No Catastrophe Has Ever Been So Welcomed

The Bureaucrats win the day!
Science of the Left Stands Firm in United Nations!
True Science Sent Back To Dark Ages

by C Howard Diaz

While I hoped, with all my might, that truth would finally prevail, the only truth there is today is up is down, right is wrong, and the words on Jonathan Schell are proving to be the plan of choice by the environmental left:

“Now, in a widening sphere of decisions, the costs of error are so exorbitant that we need to act on theory alone. It follows that the reputation of scientific prediction needs to be enhanced. But that can happen, paradoxically, only if scientists disavow the certainty and precision that they normally insist on.

Above all, we need to learn to act decisively to forestall predicted perils, even while knowing that they may never materialize. We must take action, in a manner of speaking, to preserve our ignorance. There are perils that we can be certain of avoiding only at the cost of never knowing with certainty that they were real.”
Jonathan Schell, Author
Our Fragile Earth, Discover, October 1989, page 47

The United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, IPCC, has once again led the charge against science and allowed the Bureaucrats to determine what science will be published as fact.

I said the bureaucrats determined what was “published,” as fact, not they cannot determine what actually is fact. There is a huge difference and the coming years will prove to increase the divide in the scientific world as consciences will start to move more scientists closer to the true science of climate change.

I call it “climate change” here, because we know there is no such thing as man made global warming, but with this latest IPCC report, president Obama will be able ride the coat tails of every disgraceful scientist who allowed his name to be part of a report such as this.

Never in the history of mankind has a perceived worldwide catastrophe been celebrated as the Green ideologues are today, (Their jobs are intact).  We already knew what they were up to and this IPCC report doesn’t change one damn thing. Man made global warming was a lie yesterday and it’s still a lie today.

As this coming winter, of 2013-2014, will soon play out, the natural climate change that has existed since the moment this earth came into existence is turning cold. The Arctic summer was one of the coldest in a really long time, a sign that the nature of things is moving in a different direction.

As the Sun goes, so goes the temperature on Earth. When the Sun is in a cooler cycle, the Earth will follow. If the Sun cycle changes and heats up, natural CO2 will be released from the oceans and all natural sources on earth regardless of what mankind does.

If your computer screen represented all the CO2 in the atmosphere this dot, ., would represent all the CO2 mankind has added. I may be oversimplifying my example, after all I’m not a climate scientist.

I’m from an era that was taught the good things about civilization, about the wonders that mankind has created and diseases that mankind has overcome. In life science the picture below taught us about the Carbon Cycle.

Carbon Cycle

None of this matters because the science of the left doesn’t care. They only care about the redistribution programs they will bring into being through Cap and Trade, Carbon Taxes and the like.

Yes the same Carbon Taxes Australia is ending. Yes the same Carbon Capture schemes Norway has just abandoned. President Obama now has the ammunition to push forward his Cap and Trade scheme and declare war on the coal industry. Listen to what he has said for yourself:

So, the science of the left is allowing president Obama to keep a campaign promise he made that, under his unconstitutional Cap and Trade scheme, his unconstitutional EPA regulations will cause electricity prices to necessarily skyrocket. I guess he thinks we should all celebrate that.


As I pointed out in a previous article*, professors like Judith Curry are putting down the kool-aid and speaking out.  She may walk her current statements back, who knows, but more will follow. So now it’s a race between the truth and the science of the left.

I say a race because the science of the left is running out of time and they know it. They almost admitted it this time with the admission that 98% of the climate models are wrong and they can’t explain why the earth hasn’t heated up more in the past 16 years, but the bureaucrats prevailed. They have but a short time span to implement all the harmful schemes they can because nature is on the side of the truth.



*“Governments Trying To Manipulate New Global Warming Data”


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