John Smith’s review of ‘A Charter Of Negative Liberties’ by C. Howard Diaz


Having finally going to my mailbox on Friday and having received this (autographed copy by the way) I completely devoured it. It is a quick and easy read.

The book examines and talks about the first ten amendments of our Constitution. The Bill of Rights. Mr. Diaz clearly explains why the Founding Fathers found these necessary and by going thru them one by one and breaking them down clause by clause, Mr. Diaz takes the current complexity out of it.

It is not written in wonky way with words or ideas that the intellectual Liberal Elite tend to favor. No, this book does not talk ‘down’ to you… it puts forward in plain language where we began and why. Most importantly, Why we must adhere to and fight for recognizing the Constitution for what it truly is – the Rulebook of our Country.

I will use this as a reference to go back to time and time again.

Thank you, Mr. Diaz. I truly enjoyed it and learned much from it.

Your friend,
John Smith