An Open Letter to John Kasich

March 16, 2016

 Governor. Kasich,

This is a year different than any election year I can remember in my life. This year Americans are asking the Senate to not vote for the nominee President Obama will place for consideration to replace Supreme Court Justice Scalia. The reasoning is that the People should be allowed to help in the selection by their votes for the next President of the United States. I believe that is a valid request and the People should be allowed to be a part of the next selection.

At the same time, you have stated many times that you will not take the low road to the highest office and yet you want to exclude the People from selection the next Republican nominee. You have no mathematical chance of winning the nomination, but instead of taking the high road and bowing out, you prefer to exclude the People and are hoping to win the nomination with back room deals made by delegates at a convention.

Sir, by doing this you have lost any honor you may have had. You want to block the will of the People for your own sleazy advancement in a manner so like an establishment RINO. Like them you are saying, screw the People.

If you have an ounce of honor left, I beg you to please end your campaign and allow the People to select our next Republican nominee. Take the high road as Marco Rubio has. He has more delegates than you do, even after your so called “win” in Ohio and he has retained his honor by going against the Washington Republican Establishment’s request to stay in the race. The Establishment want to make it more difficult for anyone to win the nomination.  By stepping out he is allowing the People to decide.

We the People think that you staying in is nothing but “Dirty Politics” and as part of the Establishment you have decided to obstruct the will of the People. Yet you state you will not take the low road. Sir, how low can you go?

Governor Kasich, get out of this race!


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An Open Letter to John Kasich