The Watts Riots, Ferguson and the Communist Party? — NAW!

Editor’s Comment: Protestors in Ferguson, MO and New York City this week triggered my memory about the communists in Los Angeles during the L.A. Riots following the Rodney King trial. Yes COMMUNISTS! I wrote the following article in 1992 and updated it in 2004. The original was written after the Rodney King riots in Watts, South Central Los Angeles. And now Ferguson is the target.

Stirring Up Trouble

Communist Involvement in America’s Riots

by Chuck Diaz

During Hitler’s reign as dictator of Germany an average German’s worst fear was to be accused of some form of treason against the Nazi regime. As a boy, at the end of World War II, I remember seeing newsreels showing German judges who would attack innocent men in court by yelling at them loudly “LIAR!, LIAR!, LIAR!.” It happened during mock trials in the late 1930’s,

On Friday October 22, 2004 Lawrence O’Donnell brought those memories back during a segment of Scarborough Country on MSNBC. O’Donnell, a senior political analyst with MSNBC, and John O’Neill, one of the authors of “Unfit for Command,” They were both guests and Pat Buchanan was sitting in for an ailing Joe Scarborough. Regardless of what John O’Neill said in response to a question by Buchanan, O’Donnell would drown him out by screaming “Lies!, Liar!, Lies!, Liar! He would not stop. In the two segments he yelled it 46 times.

This the same Lawrence O’Donnell that was featured on an episode of “Homeland” in season one as a TV guy interviewing Sgt. Brody.

The following Monday O’Donnell was basically censured by MSNBC and Scarborough Country for acting like the wild eyed left wing liberal he is. That episode started me thinking about how Hitler would stir up trouble with his brown shirts before and after he gained the dictatorship. It reminded me of how the communists and all left wing extreme groups will do anything to stir the pot to create trouble. It reminded me of the Watts riots. So did Ferguson.

In 1992 in an article I wrote about the Watts riots, I interviewed a Sgt. Ray Foster of the Los Angeles Police Department’s 77th Street Police Station. I knew about the 77th because that’s where I would get my bicycle license when I was a kid. In the interview he stated, “Communist activity?” “Sure those bastards were all over the place, even before the verdict came down.” He also stated “The Revolutionary Communist Party headquarters is on 49th and Vermont.” This did surprise me.

According to Sgt. Foster, THE REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST PARTY was out before the verdict came in passing out flyers telling the “oppressed people of South Central Los Angeles” to revolt if the verdict came in not guilty. During the riot they were fanning the flames of insurrection as best they could throwing the first bricks. That’s what they’re good at, stirring up trouble.

In another report, County Sheriff Sherman Block stated, “there is no question that members of THE REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST PARTY were involved in rioting, looting, and arson in a number of locations in Los Angeles.

In THE REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST PARTY’s May 10th newspaper, “Revolutionary Worker,” the headline was “Los Angeles It’s Right to Rebel.” The text contained words like “AmeriKKKa is not the same AmeriKKKa it was before the King verdict.” I even found it difficult to believe, but having talking to the Sgt. that was there. I didn’t doubt any of it.

What didn’t surprise me was the media’s role. I wrote, “The national media has reached a new low in media coverage. Starting with Ted Koppel, Bryant Gumbel and Geraldo Rivera, they have been giving a national platform to criminals.”

The criminals I was referring to were the gang leaders, members and other thugs. At the time I hadn’t been made aware of any communist activity fanning the flames. Why was the national media silent on this subject? Why was it to their advantage to not report THE REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST PARTY’s involvement?

One answer can be found is how the media portrayed the event as an American racial problem instead of the riot by thugs, criminals and communists. The media’s agenda was to make it the fault of government policy and white racism.

Less than one percent of the people in South Central Los Angeles were involved in the rioting and yet, according to media innuendo, all of the citizens revolted.

The media’s silence on the communist’s involvement and trying to convince us that all South Central Los Angeles black community was involved, coupled with its admitted advocacy of environmental pseudo-science and other media bias is enough for me to denounce our national media.

I find it incredible that in dictatorial and socialistic countries, like the former Soviet Union, the people were lied to by a press controlled by the government. While here in America, where freedom of the press is protected by the Constitution, so they can report the truth, they choose to lie or censor.

If this version of “freedom of the press” is what Americans have died for in wars starting with the Revolutionary War, I DON’T WANT ANY PART OF IT and we must change it. If freedom of the press means they have a license to lie to us, I DON’T WANT ANY PART OF IT and we have to cleanse the so called media by protesting with our buying power and write to brands that advertise on CNN, MSNBC, CBS, ABC and NBC. We must boycott.

What gets me is that Limbaugh, Kruathammer, O’Reilly, Hannity, Greta and Megan Kelly haven’t figured out the Communist connection. Maybe they’re afraid of being labeled conspiracy nuts. They might want to check out THE REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST PARTY’s web site at

Why don’t you check it out? I don’t doubt for one second that THE REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST PARTY is all over Ferguson.