Atomic Bombs and the Bikini Atoll


Between 1946 and 1958 more than 20 atomic bomb tests occurred at Bikini Atoll. The first Hydrogen bomb was also tested in the largest explosion of all in 1952. According to scientists at the time the Bikini Atoll was to be off limits for humans for centuries due to radioactivity. Sea life was to be gone for a long time.

Guess what?

A web search revealed the following:

“In 1996 the people of Bikini opened their atoll to the outside world as a dive, sport fishing and tourism destination, and has since drawn praise from many around the globe.
When you visit Bikini, it has been said that you don’t just dive, fish or sunbathe, you get a history lesson for the ages.”

A representative from Skin Diver magazine recently proclaimed Bikini Atoll as one of the top five dive destinations in the world, and in October of 1997 Conde Nast Traveler magazine named Bikini as one of the “Ten Best” scuba diving destinations. In 1998 Bikini opened for sport fishermen.

Field & Stream magazine declared in their November 1997 issue: “Bikini is the last of the best saltwater fishing in the world.” Bikini was featured on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in 1999 in their opening show, entitled: Live from a Shark Cage from Bikini Atoll . Bikini Atoll was featured in the PADI Diving Society’s officially sponsored dive magazine, Sport Diver, in February 2000.

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, in their July 2000 issue, declared Bikini Atoll as one of the “Top 50 Worldwide Island Escapes” stating: “…There are not many places that could look more like the Garden of Eden…” In the October 2002 issue of Skin Diver magazine Bikini Atoll was named one of the “24 dives of a lifetime.”

“The October 2004 National Geographic Traveler Magazine 20th Anniversary issue declared Bikini as one of their 80 “Around the World Destinations.”

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