I Hate Being the Bearer of Bad News

I Hate Being the Bearer of Bad News


Above you will all see two things I would like to discuss with you

On the chair is the original Obama Care Bill that Congress passed into law.

It is the TWO THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED pages that I doubt anyone in Congress actually read. You might remember Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi said, (and I paraphrase) “We have to pass the Bill before we will know what is in the Bill”

What kind of legislator believes a Bill can be passed without knowing what it contains? Where in the Constitution does it say Congress should pass a law that has not yet been written?

Next to the chair is the stack of pages of the Bill, as it stands now. It is an eight foot stack which is now over TWENTY THREE THOUSAND pages the Bill has expanded to since the original 2700 page unread bill passed.

That would mean the Bill has grown by over TWENTY THOUSAND Pages.

Why is that significant?

It is significant because it means there have been over twenty thousand pages of new policies, procedures, rules and regulations added to the law that were not in the original Bill.  These added pages, were not read by anyone in Congress, were not voted on by anyone in Congress and were not passed by Congress.

The additional new policies, procedures, rules and regulations were added by Administration staffers who have NO Constitutional authority to create law.

Our Constitution requires that all new law is written, reviewed and passed by both houses of Congress, BUT Congress has no idea what is in the 20,000 new pages of new policies, procedures, rules and regulations. Which, by the way, no matter what you call them they are new LAWS.

All this is so obviously unconstitutional unless this is put to a stop immediately we may as well throw in the towel and admit the United States of America is no longer a Constitutional government. So much so that the Supreme Court would not say Obama Care is Constitutional unless the government called it a tax.

With that, the Supreme Court blessed Obama Care as long as the administration called it a tax. The administration “reluctantly” changed it to a tax and the Supreme Court changed the definition of “tax” to include 2700 pages of new policies, procedures, rules and regulations that no one read. That law is now over 20,000 pages that the Supreme Court justices could not have reviewed because those pages had not yet been written.

The Constitution also does not allow the executive branch to have any authority to create and pass laws under the guise of policies, procedures, rules and regulations, PERIOD! That makes the entire law UNCONSTITUTIONAL, tax or no tax!

Unless this unconstitutional law is immediately stopped, the ball game is over and as I say in the title of this article, “I Hate Being the Bearer of Bad News,” you may as well kiss America goodbye.

To believe that America, and America’s form of government, has eroded to the point that ideologically driven bureaucrats, who are appointed by the administration, are now writing  law, on the fly, is the most extreme abuse our Constitution has suffered since that great document was created.

The Constitution, our form of government and our freedom is being trashed in front of Congress, the Supreme Court and you the American people.

The only way this law can be stopped is for the American people vote, in 2014, for a Congress in both Houses who still believe that we all must support, defend and enforce our Constitution. They must be elected by a large enough margin so they can over ride any future presidential veto.

It’s up to all Americans to unite regardless of Faith, Party, or whether they are part of the Silent Majority, the Jewish community,  the Christian Right, conservative Muslims, atheists and any Democrats who still call themselves Americans, to stop this massive abuse and we must do it NOW!

It’s time to start a “Campaign for the Constitution” and that means it’s up to each of you to make a sacrifice equal to the one our forefathers made when they decided they had had enough of King George III.

Wake Up America!!!!!

C Howard Diaz