Pro-Rebel Syria analyst O’Bagy admits faking PhD story

In my last article “Pictures From Egypt…” I mentioned Elizabeth O’Bagy. Now, in an article posted on FOXNews with the headline:

“Pro-Rebel Syria analyst O’Bagy admits faking PhD story”*

Elizebeth OBagy
Elizabeth O’Bagy

O”Bagy, who was probably the central source for Senator McCain and Secretary of State Kerry for blaming the Assad regime for the chemical weapons attack has fallen from grace inside the Washington DC beltway.

She was also the source for both McCain and Kerry touting her appraisal that the rebels were “mostly moderate” and pushed for a strike on the Assad regime.

In a nutshell, this fake PH.D. conned the Washington elite into believing the rebels are really nice guys and we should go to war with Assad because she said so. She spewed her propaganda on CNN, FOX News and NPR.

But what the hell, she apologized:

“I would like to deeply apologize to every person with whom I have worked, who has read and depended upon my research, and to the general public,”

“While I have made many mistakes and showed extremely poor judgment, I most particularly regret my public misrepresentation of my educational status and not immediately disclosing that I had not been awarded a doctorate in May 2013.”

Not to worry, she’ll probably get another job in Washington from someone who is on her ideological sphere. She’s got all of the qualification’s, she’s liberal, she lies about her educational qualification, she’s on the side of the terrorist’s and she’s visited her friends in Syria four or five times in the last year.

In the article I posted titled, “Syria – Where’s the Proof” I failed to mention there was also a motive missing. You know, a motive, like in all the crime movies you watch. Where’s the MOTIVE? What did Assad have to gain by using chemical weapons?

Assad is winning, or was winning, the war. Why would he commit an act that would insure the wrath of the world? Why would McCain say, on national TV, that the rebels didn’t have access to chemical weapons when he must have known the rebels held a press conference announcing they had them in 2012? In my opinion, the rebels did it.

Meanwhile the Russians have posted an article citing nine points that prove the Obama administration has been lying about Assad being the bad guy. You can read it HERE,

I mean he is a bad guy, but not the one who used the chemical weapons, but I also don’t agree with other stuff they say in the article. Make up your own mind.

It pains me to side with the Russian’s on this, but after this administrations attempt to side with the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt I take a real good look at who Obama sides with. Plus, if you have read my article “Is The War Powers Act Constitutional,” I don’t believe the president has the authority to declare war on his own. Unlike most post WWII types, I believe any strike on any nation is an act of war.

This nation has to get back to it’s Constitutional roots and not allow the federal government to pick and choose what part of our Constitution it wants to comply with.

You can read the rest of the O’Bagy article HERE

* I Changed the word “Opposition” to “Rebel” in the Headline because it defines the group more clearly.