“Supreme Court Refuses to Block Texas Abortion Restrictions”

Fox News Headline 11/19/2013


By C Howard Diaz


Many Americans on the pro-life side are probably very happy with the Supreme Court of the United States, (SCOTUS), decision and I’m sure many pro-choice advocates are mad as hell. But I hope that both sides are on the side of our Constitution, because without it we are no longer protected from the Federal Government and we lose our freedom.

You know, that word “FREEDOM?*”

The word that is synonymous with America.

The word everyone loves America for.

The word that gives everyone who comes here a reason to want to come here?

Yeah that word, and without the Constitution that word disappears.

So what about the decision?

What does the Constitution say about the decision?

If you’ve followed what I’ve written before, or read my book, regarding the Constitution and the limits it places on the Federal Government, you know the answer.

First of all, the SCOTUS is a branch of the Federal Government. As such, it is also governed by our Constitution.

If you have read and understand the Constitution, you know the subject of abortion is not mentioned, nor are any other “moral” issues. Interpreting the Constitution is actually very easy. If a subject or issue is not mentioned in the Constitution, that subject, or issue, may not be acted upon by the Federal Government and that includes the SCOTUS, PERIOD!

Our Founding Fathers really did make it that simple. They purposely left out moral issues when they wrote and approved the Constitution. Morality can change with time so they left moral issues up to the States and the People.

Per the Constitution, the Federal Government, the SCOTUS and the federal district courts may not accept a moral issue case or get involved in any way. They must remain mute. The SCOTUS is not in place to determine right from wrong; it is in place to enforce the Constitution

So, the answer is, the SCOTUS should have never gotten involved.

The Federal District Court system should have never gotten involved.

The law is a Texas State law and Texans have the right to run their lives according to Texas State law.

It is up to each State and the People of each State to determine what level of morality they each want in their own State. Freedom may be a one size fits all proposition, at the federal level, but the Constitution was adopted, along with the Bill of Rights to restrict the Federal Government from doing anything to us, not to determine the Peoples morality.

Those of you on the pro-life side should be saddened that the Constitution was again abused by the Federal Court system, even when the ruling is in your favor.  The next time they abuse the Constitution, it may not be in your favor.



*If you would like to learn more about our FREEDOM and why the Constitution and Bill of Rights guarantee it, read my book, A Charter of Negative Liberties and Other Commentary.