Barbra Streisand and a Bit of Me

by C Howard Diaz


Last Saturday night I did something I promised myself I wouldn’t do over 50 years ago, maybe more. I watched Barbra Streisand on a PBS special. I was channel surfing and accidentally landed on PBS. It was her “Coming Back to Brooklyn” show she did either last year or earlier this year.

 Amazingly, as I reluctantly watched, I had a rush of memories that flooded my brain and that blew me away. I remembered the first and only time I saw Barbra in person, back in 1963.

 In my mind I could see the living room, in the house I had bought back then in Garden Grove, CA, where I would play Barbra’s albums.  I could see my wife, at the time, with her hair in a Jacqueline Kennedy hair style, the bubble hair style with the ends flipped up. She wore a beautiful white evening dress I had bought for the occasion.

 I saw Barbra, in person, that October 5th 1963 at the Hollywood Bowl and remembered what a fantastic night that was. She was magnificent.

 As I watched her perform that night it seemed as a glow surrounded her face and I thought, “Please lord don’t ever let her lose this voice.”

 I continued to buy all of her albums and no one was happier to listen to her daily. Money was tight in those days, but I managed to have all of her albums.

 I saw all of her movies and considered her my own personal Academy Award winner. She was great! What an actress, what a comedienne, what a voice!

 She was billed, that night, with the Dave Brubeck Quartet and the show starred Sammie Davis Jr. I had second row box seats.


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I had received two tickets from a vendor because I was then the Production Control Supervisor in charge of certain vendors that provided certain services for the company I worked for.

 Yes I accepted the two tickets, it was OK back then and not considered a bribe.

 In those days it was OK to accept gifts from vendors because people trusted people. Americans trusted their fellow American and bosses trusted their employees.

 We knew that a good man wouldn’t sell his job down the river because of two tickets to the Hollywood Bowl or a bottle of Vodka at Christmastime. Buyers in the Purchasing Department would brag about how many bottles of booze the received from their vendors. Everything was transparent and above board.

 That trust doesn’t exist today, our world has changed the trust men had for each other and rules of comportment have turned into one of, don’t trust anyone. Don’t trust your neighbor and absolutely don’t trust strangers.

 I believe the ones who say you shouldn’t trust your neighbor are the ones who can’t be trusted. I believe not trusting is part of the liberal mantra that has gripped our society and changed the idea of honor among men. I believe not trusting is at center of the Politically Correct, PC, movement.

 Getting back to Barbra

Then, one day, Barbra not only sang, she not only acted, she started crowing. She started crowing her liberal ideology with the money that I had sent her each time I bought one of her records. She started crowing with the extra money I and millions more people had kept aside to enjoy a talent beyond compare.

 Without accusing Ms. Streisand of doing any of the following, let me explain, as I wrote in my book, what kind of a Constitutional conservative I am.

 “I’m not one of the conservatives who believe freedom of speech gives anyone the right to burn our flag. I’m not a conservative who believes there is no such thing as treason or a treasonous statement. I’m a conservative who believes evil people will try to abuse our Constitution and misinterpret the Bill of Rights to their advantage against us.

 I don’t believe the ACLU represents the true intent of the Constitution.

 I don’t believe the National Education Association wants to teach our children or represents all teachers.

 I don’t believe the National Organization for Women represents all women.

 I don’t believe La Rasa represents all Mexicans. I don’t believe the NAACP or PUSH represent all black Americans.

 I don’t believe environmental organizations like Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, the Nature Conservancy, or the National Resources Defense Council represents any part of this planet or are making any attempt to save anything, especially humans.

 I believe the leadership of these organizations represents an ideology with core values set in a Marxist socialistic agenda. And for socialists, ideology is thicker than blood, thicker than race, thicker than gender, thicker than sexual preference, thicker than the environment, and definitely thicker than nationality.

 I believe socialists are loyal to likeminded races, likeminded genders, likeminded sexual preference, likeminded environmentalists, and likeminded nationalities.

 I believe socialists are not loyal to our country and they use our Constitution to tear our country apart.

 In the case of environmental leadership, they are not loyal to our country, science, or humanity!

 Any American citizen who puts forth the idea that the United States of America should subordinate the American Constitution or any American citizen to the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, or any other organization, does so without the consent of the Constitution or the American citizens.”

 Since socialism is opposed to capitalism and to a complete free market, the way we were founded, socialism is un-American. We all should remember that the only difference between socialism and communism is that under communism the government takes your rights at gunpoint while under socialism the government talks you into giving up your rights with offers of free stuff.

 You won’t find giving free stuff in our Constitution.

 While President Obama is quick to tell us he is not a socialist, I lived and grew up among the greatest generation and in those days we had a saying. It stated,

 “If it walks like a duck, talks like a duck and flies like a duck, it’s a duck!

 ObamaCare is the most socialistic action ever forced upon the American people and it cannot co-exist in a Constitutional America. One of the two must go and I pray the American people will wake up and realize ObamaCare represents a loss of our freedom guaranteed by our Constitution and it’s our Constitution that has separated us from the rest of the world as we became the greatest nation in the world.

 So Barbra, while I don’t believe you and your left wing grass root believers, in left wing ideology, are at the center of all the evil I’ve mentioned, I believe you have been duped into supporting the worst kind of snake oil salesmen like Al Gore and leaders of the left wing progressive movement in America.

 You follow their words as though they were spoken by God, and you have no idea what the truth is. I think you’re just at the lower end of the bell curve when it comes to common sense. I think all liberals lack common sense.

 So, years ago, I threw away all her albums, I quit going to her movies, and made myself a promise not to spend a dime on her. Most of all, I do wish she and all of her elitist cronies could find some socialistic country where their true ideology could be practiced so they all could find their peace.

 As for me, an American of Mexican descent, I found my peace long ago. It’s in a free capitalistic republic called the United States of America. At least it was then, but is quickly fundamentally changing and moving in the wrong direction.

 Unfortunately, what Norman Thomas, the six time U.S. presidential candidate for the Socialist Party of America said, is sadly coming true. He said;

 “The American people will never knowingly adopt Socialism. But under the name of ‘liberalism’ they will adopt every fragment of the Socialist program, until one day America will be a Socialist nation, without knowing how it happened.” (Source, From a 1948 interview during the presidential campaign)

 “Later Norman Thomas and Gus Hall, the Communist Party candidate for president, both quit American politics, agreeing that the Republican and Democratic parties had adopted every plank of the Communist/Socialist platform and they no longer had an alternate party platform on which to run.”  (From Wiki)

 If, as our government so correctly points out, Americans who use drugs create the drug money that supports evil drug cartels in the world. Would it not then it also be true that buying movie tickets, CD’s and DVD’s, that support the idiotic liberal celebrity nuts do the same thing. They live opulent life styles, with our money, and apparently don’t believe in our Constitution or free market capitalism.

 They must be stopped. These people love to take our money and then stab us in the back with their public anti-American rhetoric using their celebrity platform.

 We must stop the Hollywood Left where it hurts. We must stop buying movie tickets, CDs, and DVDs. We must stop renting movies that star any of the Hollywood or entertainment left.

 So, Sunday night, I broke the promise I made to myself so many years ago, to never listen to or watch Barbra, and watched her show. As usual, she was still great. I didn’t pay to watch her and won’t donate to PBS. I instead will take what I would have donated to PBS and make a donation to the National Rifle Association. You might try doing the same thing.