Democrats and Energy

I was surfing my emails last night and found this little gem from 2008:

“When President Bill Clinton vetoed a bill that would have started domestic oil production in a tiny portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR), he said it was a waste of time because it would have no effect on gas prices for ten years.  That was 20* years ago, in 1995 when oil was $19 a barrel.  Every year since, Liberals in Congress have blocked efforts to increase domestic oil and gas production, not only in ANWR but throughout the country and offshore. “

The environmental movement and Democrats have continually been against increasing our ability to provide the most inexpensive form of energy we all use. Just as they did with the DDT and the Spotted Owl, they invented man-made global warming.

Last year, on my radio show, I stated that the Saudi’s hatred of the Russians has caused them to keep producing oil at a higher rate for one reason, to hurt the Russian economy.

I said the administration would try and take credit for lower gas prices when the truth is it’s because of what the Saudi’s are doing. The administration will probably try and take credit for hurting the Russian economy when, in truth, it’s the Saudi’s persistent production of oil keeping the price so low it is really hurting the Russian economy.

Well, guess what? They are.

Keeping with the anti-energy policy tradition, this administration does not want the Keystone pipeline, so what’s new in the Democratic Party?

BTW: You should read the two articles I posted about what Bill Clinton didn’t like, the ANWR.

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* I updated the years to 20 in the above paragraph.