What the Media and Politicians Don’t Get

Chuck Diaz 09/25.2018

Yesterday Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, National Security Advisor John Bolton and UN Ambassador Nikki Haley gave a press conference from the UN. As press conferences go, it was a Trump style press conference where no completion dates for any discussions or agreement schedules were discussed.

The media isn’t used to that because past administrations willingly gave red lines or completion dates or at least where we are in a negotiation. One question caught my ear, but I don’t know who asked it.

The question was about President Trump and Chairman Kim and it showed an innate misunderstanding of business negotiations by the media. Or at least this guy.

He asked why President Trump was considering have another summit with Chairman Kim and then asked if it wasn’t ludicrous to have the meeting between the two heads of state before details were worked out. I understand why he thinks the way he thinks because it’s how politician’s operate too. In the private sector that would be considered a waste of time.

If a big deal is going to be considered the two heads of the organizations would come to an agreed goal and the employees reporting to the heads would work out the details.

In government they do the reverse. The minions work the deal up the ladder and the two or more leaders would ceremoniously have the big meeting to sign the deal. It’s a way of doing business, but I believe it’s not the right way. I agree with president Trump’s business method and I think most businessmen in the private sector will agree also.

The leaders meet, agree to an overall goal and the minions work out the details. The leaders would meet more than once as progress is made to insure the agreement stays on track and the minions have the appropriate marching orders.

What got me about the media guys wasn’t as much the question, but his complete disbelief that president Trump meeting with chairman Kim was as if he were selling the farm. Just another example of the bubble the media types live in and not understand the real world.

The Media and Politicians Don’t Get it.