Hollywood, the Environment, and Socialism

The following is the last three or for pages in my book. It’s part of a chapter titled Other Commentaries.


by C Howard Diaz, the Editor

 In the early sixties, I had finally made it at a company after I left the United States Air Force. As a result of my position, I received some perks. One I remember most, was two second-row box seat tickets to the Hollywood Bowl for a great evening of entertainment. That evening, I saw Barbra Streisand perform for the first and last time. It was in the early sixties, and she was third billing. The top bill was Sammy Davis Jr., and second was the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

 I had been a jazz fan since I was a kid and had a few of Dave Brubeck’s albums, but that wasn’t why I went that night. I went to see and hear the greatest female vocalist I had ever heard in my life, Barbra Streisand.

 I had second-row box seats, which I couldn’t afford, and I was in heaven. The seats were so good Dean Martin and the Rat Pack were sitting two rows behind me. (I didn’t see Frank.)

 As I watched during Barbra Streisand’s performance, all my vision narrowed to form a glow around her face, and I can remember thinking, God, please don’t let her hurt her voice. She was magnificent. I continued to buy all of her albums, and no one was happier to listen to her daily. Money was tight in those days, but I managed to have all of her albums.

 I saw all of her movies and considered her my own personal Academy Award winner. She was great! What an actress, what a comedian, what a voice!

 Then, one day, Barbara stopped singing and acting; she started crowing. She started crowing her liberal ideology with the money that I had sent her each time I bought one of her records. She started crowing with the extra money I had kept aside for a talent beyond compare.

 Without accusing Ms. Streisand of doing any of the following, let me explain what kind of a conservative I am. I’m not one of the conservatives who believe freedom of speech gives anyone the right to burn our flag. I’m not a conservative who believes there is no such thing as treason or a treasonous statement. I’m a conservative who believes evil people will try to abuse our Constitution and misinterpret the Bill of Rights to their advantage against us.

 I don’t believe the ACLU represents the true intent of the Constitution. I don’t believe the National Education Association wants to teach our children or represents all teachers. I don’t believe the National Organization for Women represents all women. I don’t believe La Raza represents all Mexicans. I don’t believe the NAACP or PUSH represent all blacks. I don’t believe environmental organizations like Greenpeace, the Sierra Club, The Nature Conservancy, or the National Resources Defense Council represent any part of this planet or are making any attempt to save anything, especially humans.

 I believe the leadership of these organizations represents an ideology with core values set in socialism. And for socialists, ideology is thicker than race, thicker than gender, thicker than sexual preference, thicker than the environment, and definitely thicker than nationality.

 I believe socialists are loyal to likeminded races, likeminded genders, likeminded sexual preference, likeminded environmentalists, and likeminded nationalities. I believe socialists are not loyal to our country; they use our Constitution to tear our country apart. In the case of environmental leadership, they are not loyal to our country, science, or humanity!

 Any American citizen who puts forth the idea that the United States of America should subordinate the American Constitution or any American citizen to the United Nations, the International Court of Justice, or any other organization does so without the consent of the Constitution or the American citizens. Any fool who wants to subordinate us to a world order is a socialist.

 Since socialism is opposed to capitalism and to a complete free market—the way we were founded—socialism is un-American. We all should remember that the only difference between socialism and communism is that under communism the government takes your rights at gunpoint while under socialism the government talks you into giving up your rights.

 So Barbara, while I don’t believe you or any grass root members of environmental organizations are at the center of all the evil I’ve mentioned, I believe you have been duped into supporting the worst kind of snake oil salesmen. You follow their words as though they were spoken by God, and you have no idea what the truth is. I think you’re just at the lower end of the bell curve when it comes to common sense. I think all liberals lack common sense.

 I threw away all her albums, I quit going to her movies, and most of all, I wish she and all of her elitist cronies would move to some socialistic country where their true ideology can be practiced and they all can find their peace. As for me, an American of Mexican descent, I found my peace long ago. It’s in a free capitalistic republic called the United States of America.

 For that reason, we must stop funding those who would take our hard-earned capitalistic money. We must stop funding those who would use that money to tear down our constitutional free market country and then want to replace it with higher taxes and a socialistic mess. They are our enemies. They are America’s enemies.

 If, as our government so correctly points out, Americans who use drugs create the drug money that supports evil drug cartels in Mexico, then buying movie tickets and renting movies support the idiotic liberal celebrity nuts who apparently don’t believe in our Constitution and its necessary by-product, free market capitalism.

 These idiots love to take our money and then stab us in the back with their anti-American public rhetoric.

 We must stop Hollywood where it hurts. We must stop buying movie tickets, CDs, and DVDs; we must stop renting movies that star any of the Hollywood or entertainment left.