Bill O’Reilly and the Constitution

On his O’Reilly Factor television show tonight, Wednesday, April 18, 2013, Bill O’Reilly put forth the idea that all gun crimes should be federalized and an automatic ten year sentence be invoked. He also called for a federal firearms law that would allow the FEDERAL government to make it a crime to not register your guns.

On the same show Bob Beckel stated the Democratic Senators who voted against the gun legislation bill “these Democrats who jumped ship in the cowardly act, in the face of the NRA….” Yada yada yada.

I wonder if Bob understands all Senators are elected to represent the people of their State. Just because they are Democrats doesn’t mean or at least shouldn’t mean they represent the president. The five Democratic senators did the right thing.

But I would like to ask Bill one question, just where in the Constitution does he find any authority for the federal government to do just that. He’s asking the president to disregard the Constitution. So, Bill, stop with your “federalize gun crimes” rhetoric.

That doesn’t mean I am soft on crime. I would suggest to the States that they should enact legislation for anyone found guilty of using a gun, in the commission of a crime, be put away for life. That could legally be done by the people of each State without federal intrusion and federal abuse of our Constitution.

I agree with Bill, that a stiff sentence for all crimes committed using a gun would lower the crime rate, at least with guns. So why not go all in and make it a death sentence? I believe it would all but eliminate crimes with guns. But the anti gun people would have a hissy fit over a law like that because they would consider it cruel and unusual punishment.

Seriously, within the Constitution there is no mention of the federal government having any authority to pass any laws regarding:

Weapons of any kind

Banning guns

Registering Guns

Regulating Guns

Banning Ammo

Registering Ammo

Regulating Ammo

Banning any weapon


Creating laws that establish FEDERAL crimes using any weapon.

Therefore the federal government must stay mute on the subject and any form of gun legislation, by the federal government, is not allowed by our Constitution. PERIOD!

That authority is given to the States and the people of the States, not the federal government.

While Bill’s idea is a good one, let’s stay within the Constitution and pass all his idea’s at the State level.

On another show last year, O’Reilly suggested that Attorney General Holder should go to Virginia to straighten out the situation caused when Reporters Dave Forster and Marjon Rostami were beaten on their way home.

Really Bill? Do you actually believe the Attorney General of the United States has any authority to do what you suggest?

Actions like the ones Mr. O’Reilly suggests must be performed at the State level and voted for by the people of each State. Why is it so hard for O’Reilly, who I believe is a good man, to be so anti States rights, as the Constitution calls for, and think that the federal government should be more intrusive on anything.

One of the greatest things about our Constitution isn’t just what it says, but instead what it doesn’t say. Our Forefathers knew what they were doing when the wrote the Tenth Amendment.

The idea that it’s the people and the States who run this country has been expertly placed on the back burner of our political process and it’s time to bring it back to the front burner and insist that the federal government down size by about eighty percent.

When Bill calls for the Federal government he sides with the very people, who want to cause more chaos at every level. Messing with the Constitution makes it seem less important than it actually is.

It remains the most important document in the history of mankind by defining FREEDOM.

C Howard Diaz