Get A Second Opinion

by marepa

Approx 3mons ago my husband and I were watching The Factor. BOR usually ends it with a “Tip of the Day’…this time he was talking about going to a Derm for a skin check up. At that point my husband turned to me and asked if I had seen the bump on our youngest son’s head.

I told him I hadn’t, that he didn’t even mention it to me. For about 2 weeks I tried to look at it and he refused to show it to me giving me EVERY excuse under the sun. When his brother came over and gave him a hard time about it, that’s when I saw it. It was round and nodular, looked like basal cell carcinoma.

I told him about it and we made an appointment at the Derm office that I usually go to but haven’t been there in awhile. We went in, the doc looked at my son who took off his shirt and hat and said we had nothing to worry about they were just moles. I asked can we have those moles removed, he refused saying they would leave scars.

As I left, I had that gut feeling to make an appointment with another Derm office and get another opinion. This was tough since my son didn’t want to be bothered. My husband and I persisted.

Too make a long story short, when the doc saw the bump on his head he didn’t think too much of it, but when he saw the mole on his spine he LITERALLY jumped back about a foot and a half. My heart sank…the doc said that had to be removed immediately and he practically shouted it.

We got the biopsy back today and my son has what’s called “Dysplasic Nevus” a precursor to malignant melanoma…he has to go back next week and get more surgery. I’m also going to have him tested for LDH, if you have malignant melanoma inside of you, this is the lab marker for it.

Most likely my son will be okay BUT if you have that gut feeling that something isn’t alright, go with that gut feeling, it’s GOD talking to you….sorry this is so long…