Food For Thought

I would like for all of you to think about what I’m about to write.

I was born in 1937. I grew up during the 40’s, the 50’s and the 60’s. I know of an America that was so united, during WWII and an America that was at work.

I bought my first home in 1961 and lived on a block where none of the mothers worked. It was considered a shame if a man couldn’t take care of his family. It was a time when families did not want to give their children to the government until they had to at around 5 1/2 years old for kindergarten.  There were no pre-schools.

If you’re lucky, you may have a Dad and Mom who lived during these times too. You may have been raised in the family atmosphere I’m talking about. Then in 1974 the American Psychiatric Association, (APA) VOTED to change a scientific fact. Imagine that, they VOTED to change what was considered a scientific fact. They voted to normalize homosexuality.

After 37 years of living, being taught and believing homosexuality was an abnormal condition, in one day I legally became a Homophobe. I disagree with that assessment of me. I grew up a man in a man’s world and I am not ashamed of being a man.

I wrote the following article twenty-five years ago, and have not changed anything except the title to see if you learn anything. Parts of it have been used in the story of my life, but not all.
The Medical Hoax of the Century All Time

In the nature of things, specifically the nature of animals, nature insures the existence of the species through procreation. To insure continuation of the species nature created a male and female of the species. It built an irresistible sex drive into every creature. In humans, nature made sex overpoweringly pleasurable. It made sure an attraction between male and female was born within each of us. The most natural thing on earth is the attraction between a male and a female.

Nature however, is not perfect and it occasionally makes mistakes. The most unnatural mistake among humans is when a human being is born homosexual. Yes born. Homosexuality is not a choice; it is born as a result of an error in the miracle of creation.

Yet the American Psychiatric Association (APA) removed homosexuality from its list of mental disorders in 1974. Until 1974 homosexuality was considered a mental disorder. In a 1974 article in Time magazine, a noted psychiatrist of the time, Charles Socarides, called the ruling,

“the medical hoax of the century.”

He said,

“It is flying in the face of the one fact we know, which is that male and female are programmed to mate with the opposite sex, and this is the story of 2 ½ billion years of evolution and any society that hopes to survive.”

Why then, was it removed?

It started when Harry Hay, who is credited as the founder of the modern gay rights movement, read the 1948 Kinsey report entitled, “Sexual Behavior in the American Male.” The report concluded that ten percent of American men were homosexual. Hay said of the time, “We’d thought the people we knew in various cliques in L.A. might number as high as 25,000. But using Kinsey’s figures-that we must be 250,000 –was mind boggling.” This one erroneous fact inspired Hay to form a society that eventually ended with the founding of the Mattachine Society in 1950. It was the Mattachine Society that raised the money for the first defense of a homosexual who had been arrested for lewd conduct in California.

It is incredible the ten percent figure, that is so widely used by homosexuals is derived from what has now been proven false and misleading analysis conducted by Dr. Alfred C. Kinsey. In a book published in 1990 entitled, “Kinsey, Sex and Fraud,” authors Dr. Judith Reisman and Dr. J. Gordon Muir point out how the public was misled with fraudulent science techniques. They report that Kinsey skewed his samples to project an ideology he wanted to convey. In the example of percent of homosexuals his American sample included sex offenders, prison inmates and ex-cons. Forty-four percent of the prisoners reported having a homosexual experience while in prison. To play up the incidence of homosexuality Kinsey also defined preadolescent sex play, which may have occurred once in a lifetime, as homosexuality. Kinsey did say that only four percent of his samples were exclusively homosexual.

FOUR PERCENT! A figure homosexuals would not like to be known. It is in the homosexuals’ best interest to report a larger percentage of the population as homosexual to prove how normal they are. They gain national recognition for their position due to their numbers in the entertainment field and a very sympathetic news media. As much as they wish their numbers to be a greater, their claims are based on false information. It just isn’t true.

But in the 1974 ruling, the APA felt it was wrong for the mental disorder stigma to deny homosexuals from obtaining fair housing, employment and immigration rights. Robert Spitzer, author of the APA’s position report on homosexuality in 1974, said the new definition would remove “one of the justifications for the denial of civil rights to individuals whose only crime is that their sexual orientation is to members of the same sex.” What the homosexual lobby had accomplished was curing a mental disorder and abnormal sex acts with a political position.

As long as homosexuality is removed as a disorder, and the abnormal sex allowed to exist, no cure for the disorder will ever be sought after or discovered with the support of the psychiatric community. Other disorders of nature have the support of the psychiatric community to help find a cure. People with other mental disorders are living fruitful lives with medication. It is unfair that the homosexual has no hope of being cured.

There is, however, preliminary research being done that suggests biology may be a factor in determining homosexuality in men. Dr. Simon LeVay, of the Salk Institute for Biological Studies in San Diego and a homosexual, published a report in August of this year connecting an undersized portion of the hypothalamus with homosexual men. The hypothalamus is a part of the brain that regulates sexual behavior. While these studies are certainly not yet conclusive, it does give a base of proof in the understanding that homosexuality is caused by a mental defect and not a chosen lifestyle.

Just as an alcoholic, drug addict or a person with a mental disorder refuses to believe they have a problem, there is a militant percentage within the homosexual community that would not accept a cure if one was found. One such California homosexual said of the LeVay study, “People already think we’re ill. This is all they need to jump on a bandwagon and say we have some kind of brain deformity.” Within the gay community there seems to be two schools of thought about why a gay is gay. Those who believe they are born that way and those who believe they chose to live that way. The latter seem to be more militant, unable to accept any proposition that would make them sound remotely abnormal. They are the homosexuals who spend their lifetime trying to justify their existence to a normal world that would deep down prefer the problem just go away. They will attack the normal world as often as they feel it is necessary.

Michael Swift, a self-described gay revolutionary wrote in the Boston Gay Community News, February, 1987:

“We shall sodomize your sons, emblems of your feeble masculinity, of your shallow dreams and vulgar lies. We shall seduce them in your schools, on your dormitories, in your gymnasium, in your locker rooms, in your sports arena, in your seminaries, in your truck stops, in your all-male clubs, in your houses of Congress, wherever men are with men together. Your sons shall become our minions and do our bidding. They will be recast in our image. They will come to crave and adore us…All laws banning homosexual activity will be revoked…If you dare cry fagot, fairy, queer at us, we will stab you in your cowardly hearts…all churches who condemn homosexuals will be closed. Our gods are handsome young men…We shall be victorious because we are fueled with the ferocious bitterness of the oppressed…We too are capable of firing guns and manning the barricades of ultimate revolution.”

Another good example of militant attitude was a 1990 article published by the New York Times entitled, “Fears That Haunt a Scrubbed America,” by an admitted homosexual, David Leavitt. He was responding to criticism of the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) by attacking what he called the “right wing.” As typical of the gay movement he makes comment after comment about the right wings attempt to suppress gay art. He attempts to attach the homosexual community to other groups, who may have a legitimate problem, in an attempt to gain the sympathy or backing of the world. In the following statement, “The N.E.A. is simply another target in an effort to legislate sexual demeanor that also encompasses attacks on abortion rights and on laws that protect homosexuals from violence and discrimination,” he implies anyone against obscenity in the publicly funded art program is against abortion rights and for violence and discrimination against homosexuals. Gays have a clever way of connecting a current affair with homosexual issues in an attempt to confuse the issue. If any group has tried to legislate sexual demeanor it is the homosexual community.

Later in his article he compares homosexuals to, “Female in a world of men, Jewish in a world of Gentiles, black in a world of whites.” All of which is a typical ploy used to gain support by associating the homosexuals’ plight with one whose plight is more widely understood.

He warns that the real reason for the normal worlds attacks on obscene art forms is actually due to, “fear of change, fear of difference, fear of cultural erosion: all these fears of the extreme right mask, in fact, a deeper fear, a fear of underground sexual desires every individual harbors…” What Mr. Leavitt does not understand is, the fear he believes he sees is the result of covering the true deep-rooted feelings of disgust a normal human being harbors for homosexual acts.

It is the, “I wish the problem would just go away,” bead in the sand attitude by the normal world that has fueled the growth of gay liberation through the homosexuals united front. Instead of helping these unfortunate humans to find a cure they were forced into uniting and standing up for what they are. They encourage each other to come out of the closet and hold their head high in a world that knows what they are. We must help them.

Other than the political statement, what was the APA’s justification for removing homosexuality from its list of mental disorders? What made the psychiatric profession turn their back on what had obviously been, accepted as an abnormal condition since the days of the bible and what science will someday prove a mental disorder?

Could the homosexuals have achieved their civil rights without being deemed normal? Could the normal world have learned to accept their existence without legalizing the unnatural acts? Is it the APA’s position to get involved in politics? Back in the early 1950’s it would have been much more difficult to accept the homosexual’s equal existence. It was a time homosexuals were legally beaten, sent to prison, given electroshock treatments and in some rare cases castrated. No human being should be treated like that. So, with all the other guilt complexes the Americans had to bear, it was inevitable and right the homosexual should gain the right to exist without fear of persecution.

But having the right to exist without fear of persecution and trying to influence the normal world to change its ways are two different things. Of course, they should be afforded equal housing and certain employment opportunities. Certain professions however, should not be allowed. Homosexuals should not be allowed to engage in any occupation that would influence the lives of normal human beings.

They currently are not allowed in the military and rightly so. Why should we continually have to change our rules for four percent of the population with a mental disorder? They are gaining ground in being allowed in police departments and this must stop. Private organizations, like the Boy Scouts of America, are under attack by the homosexual movement. They should be allowed to continue to have rules not allowing homosexuals in the Boy Scouts.

Most importantly they should not be allowed to enter any political office if they intend to advance their agenda. That is like giving the inmates the keys to the jail and only insures the proliferation of their agenda. AND THEY HAVE AN AGENDA. Their agenda has more than one plank, but the platform is to gain normality. One way to do so is by eliminating any form of morality in America. Consider the act of sex itself. In a normal human’s sex has significance, that of creation. Homosexual sex has no significance. It is in the homosexuals’ best interest to reduce sex between normal humans to a non-significant occurrence.

You will find the homosexual community supporting abortion. The old axiom divide and conquer is working well for the homosexual, they have successfully supported the division of America on the abortion issue. This does not mean all pro-choice people are homosexual, it means they have the homosexuals more than willing support. Through lesbian dominated women’s organizations, you not only have pro-choice support but the desire to eliminate the need for men in any way.

Catherine MacKinnon, a professor of law at the University of Michigan and considered a matron saint of feminism, is quoted as saying, “Feminism stresses the indistinguishability of prostitution, marriage and sexual harassment” and “I think that what women are conditioned socially to experience as love is a form of annihilation of self…” In these two quotes, she is denouncing sex between a man and his wife as prostitution and rape and by loving her husband, a woman destroys her being. With that we have identified another plank, the destruction of the heterosexual family.

Programs that promote promiscuity in children are disguised with terms like “safe sex.” School boards that are voting to pass out condoms to children are unwittingly playing right into the hands of the homosexuals’ agenda.

In a 1985 article by Lester Kirkendall, of the Sex Information and Education Council of the United States, entitled “Sex Education in the Future,” he predicts that sex education will “probe sexual expression…with the same sex [partners]” and “even across generational lines.” He is predicting sex with partners of the same sex and possibly with much younger mates, i.e. children. He also predicts there will be “a diminishing sense of guilt…these patterns will become legitimate” and “the emphasis on normality and abnormality will be diminished with these future trends.”

Today, a homosexual organization called NAMBLA, which stands for North American Man Boy Love Association, is calling for the age of consent to be lowered to twelve years of age. Why? So, they can continue to have sex with young boys, legally.

There are movements by the militant homosexual community to have homosexuality taught as a normal sexual preference to children in school. Imagine a six-year-old little Johnny being taught that it would be OK for him to want little Jimmy as a boyfriend. By the time he became a teenager he might be conditioned to having sex with another male without truly being homosexual.

In California the homosexuals almost got a bill passed into law that would have given them minority status. They have certainly learned how to continue protecting a mental disorder by using politics.

In some states, if a normal human being gets into a fight with a homosexual he can be prosecuted for a “‘hate” crime. Without condoning violence against homosexuals, we’ve reached a point where a normal reaction to an abnormal situation will land you in jail for a hate crime.

In Wisconsin, a Milwaukee school board is considering allowing the teaching of gay and lesbian issues and sending the teachers to sensitivity training. As part of the package references to “husband,” “wife,” “Mr.”, and “Mrs.” would be replaced with non-gender words like mate and couples. More destruction of references to “family.”

If you don’t believe attitudes like the Milwaukee school board’s will lead to recruitment, a twenty-three-year-old female senior at the University of Arizona reported of a class in human sexuality where one day they brought in seven homosexuals (four women and three men) to explain how they cope, why they are homosexual and to have a better understanding of their behavior. During the next forty-five minutes, she and the class were told to “try it before you knock it,” that it was the “best thing you could do sexually, especially if you are a woman” and that being homosexual was both “right and normal.” The senior left the class sickened by the feeling that the university was part of a recruiting program by the homosexual community. This is the same school that just enacted a hiring freeze in an effort to cut costs. Does a university class like this help insure America’s position in world competition? Most normal parents would sure the school for even having a class like this one.

These are only a few examples of how the homosexual agenda is continually attempting to force the normal world to change because an abnormality was deemed normal by the APA. It’s like calling cancer a normal condition and learning how to feed it. It will only stop consuming what it feeds on when it has consumed all of it. The militant homosexual would stop at nothing to try to prove he is normal. He can’t. It would be admitting he is not.

If you disagree with their position they will bash you every way they can. While they will be the first to denounce censorship, they would attack anyone who disagrees. In today’s world normal humans don’t voice their opinions for fear of being labeled with terms like “homophobic.” With this they have discovered a very clever form of self-induced censorship. When they don’t like what you say you are given a label.

While we shouldn’t outlaw a human being for being homosexual we can outlaw the unnatural acts performed. Anyone with an ounce of common sense cannot believe nature intended a role for the homosexual. Other mistakes made by nature in the miracle of creation such as a human born with a sexual orientation towards children or other mental disorders are treated as such. Homosexuals want us to believe either nature intended a role for them or they chose the lifestyle and they are as normal as anyone else. They have come a long way since 1974.

In America we have been misled into believing that in a democracy the majority rules. The truth is, in a democracy the most active rule. So, it has been for the last thirty odd years that minority interest groups have run this country. The success of the four percent of all Americans, that are homosexual, and who perpetrated The Medical Hoax of the Century, is a monument to the power a minority interest movement can gain through activism. A normal American, getting mad at me, while reading this article is a further indication of how well they have done their job. It is time for the normal world to stand up and say, enough is enough. The normal Americans must join in asking the APA to have the 1974 decision reviewed and set right. Once that is done, let’s urge APA to appoint a commission to help find a cure for these unfortunate human beings. Better that than continually fighting natures attempt to correct the problem with diseases like AIDS. Nature will not let its mistakes continue, it will make its own correction. It may take eons but it will correct a mistake. What we have to fear is the correction doesn’t affect the normal world as it is with AIDS.

The homosexual world has done an excellent job keeping the number of homosexual AIDS cases out of the front-line media. They would much rather have the normal world continue reading about the Ryan White’s, Kimberly Bergalis’s and of course the Magic Johnson’s of the world. The fact is, AIDS has hit the entertainment community more than any profession. In an article published in Vanity Fair, author Kevin Sessums points out, “Hollywood has been especially hard hit by AIDS, but it has also been tragically silent about the devastation in its ranks.”

Hollywood has been silent because it is not in the homosexual’s best interest for the normal world to know how infiltrated the entertainment business is with homosexuals and how many have died. From writers, directors, to producers and actors, Hollywood and the media are laden with homosexuals. With their great numbers in the entertainment they are constantly influencing us by pushing for their normalcy in normal programming with subjects about gays and presenting the normal person to be an insensitive fool or bigot. Because of the way the gay is presented in these kinds of programs, we would have to be equal to the Grinch who stole Christmas if we didn’t understand the gays position. Because Hollywood can make us believe anything they want, they have also opted to brainwash the normal world into believing AIDS is solely a heterosexual problem.

We are bombarded with pleas for understanding and more money for a cure. You never hear anything about preventing the true cause of AIDS. Without belittling the problem in the normal world, which it is, if all Americans with the AIDS virus died tomorrow, AIDS would return as a result of homosexual sex. It is the growing interaction between the homosexual community and the normal world has caused the spread. While homosexuality was deemed a mental disorder, rampant promiscuity between homosexuals was held in check and those who might have a bisexual tendency suppressed it. Now a normal human with a weak will that has failed in a love affair could engage in a homosexual relationship just because it is becoming more acceptable. As new generations are born the acceptance level will increase just as children in Lebanon believe life is killing. With the increased acceptance, homosexual acts will become chic, the “in “thing to do, which will lead the normal world down a path that is on a collision course with nature.

Finding a cure for AIDS is only correcting the symptom. The symptom is being spread by the degenerate side of the normal world. By the heroin addicts, the prostitutes, and the junkies. Curing homosexuality is curing the cause. We should not stop trying to find a cure for AIDS but if we don’t cure the cause, nature will find another way of correcting the problem even after we’ve found the cure. How many more normal human beings will die with a second bout with nature?

Comment: There is a difference between being anti-gay and anti-militant gay. SUA opposes the tactics of the militant gay community and while we support research to help find a cure, gays have the right to live in peace.