Who Speaks For Science?

Or, The Brainwashing of America

By Chuck Diaz – Updated May 27, 2003

Just as Hitler did in Germany, the environmental movement has launched an attack on America through its most vulnerable point, our children. Hitler knew that by conditioning the children, the job of infiltrating the masses would be made easier with each graduating class entering the work place. So it is in America where the greens have infiltrated our schools with the help of the National Environmental Education Act of 1990.

There is no argument that children should be taught environmental issues. But no more or no less than any other subject. Issues like “global warming” should be taught as part of a science class, not by hysterical activists who believe one side of the issue.

This however, is not the case. Our children are being brainwashed in our schools to believe, “Global warming” is a fact, when it is not. That recycling is always good, when it is not. That a man made ozone hole is forming and will kill us, when it is not. That pesticides are all bad, when they are not. That we must stop cutting our forests, when they don’t even know what paper is made of.

The National Environmental Education Act also requires that the EPA annually present a “Rachel Carson Award” honoring the author of the 1962 book, “Silent Spring, ” that started the ball rolling on the anti DDT movement. DDT was the pesticide that rid the world of things like malaria and yellow fever. She was joined by the World Health Organization (WHO), the Sierra Club and the Audubon Society in what has proven to be one of the greatest hoaxes perpetrated on mankind.

The truth about DDT is, as was the conclusion of a seven-month EPA hearing, that DDT was beneficial and harmless to humans and the EPA hearing examiner ruled in April 1972 that it not be banned. In his decision the hearing administrator found,

“DDT is not carcinogenic, mutagenic, or teratogenic to man [and] these uses of DDT do not have a deleterious effect on fish, birds, wildlife, or estuarine organisms.”

His decision was overruled by the then EPA administrator; William Ruckelshaus who has since admitted his decision was made for political, not scientific reasons. Because of the banning of DDT, millions of people are dying each year. And with millions of humans dying each year, we honor Rachel Carson with an award. The list of environmental lies our children are facing every day in school goes on and on and must stop.

The problem is that most environmental information in our schools is provided by the environmental groups. That is like making Hitler Secretary of Education. Science and the scientific community have been left behind in favor of half-truths and political activism and our children are paying the price. As a result more and more parents are finding their children on the other side of issues as indicated by the following letter to the editor of People for the West.

Over the past few months my nine year old daughter has made several comments about the evils of cutting trees. I asked her where she got such ideas and she told me her teacher presents her opinions about the environment to the class. I asked her to write down; as she was able the next time the teacher spoke of environmental issues. Yesterday, she brought home her notes, as her teacher told them again about the cutting of the trees. A copy of her notes is en­closed. In case you can t read all of it, here is a translation:

“When you are as old as I am (the teacher) it will be a major crime to cut them dorm. Don’t cut down green trees because when all the trees are gone, you will probably die because it gives off oxygen for us to breathe. So if we cut down trees, we won’t have oxygen to breathe so we will die. “

I have filed a complaint with the school board about this type of activity in our county schools. Our kids are supposed to be learning useful skills. However, it seems that the Green Movement would prefer ignorant earth friendly zombies produced by misinformation and personal opinion.

Check out what your children are being “taught” in your schools. I am afraid that this brainwashing is pervasive in public schools.

Richard Lassen Reno, Nevada

Mr. Lassen’s concern about the brainwashing is correct but it doesn’t stop there.   CNN, TBS, the Discovery Channel and the Public Broadcasting System (PBS) have all taken advocacy positions to continue the brainwashing.

Americans have been inundated with earth crisis specials warning us of everything from the “global warming” crisis to ozone depletion, poisoned fish, overpopulation, deforestation, and the vanishing prairie, to being an Indian medicine man is good and every other lie they could put forth.

To make sure they don’t miss the kids, TBS airs Captain Planeteer whose sole goal in life seems to be fighting evil corporate America, whose sole goal in life is portrayed as polluting the planet.

In her book, Trashing the Planet, Dr. Dixy Lee Ray asked the question, “Who Speaks for Science.” An excellent question with an answer that describes why we are in the propaganda war we find ourselves in.

The era of the media scientist has arrived. A media scientist is one who bypasses traditional scientific procedures, like peer review before publication, for the fame and glory he can receive by going directly to the media. If his thesis is sensational enough, the willing media will support it until our brain surgeons in Congress decide to support it and pass more environmental regulations to further stifle our economy.

This is exactly what they did when the flight of one U-2 aircraft and a NASA press conference caused the CFC reduction timetable to be moved up with a vote of 96-0 in the Senate. Since the flight all they can say about their predictions is OOPS! No Ozone Hole!!!! But the damage is done.

Some of the brain surgeons will even stretch media psuedo science into Congressional psuedo-science by writing a book based on all of the unproven, unsubstantiated, conjecture and politically driven trash that has come from the environmental extremists. One such congressman at the time, then Senator, now ex Vice -Pesident Al Gore, (thank God) allegedly wrote his book of psuedo-scientific garbage entitled Earth in the Balance. Allegedly because rumor has it that the actual poison pen bearer was Carol Browner. The same Carol Browner that ran the EPA for awhile during the Clinton disaster.

In either case, in the introduction on page 3 he states, “Our farm taught me a lot about how nature works, but lessons learned at the dinner table were equally important I particularly remember my mother’s troubled response to Rachel Carson’s classic book about DDT and pesticide abuse, Silent Spring, first published in 1962. “

Rachel Carson lied, his mother passed it on to him, the environmental extremists gave him a leadership platform, and now Vice President GORE is the head of the radical Green movement in America!

He certainly does not speak for science!

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