The War on WHITE Males


I’m an American with a last name of Diaz and I’m speaking out for my fellow WHITE males. There has been a war instigated by the LEFT liberal mindset and it has been going on for decades. BUT only a video such as this can show you the utter disdain the LEFT has for the WHITE male and this country we love.

Only the LEFT would use young men and women to act out the words that were surely written by an old radicalized white male hippie or some lesbian, both out of the 60’s. Or maybe it was written and produced by a new breed of WHITE male haters. The LGBT community doesn’t seem to have any use for WHITE males and since they have penetrated our school system, maybe the new WHITE male hating American hater has come from a new group of haters. Seems there’s a lot of hating goin on. BUT. why WHITE males?

I’m proud of being an American and that means I identify with America’s history. Yes the WHITE history. There have been many era’s in the world’s history and the era of conquest was at the beginning of the WHITE European male discovering the Western Hemisphere. A hemisphere that was inhabited by some of the most backward and savage humans of the time.

In that era conquest was accepted as homosexual’s are in San Francisco today. Judging the WHITE European male of the 1600’s, 1700’s and 1800’s based on today’s view of the world is doing history harm, it’s wrong and uncalled for. Yet the America hating LEFT prey on those great men of yesteryear and poison the young minds of today.

They and their supporters believe history must be revised to include a point of view other than American. They try to belittle America’s history by making the WHITE European male connection sound chauvinistically racist. They completely forget that the white European male-dominated Constitutional Convention created the very document that allows them the freedom to make those ridiculous charges.

They forget that the white European male-dominated explorers helped carve the greatest nation in the world. If this experiment had not happened, and succeeded, all those who are complaining would be bowing down to a king or sacrificing virgins to some sun god at noon on a daily basis. If we allow them to demean American history, we are allowing them to demean the very core of what it means to be American.

This video shows the extreme they have gone to. It took me a while to piece this together because it was removed from the public within a day of it being published. It is shown here for purely educational purpose and it’s disgusting.