Rest In Peace Elizabeth

I’ve set up this page for everyone to say their last words to elizabeth. I will then copy and email the comments to her family


Mr. Diaz,

Yes it is true, my heart is broken. Her son and I just returned from out vacation in Europe, we eloped. She will be cremated and she and Dad will be buried at a military grave site.

I know this sounds weird but we aren’t in any hurry to bury them. They feel closer to us this way, for awhile anyway. Mom never wanted a funeral she just thought it was a waste of time. We will have a small service, the minister will come to the house, there will only be family and a few of her very close friends. She wanted to do nothing at all but that just didn’t
seem right. She wanted us to take the money we would have spent on a funeral and donate it all her charities. I think she knew she didn’t have much time left because she had instructions all written down for us and it was dated last week.

Mr. Diaz, please thank everyone for there kind and beautiful comments. I have been reading them and crying at the same
time. Please understand I really don’t feel like talking about it yet. Thank you so very much, you have been a good friend to Mom.