Washington Establishment Can’t Figure it Out

January 20th, 2016
C. H. Diaz, SUAnews, Tucson AZ

While listening to Rush Limbaugh today, Rush was trying to explain why Donald Trump is winning the way he is. He was saying that conservatives don’t seem to be interested if Trump is a dyed in the wool conservative and the establishment can’t figure it out. Rush even asked “does Trump know he is doing what he is doing” or did he just fall into it?

To me the answer is really simple. I believe there are more American’s who are or want to be American’s before they are labeled Democrat, Republican, Conservative or Liberal. They identify as Americans. They are proud of America. They don’t appreciate an administration and media that has been overtly anti America.

They would have never believed the GOP would be complicit in the ruination of their country until Trump let the cat out of the bag. Trump has shown the Washington establishment for what it is. Not just Democrats, but also Republican establishment politicians and media types are all lumped together by Trump’s exposure.

After seven years of a president and far more years of a media that loves to see America in the tank, Trump comes along and wants to make America great again. He’s running on a “Put America First” platform. He’s running on an “I Love America” platform and we American’s are craving someone to really feel our pain.

The pain of all American’s who hate watching the country they love go down the drain, by plan!

I don’t know if they will ever figure it out, but I hope they don’t until Donald J Trump is in office kicking the establishment politicians in the butt.

The media, the establishment and even Rush haven’t figured it out yet. They don’t understand the one thing that we know and appreciate about Donald J Trump. He oozes Americanism. Yes Americanism.

AMERICANISM TRUMP’S Conservatism, TRUMP’S Liberalism and every other “ism.” Americanism represents Trump and Trump represents Americanism.