in posing in trashy garb for a photo shoot designed to do what?  Get a promotion at Fox? You’ve all seen them so I do not need to elaborate further on that.  How about Trump’s remark’s about Rosie O’Donnell?  But have you ever heard anyone criticize O’Donnell for some of the disgusting things she’s done on live television including clutching her breast, squeezing it and making a loud obnoxious honking noise? This of course was on a show which included children in its audience.  What a role model!  I frankly think Trump has not been tough enough on that loser.   But again I digress. 

We are in very dire times in this country and in this world.  If anyone cares to report on it or do a little research, we are nefariously close to nuclear war on several fronts.  Our financial system is in meltdown mode and while many are running around in denial that any type of major collapse can occur in a country too big to fail, let me remind them that history does indeed repeat itself. 

We are trillions of dollars in debt.  Financial crisis is looming ever closer.   People have been forced into an unconstitutional health care system, which is also in meltdown mode.  People have higher premiums and poorer coverage, which they can no longer afford.   Our sovereignty is under assault with thousands of immigrants, most of whom are illegal and not vetted, pouring into our country each and every day.

The Supreme Court, my number one concern for the immediate future is also hanging in a dangerous imbalance. ISIS, aided and abetted by our own government is on the rise and growing and make no mistake, they are here.   I could go on and on. But what is important to this moral society of ours, who devours cultural debasement like candy?  A few crude remarks made years ago in private between two men. I see.  We really have our priorities straight now, don’t we?

I am not here to defend Donald Trump’s crude and frankly sophomoric locker room talk.  It sounded like a couple of junior high boys trying to one up each other after looking at a copy of Hustler magazine.   But it is totally inconsequential to what is going on in our country and our culture. We consume smut and call it art on a daily basis. Men as well as women talk dirty in private all the time. Not all men and women but plenty.   And everyone on the planet has said or done something in their lives for which they have true regret.  I believe Donald Trump does regret saying it and as such has manned up and apologized for it.  It’s totally unimportant now.  Move on.

He is the only person who has stepped forward to address the many problems facing us as a free nation.  No one else on either side of the aisle has done so.   They have said nothing but the same tired rhetoric, hurled the same race baiting, class envy, rubbish that we hear every election cycle.  Trump has stepped forward with a vision and detailed plans and has said to hell with political correctness. Thank you, Mr. Trump, for that.   He still has my vote and I am sure the vote of any discerning American who realizes the situation.

In closing let me remind all of you good morally outraged people out there that back when Governor Sarah Palin was running for office on the national level, Bill Maher a popular TV personality called her the C word.   Not only has he never apologized for that, he was never called out for it.  Worse than that, no republican man came forward to defend Mrs. Palin who to my knowledge has never done anything to ever warrant being called such a despicable word.  Where was Paul Ryan back then? And Mr. Maher did not say these things privately. No. He broadcast them to millions of viewers who sat back and laughed, had t- shirts made with the same phrases and got a big ha-ha from the whole thing.   Wow, aren’t we a moral society?