The Long Knives Are Coming for Trump

CH Diaz
March 9th, 2016

Very early Wednesday morning I was watching CNN’s, “Early Start with John Berman and Christine Romans” and was quite shocked by what one of the guest panelists said. That panelist was Joh Rogin, a CNN Political Analyst and Journalist for Bloomberg View. Mr. Rogin is, in my opinion one of those driven journalists who believes the ends justify the means.

He has already shown he is not trustworthy, that he will say what needs to be said to advance his position, in other words a seedy character. Rogin is the one who infiltrated an “off the record” conference and recorded. In order to separate himself from what he did, when he exposed the information he had recorded he used anything but the truth.

As the Daily Beast reported, in his first report, Rogin attributed his knowledge of the remarks to “an attendee.” “In subsequent reports, including the ‘apartheid’ report, he attributed it to a tape “obtained by The Daily Beast.” As Rogin disclosed on Friday, the attendee was himself, and the tape was his own: ”

I guess that’s the kind of analyst CNN looks for when reporting in the early hours, but this time they inadvertently let the cat out of the bag.

Rogin’s ego could not stop him from letting the audience, of which I was one, in on what is in store for Donald Trump in the coming weeks.

Rogin, threatened that some dirty laundry about Donald Trump was yet to come as soon as this next week. He stated,”You haven’t seen the worse of the Trump opo research.”  He continued. “Wait till you see this week, you’re going to see some stuff, I’m assured that will, that will definitely shock you.

At this point he just couldn’t stop letting us know how important he thinks he is and continued with, “I can give you a quick preview of what’s coming….” “It’s about Trumps business dealings abroad, it’s about Trump’s relationship with some actors, including gangster’s mobsters. That’s where we’re going next. So we’re gonna be looking at all these Trump projects, Trump you know builds buildings all over the place,  he deals with some seedy characters and you’re going to see those sooner rather than later.”

“I think the knives are out, I think the guns are out,” said Dylan Byers, another one of the panelists. Mr. Byers is a senior reporter for Media and Politics on CNN.

So there you have it, I would imagine the money for all this research is coming from those who do not want to see Trump as the nominee and are willing to dig up anything that could appear to be dirty laundry. What they don’t get is, we don’t care about what the Donald has done in his past, we care more about America’s future.