In 1994 I produced four Speak Up America TV shows. The cost was over $75,000 and I raised it in Canada. The shows were shot at Old Tucson Studios outside of Tucson Arizona. They were shot in front of live audiences were very well received.

The company that provided the video and mixing was a company that also did pro football, baseball and basketball events. They showed up with two 18 wheel trucks with a full blown studio in one.

We shot all four shows in one day, starting at about 8:00AM and ending around 5:00PM. What a day it was.

SUA TV SHOW 1 — Emanual McLittle

I first saw Emanuel Mclittle giving a speech on C-SPAN in 1992. I thought he was great. I then met him in 1993 when I gave my speech in Washington DC. When I decided to do my TV show the first person I thought of to be my first guest was Emanuel Mclittle. At the time he was the publisher of Destiny…


SUA TV SHOW 2 — Guest Kathleen Marquardt

The second Speak Up America TV show featured two guest speakers. The first one was Kathleen Marquadrt, the president of Putting People First. Putting People First was an organization opposed to PETA. Most of you have no idea how many American’s were trying to organize against the big green environmental…


SUA TV SHOW 3 — Guest Michael Bennett — EPA

Michael is also one of the people I met in Washington DC. He is/was ta Pulitzer Prize nominee as a journalist and author of “The Asbestos Racket,” a book that investigates the false science behind the asbestos scare in the USA. Yep, another giant hoax that we the people have swallowed.
Michael was a had to be guest on Speak Up America TV. He was a brilliant wit and I’m sorry to say he is another I have lost track of..


SUA TV SHOW 4 — Guest Bruce Vincent

I met Bruce Vincent at the same time when I met Emanuel McLittle in Washington DC. The 1993 had some great speakers and Bruce Vincent was another. As you will see, Bruce came from a logging family in Libby Montana who tried to get the word out. Many peiple don’t know the damage the Bill Clinton…