I had a web site called STOPHOLLYWOOD.COM back in 2003. This is the first article that I published back the. I won’t be held for its accuracy today.


By Chuck Diaz

I remember the evening I saw Barbra Streisand perform at the Hollywood Bowl.  It was in the early sixties and she was third billing.  The top bill was Sammy Davis Jr. and second was the Dave Brubeck Quartet.

I had been a jazz fan since I was a kid and had a few of Dave Brubeck’s albums but that wasn’t why I went that night.  It was to see and hear the greatest female vocalist I had ever heard at the time, Barbra Streisand.  I had second row box seats, that I couldn’t afford, and I was in heaven.

As I watched during her performance all my vision narrowed to form a glow around her face and I can remember thinking God please don’t let her hurt her voice.  She was magnificent.  I continued to buy all of her albums and no one was happier to listen daily.  Money was tight in those days but I managed to have all of her albums.

I saw all of her movies and considered her my own personal Academy Award winner.  She was great!  What an actress, what a comedian, what a voice!

Then one day Barbara stopped singing and acting, she started crowing.  She started crowing her liberal ideology with the money that I sent her.  She started crowing with the extra money I had kept aside for a talent beyond compare.

Without accusing Miss Streisand of doing any of the following, let me explain what kind of a conservative I am.  I’m not one of these conservatives who believe freedom of speech gives anyone the right to burn our flag.  I’m not a conservative who believes there is no such thing as treason or *treasonous statements.  I’m a conservative who believes evil people will use our Constitutional rights to their advantage against us.

I don’t believe the A.C.L.U. represents the true intent of the Constitution.  I don’t believe the National Education Association wants to teach our children or represents all teachers.  I don’t believe the National Organization for Women represents all women.  I don’t believe La Raza represents all Mexicans.  I don’t believe the N.A.A.C.P. or P.U.S.H. represents all blacks.  I don’t believe environmental organizations like Greenpeace, The Sierra Club or Nature Conservancy or the National Resource Defense Council represent any part of this planet or are making any attempt to save anything, especially humans.

I believe the leadership of these organizations represents an ideology with core values set in socialism.  And for socialists, ideology is thicker than race, thicker than gender, thicker than sexual preference, thicker than the environment and definitely thicker than nationality.

Socialists are loyal to likeminded races, likeminded gender, likeminded sexual preference, likeminded environmentalists and likeminded nationalities.  Socialists are not loyal to our country; they use our Constitution to tear our country apart.  In the case of environmental leadership, they are not loyal to our country, science or humanity!

Any American citizen who puts forth the idea that the United States of America should subordinate the American Constitution or any American citizen to the United Nations, International Court or any other organization does so without the consent of the Constitution or American citizens.  Any fool that wants to subordinate us to a world order is a socialist.

Since socialism is opposed to Capitalism and we were founded as a free Capitalistic Republic, socialism is UN-AMERICAN.

So Barbara, while I don’t believe you or any grass root member of environmental organizations are at the center of all the evil I’ve mentioned, you have all been duped into supporting the worst kind of snake oil salesman.  You follow their word as though it was spoken from God and you have no idea what the truth is.  I think you’re just at the lower end of the bell curve when it comes to common sense.  I think all liberals lack common sense.

So I threw away all your albums, I quit going to your movies and most of all I wish you and all of your elitist cronies would move to some socialistic country where your true ideology can be practiced and you all can find your peace.  As for me, an **American of Mexican Descent, I’ve found mine.  It’s in a free Capitalistic Republic called the United States of America.

For that reason we must stop funding those who would take our hard earned Capitalistic money.  We must stop funding those who would use that money to tear down our Capitalistic country and replace it with higher taxes and a socialistic mess.  They are our enemies.  They are America’s enemies.  If, as our government so correctly points out, drug money does bad things, buying movie tickets and renting movies do bad things too.  STOP HOLLYWOOD where it hurts.  Stop buying movie tickets and renting movies that star any of the HOLLYWOOD LEFT. Also, a list of Stars that are on our A List is at the end of this article.

One World Socialists (OWS!) and

One World Socialist Organizations (OWSO’s!) (so far)

Aki Kaurismaki
Alan Alda
Alec Baldwin
Al Franken
American Association of Retired Persons (AARP)
American Farmland Trust
Amnesty International
Andre Agassi
Andrew Lincoln
Ani DiFranco
Anjelica Huston
Annette Bening
Annie Lennox
Arizona Daily Star
Barbra Streisand
Barry Diller
Barry Pepper
Beastie Boys
Ben Affleck
Ben Cohen
Bianca Jagger
Bill Maher
Bill Ward
Billy Crystal
Blair Underwood
Bonnie Franklin
Bonnie Raitt
Bradley Whitford
Bruce Springsteen
Bud Selig
Busta Rhymes
Cameron Diaz
Carl Reiner
Cary Elwes
Casey Kasum
Cat Stevens
Catherine Zeta Jones
Charles Grodin
Charles S. Dutton
Chevy Chase
Chris Martin
Chris Noth
Chris Rock
Chrissie Hynde
Christian Slater
Christopher Reeve
Conservation Fund
Consumer Reports
Craig David
Daniel Benzali
Daniel Day Lewis
Danny Glover
Darrell Hammond
Daryl Hannah
Dave Matthews
David Bale
David Byrne
David Clennon
David Duchovny
David Stern
Defenders of Wildlife
Dennis Weaver
Diana Ross
Dixie Chicks
Dominic Monaghan
Don Cheadle
Donald Sutherland
Drew Barrymore
Dustin Hoffman
Earth First!
Earth Island Institute
Ed Asner
Ed Begley Jr.
Ed Harris
Ed O’Neill
Edward Norton
Elizabeth Taylor
Elliott Gould
Elton John
Emma Thompson
Emmylou Harris
Environmental Defense Fund
Environmental Law Institute
Eric Roberts
Ethan Hawke
Fat Joe
Friends of Earth
Fund for Animals
Gabriel Byrne
George Carlin
George Clinton
George Clooney
George Michael
Gillian Anderson
Glenn Close
Gloria Steinem
Goldie Hawn
Gore Vidal
Green Party
Greg Germann

Harrison Ford
Harry Belafonte
Harvey Fierstein
Harvey Weinstein
Heath Ledger
Hector Elizondo
Helen Hunt
Hugh Grant
Humane Society of the U.S.
Isaac Walton League
Isiah Thomas
Jack Johnson
Jack Nicholson
Jackson Browne
Jake Gyllenhaal
James Cromwell
James Gandolfini
James Reitano
James Whitmore
James Whitmore Jr.
Jamie Lee Curtis
Jane Fonda
Jane Kaczmarek
Janeane Garofalo
Janel Moloney
Jean Reno
Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Connelly
Jerry Katzenberg
Jessica Lange
Jill Clayburgh
Jim Broadbent
Jimmy Buffet
Joan Baez
John Cusack
John Hurt
John McEnroe
John Mellencamp
Jon Bon Jovi
Jonathan Demme
Joy Behar
Judd Nelson
Judi Dench
Judy Davis
Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Julia Roberts
Julianne Moore
Kate Hudson
Kathleen TurnerKathy Griffin
Kathy Mattea
K-Ci & Jo Jo
Kelly Lynch
Ken Howard
Kevin Costner
Kevin Spacey
Kim Bassinger
Kirsten Dunst
Land Trust Alliances
Larry Gelbart
Larry Hagman
Laurence Fishburne
League of Conservation Voters
League of Women Voters
Leigh Steinberg
Lenny Kravitz
Leonardo DiCaprio
Liam Neeson
Liberal church denominations
Lily Tomlin
Local Litigators
Loretta Swit
Los Angeles Times
Lou Reed
Lucy Liu
Luther Vandross
Maggie Gyllenhaal
Marcia Ball
Marg Helgenberger
Marisa Tomei
Martin Scorsese
Martin Sheen
Marty Stuart
Mary Chapin Carpenter
Matt Damon
Matthew Good
Melissa Etheridge
Melissa Gilbert
Meryl Streep
Mia Farrow
Michael Bolton
Michael Douglas
Michael Ironside
Michael Keaton
Michael Moore
Michael Stipe
Michelle Shocked
Mike Farrell
Mike Mills
Mike White
Missy Elliott
Monica Belluci
Mos Def
Nanci Griffith
Naomi Watts
Natalie Cole
Natalie Imbruglia
Natalie Merchant
National Audubon Society
National Committee to Preserve Social Security and Medicare
National Council of Churches
National Education Association
National Environmental Agency (NEA)
National Fish and Wildlife Foundation
National Geographic Society
National Organization for Women
National Park Conservation Association
National Trust for Historic Preservation
National Wildlife Federation
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
New York Times
Nicolas Cage
Noah Wyle
Oliver Stone
Olympia Dukakis
Open Space Institute
Oprah Winfrey
Pam Tillis
Pamela Anderson
Paula Cole
Pearl Jam
Penelope Cruz
People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)
Peter Buck
Peter Coyote
Peter Gabriel
Peter Yarrow
Phil Collins
Preserve Appalachian Wilderness (PAW)
Reese Witherspoon
Rene Auberjonois
Richard Dreyfuss
Richard E. Grant
Richard Gere
Ricky Van Shelton
Rob Reiner
Robert Altman
Robert David Hall
Robert De Niro
Robert Guillaume
Robert Kennedy Jr.
Robert Redford
Robert Wyatt
Robin Williams
Rosanne Cash
Rosario Dawson
Roseanne Cash
Rosie O’Donnell
Rosie Perez
Roy Scheider
Russell Simmons
Sacramento Bee
Sally Field
Salma Hayek
Samuel L. Jackson
Sandra Bernhard
Sandy Duncan
San Francisco Chronicle
Sarah Jessica Parker
Saul Zaentz
Scenic Hudson
Scott Beibin
Sean “Puffy” Combs
Sean Patrick Flanery
Sean Penn
Sharon Stone
Sheila Hancock
Sheryl Crow
Shirley MacLaine
Sierra Club
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund
Sierra Club Political Action Committee
Sonic Youth
Spike Lee
Stephen Daldry
Stephen King
Steve Earle
Steve Nash
Stevie Wonder
Stockard Channing
Susan Sarandon
Suzanne Vega
System of a Down
Tea Leoni
Ted Danson
Ted Turner
Terry Gilliam
The Cousteau Society
The Funds for Animals
The Nature Conservancy
Tim Robbins
Tom Hanks
Tom Robbins
Tommy Lee Jones
Toni Collette
Tony Bennett
Tony Shalhoub
Trust for Public Land
Tyne Daly
Uma Thurman
Union of Concerned Scientists
United Nations
Viggo Mortensen
Vincent D’Onofrio
Warren Beatty
Walter Cronkite
Washington Post
Werner Klemperer
Wesley Snipes
Whoopi Goldberg
Wil Wheaton
Wildlands Project
Willie Nelson
Woody Harrelson
World Health Organization
World Wildlife Fund
Youssou N’Dour

These Stars are on our A-O.K. List

Mel Gibson, Scott Baio, and Antonio Sabato, Jr

3 Doors Down
98 Degrees
A.C. Green
Aaron Tippin
Alan Autry
Alex Spanos
Allen Asbury
Amy Grant
Andrew Lloyd Weber
Andy Garcia
Ann Margret
Antonio Freeman
Arnold Palmer
Arnold Schwarzenegger
Arsenio Hall
Art Linkletter
Barbara Mandrell
Barret Swatek
BB King
Bellamy Brothers
Ben Crenshaw
Ben Stein
Bill France Jr.
Billy Dean
Blake Shelton
Bo Derek
Bo Diddley
Bob Backlund
Bob Hope
Bob Knight
Bobby Allison
Bobby Bowden
Brad Paisley
Brian McKnight
Britney Spears
Brittany Murphy
Brooks & Dunn
Bruce Boxleitner
Bruce Willis
Buzz Aldrin
Cale Yarborough
Candace Bushnell
Carolyn Dawn Johnson
Charles Barkley
Charles Durning
Charlie Daniels
Charlton Heston
Chely Wright
Cheryl Ladd
Chuck Norris
Clint Black
Clint Eastwood
Connie Stevens
Craig Biggio
Crystal Gayle
Dale Earnhardt Jr.
Dale Jarrett
Dan Snyder
Dana Carvey
Danny Aiello
Darrell Waltrip
Darryl Worley
Dave Barry
David Robinson
David Silveria
David Spade
Dean Cain
Dean Jones
Debby Boone
Delta Burke
Denise Austin

Dennis Franz
Dennis Hopper
Dennis Miller
Destiny’s Child
Dixie Carter
Don Cherry
Don King
Don Shula
Donald Bellisario
Doris Day
Drew Carey
Elie Wiesel
Elliott Sadler
Emma Caulfield
Emmitt Smith
Faith Hill
Frank Bonarrigo
Fred Thompson
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Gary Oldman
Gene Simmons
George Steinbrenner
George Strait
Gerald McRaney
Gladys Knight
Gloria Carlin
Gloria Estefan
Greg Anthony
Hank Williams Jr.
Heather Locklear
Howie Long
Jackie Mason
Jaclyn Smith
James Caan
James Caviezel
James Earl Jones
James Woods
Jane Russell
Janine Turner
Jason Priestley
Jay Black
Jean-Claude Van Damme
Jeff “Skunk” Baxter
Jeff Burton
Jeff Gordon
Jeff Kent
Jennifer Capriati
Jennifer Hanson
Jennifer O’Neill
Jerry Doyle
Jerry Seinfeld
Jerry Weintraub
Jessica Simpson
Jimmie Johnson
Jimmie Walker
Jimmy Fedd
Joe Gibbs
Joel Schumacher
John Elway
John Malkovich
John Michael Montgomery
John Millius
John Tesh
John Travolta
Johnny Bench
Johnny Morris
Johnny Ramone
Jon Secada
Jon Voight
Joyce DeWitt
Julie Strain
Karl Malone
Kathy Ireland
Kathy Lee Gifford
Kelsey Grammer
Kid Rock
Kim Alexis
Kirk Cameron
Kurt Russell
Kurt Warner
Lance Armstrong
Larnelle Harris
Larry Gatlin
Larry Miller
Lawrence Funderburke
Lee Ann Womack
Lee Greenwood
Liam Gallagher
Linda Davis
Linda McMahon
Lisa Hartman Black
Loretta Lynn
Lorrie Morgan
Louise Mandrell
Lyle Lovett
Marie Osmond
Marilyn Manson
Marilyn McCoo
Mario Andretti
Mark Helprin
Mark Paul Sebar
Marshall Tucker Band
Martina McBride
Mary Higgins Clark
Matt LeBlanc
Matt Stone
Matthew McConaughey
Meat Loaf
Merv Griffin
Michael J. Fox
Michael W. Smith
Michael Waltrip
Mick Hucknall
Mike Curb
Mike Ditka
Mike Helton
Mike Piazza
Mike Portnoy
Montgomery Gentry
Morgan Brittany
Naomi Judd
Natalie Grant
Neil Armstrong
Neil Young
Noble Willingham
Nolan Ryan
Norm MacDonald
Oak Ridge Boys
Ozzy Osbourne
Pat Boone
Pat Sajak
Pat Tillman
Patricia Heaton
Paul Anka
Phil Vassar
Queen Latifah
R. Lee Ermey
Reba McEntire
Rebecca St. James
Reggie Miller
Reggie White
Reggie Williams
Ric Flair
Richard Lee Jackson
Richard Petty
Richard Roeper
Richard Roundtree
Rick Schroeder
Ricky Martin
Ricky Skaggs
Rob Lowe
Rob Schneider
Robert Conrad
Robert Duvall
Roger Clemens
Roger Penske
Roger Staubach
Ron DiCianni
Ron Silver
Ronald Reagan
Ronnie Milsap
Rusty Wallace
Ryan Gosling
Sammy Kershaw
Sara Evans
Scott Glenn
Sean Astin
Sean Elliott
Sela Ward
Shannen Doherty
Sharon Osbourne
Shirley Jones
Shirley Temple Black
Steve Irwin
Steve Largent
Steve Young
Steven Curtis Chapman
Stormie Omartian
Susan Howard
Susan Lucci
Tanya Tucker
Ted Nugent
The Rock
Thomas Kinkade
Tiger Woods
Tim McGraw
Tim Slagle
Toby Keith
Tom Clancy
Tom Cruise
Tom Selleck
Tony Danza
Tony Stewart
Trace Adkins
Tracy Byrd
Tracy Dali
Tracy Scoggins
Travis Tritt
Trey Parker
Trisha Yearwood
Troy Aikman
Ultimate Warrior
Vince Gill
Vince Vaughn
Wanda Sykes
Wayne Gretzky
Wayne Huizenga
Wayne Newton
Winona Judd
Wynn Varble
Yakov Smirnoff
Yaphet Kotto
Yo-Yo Ma
ZZ Top

*Treason, treasonous. Article III Section 3 of the Constitution declares “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying war against them or adhering to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort.”

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