Gulf Coast Countries To Bar Gays

Editor’s Comment: Friday night December 20th, 2013 Bill O’Reilly again stated, or insinuated, President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Parliament had passed anti gay laws in Russia. It really disturbs me that what O’Reilly is implying is that the Russian people are anti gay because they don’t want homosexual propaganda material distributed to minor children. That’s a far cry from jail time in other countries that ban committing the act.

For the record, I don’t believe homosexual propaganda material should be distributed to minor children. I don’t believe any type of sexual material passed out or taught to minor children and that includes heterosexual material. Does that make me anti gay? I’ll cover that issue in a later post.

In my last post I pointed out that India has made any homosexual act a crime and O’Reilly hasn’t mentioned that and that law is far worse for gays than the Russian laws.

So in my effort to compare the talk about Russia and Putin to what’s happening around the world, take a look at what the Gulf Coast Countries (GCC) in the Middle East are doing. Read about it:


No visa for homosexuals in the Arabian Gulf – GCC to ‘detect, bar’ gays, transgenders


Gulf States plan to study a project which will identify homosexuals and transgender individuals through a ‘clinical test’ which will be added to the list of medical tests one has to undergo to obtain a visa. If individuals are revealed to be homosexual or transgender, they will be denied entry into the country, a local daily reported yesterday, quoting a senior official in Kuwait’s Ministry of Health.

“Homosexuals and ‘third-sex’ individuals can be detected through clinical tests during the routine medical examination for visa”, Public Health Department Director Dr. Yousuf Mendakar said.