We Used To Chase Them Out


By C Howard Diaz

When it comes to political chaos, Americans in general are the least prepared to understand our common enemies. The great majority of American’s believe America is the greatest nation in the world and truly love this country. They believe there may be some people who are racist, but the greater majority are not. There are black leaders who make a living trying to convince all of us that all Americans are racist, and they are wrong.

What is not reported by the mainstream media is both white and black American’s have a common enemy. An enemy that has another agenda and will do anything to add to any chaotic event so the divide between white and black America will widen. These people are not Americans in their heart, they may legally be Americans, but that’s just on paper. So who are they?

To answer that question, you must understand there are many organized groups that want to tear this country down. I will point out one in this article.

During the Rodney King riots in Los Angeles in the early 1990’s I was reporting for my small, monthly newspaper. In an article entitled “Media & Black Leaders, Out of Touch”, I interviewed a Sergeant from the 77th Street Police Station, a station in the middle of South Central L.A.

In the interview with Sgt. Ray Foster of the Los Angeles Police Department 77th Street Police Station I asked if there was any communist activity. He stated, “Communist activity?” Sure those bastards were all over the place…… Even before the verdict came down.” He also stated “The Revolutionary Communist Party headquarters is on 49th and Vermont.” This did surprise me.

According to Sgt. Foster, The Revolutionary Communist Party was out on the streets before the verdict came in, passing out flyers and telling the “oppressed people of South Central Los Angeles” to revolt if the verdict came in not guilty. During the riot The Revolutionary Communist Party was fanning the flames of insurrection as best they could and they threw the first bricks.

In another report, County Sheriff Sherman Block stated, “there is no question that members of the Revolutionary Communist Party were involved in rioting, looting, and arson in a number of locations in Los Angeles. In the Revolutionary Communist Party’s May l0th newspaper, “Revolutionary Worker,” the headline was “Los Angeles It’s Right to Rebel.” The text contained words like “AmeriKKKa is not the same Amerikkka it was before the King verdict.

I find this all difficult to believe, but having talked to the man who knows, I don’t doubt any of it.

What didn’t surprise me was the media’s role. I wrote, “The national media has reached a new low in media coverage. Starting with Ted Koppel, Bryant Gumbel and Geraldo Rivera, they have been giving a national platform to criminals.”

The criminals I was referring to were the gang leaders, members and other thugs. At the time I hadn’t been made aware of any communist activity fanning the flames. Why was the national media silent on this subject? Why was it to their advantage to not report THE REVOLUTIONARY COMMUNIST PARTY’s involvement?

One answer can be found is how the media portrayed the event as an American racial problem instead of the riot by thugs and criminals it was. The media’s agenda was to make it the fault of systemic racism. Less than one percent of the good people of in South Central Los Angeles were involved in the riot, but according to media innuendo, all of the citizens revolted.

The media’s silence on the communist’s involvement and trying to convince us that all South Central Los Angeles was involved coupled with its admitted advocacy of environmental pseudo-science and other media bias is enough for me to denounce our national media as an enemy of the American people.

So let’s admit The Revolutionary Communist Party would like to feed the flames of chaos in America. When a Louis Farrakhan, (who is a person I am not a fan of), states a levee in New Orleans could have been blown up, should we dismiss his statement as total garbage based in white black racism? I think not.

If a levee was blown up and if the people who did it were white, I’ll bet my last dollar it was the work of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Who may be white, Black, Hispanic or Asian, male or female. but they’re not true Americans.

WHAT? Communist activity? In America? That doesn’t happen in America. It only happens in Europe and China and the Middle East. But not in America. Yeah, right.

The mainstream media’s silence on the subject has been deafening. When’s the last time you read of any Communist activity in America reported by ABC, CBS, NBC or the New York Times?

I think it’s time the media and especially the Limbaugh’s, Hannity’s and O’Reilly’s of America face the facts. The main stream media will cover-up anything designed to bring down America. They do it their way on a daily basis. We aren’t just in a cultural war between God believing people and secularists. We are in a political war between pro and anti Americans.


We used to chase them out of the country

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