The Greenhouse Conspiracy

“I’m not sure it is useful to include every single point of view.”
PBS Producer Linda Harrar, 9/29/91, on her
decision not to air “The Greenhouse Conspiracy.”

When an opposing view is offered, the media either gives it limited coverage or ignores it completely. One such case was the PBS decision not to show “The Greenhouse Conspiracy,” an excellent documentary by Hilary Lawson that blows the very foundation out from under the “global warming crisis.” The above quote was in response to not presenting it to the American people. And this from “Public Broadcasting” supported by your tax dollars!

It’s bad enough that Ted and Jane Goebbels (Ted Turner & Jane Fonda), probably the two most influential people on earth, have decided to use the power of CNN and TBS to further media science and those who engage in theoretical crisis science predictions.

It is time to call for a stop to all this madness and return to some sanity and honest science without biased media involvement. It’s time to return to a science that relies on certainty and precision, and more than anything, PEER REVIEW.

Without infringing on anyone’s Constitutional rights, I believe the Constitution should not give the media the right to lie to us. That is a charge that may be difficult to prove, but not impossible. If there is one ounce of truth in a pound of story, and it is presented in a manner intended to persuade the audience into believing the entire story, it is a lie.

Producer Linda Harrar’s above statement exposes her tyrannical position.