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U.N. Pay Scale Double Most

In 1996 a mid-level accountant at the United Nations took home $84,500, has 30 days of vacation, receives a subsidy equal to 80% of his rent and got a $12,675 per child tax-free education grant.

The average U.N. computer analyst receives $111,500 plus the 80% and education grant.

At the same time in New York a mid-level accountant averaged $41,964 per year and the average computer analyst got $58,836.

Editor’s Comment:

The liberal mindset has no concept of money.  Any organization that exists through grants, donations or plain highway robbery only knows how to spend.  The U.N. now wants the power to tax the citizens of the world so it can continue the waste.  The evil empire rolls on.  It is the evolving result of socialistic bureaucracy with no checks and balances to keep it under control.  The least we should demand is an audit of the U.N.’s entire operation.

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BY TERESA PLATT, Alliance for America -1995

David Brower’s Earth Island Institute (EII) recently requested reimbursement from the Department of Commerce for over a quarter of a million dollars in “expenses” and $1.3 million for attorneys fees on a tuna/dolphin court case which was never won by the animal rights group and was filed in the wrong jurisdiction.  A letter of protest was lodged with the judge against payment of any money to EII or their “pro bono” eco-attorneys (Heller, Ehrman, White & McAuliffe of San Francisco) by nine property rights and resource-use groups, including The Fishermen’s Coalition and Alliance for America.  In spite of the lack of merit for the payment, the Commerce Department buckled and did not wait for the judge’s ruling. Commerce Department negotiated with EII and committed to releasing $$800,000 of taxpayer money by December 31.

The funds came from National Marine Fisheries’ Services’ budget.  EII is now embroiled in a court case over turtles/shrimp and the infusion of fresh U.S. taxpayer cash should mean that the shrimpers can expect even harder times ahead.

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The Re-Wilding Has Already Started

From High Plains Resources, 1993

A law passed hastily that drew little attention last October authorizes the Interior Department to being a study on how to BUY two dams on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington – so it can tear them down.

On the Elwha River, the 110-foot-high Elwha Dam was built in 1913, and the 210-foot Gline Canyon Dam in 1927. The dams have been providing affordable electricity to residents of the upper peninsula.

Since that time, according to the Wall Street Journal, hatchery-raised salmon have replaced wild salmon on the river, and this is why coalition of preservation groups wants the dams torn down. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt now has $235 million to spend on the dam-busting job.

More troublesome than that is the fact that this government dam-busting is a government first, and sets a dangerous precedence since licenses for more than 200 federally regulation dams are up for renewal, and some are under fire from some of the same preservation groups that are dam-busting the Elwha.

Once were the days when the government encourage individual initiative, resource production, and rural communities of people working to better themselves and their country. Now the Interior Department runs miners, ranchers, loggers, oil producers, and even recreationists off the public lands, and apparently has enough pocket change to spend hundreds of millions of your dollars to tear down federal dams so that fish can be wild instead of hatchery raised. And preservationists accuse land users of living in the past!

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California Environmental Law Costing State Economy, Los Angeles

From California Business, September, 1994

Hard-core environmentalists may turn a cold shoulder, but Southern California’s regulatory climate finally seems to be thawing for business. This August, four years after the South Coast Air Quality Management District threatened to throw XCEL CEO Carminc T. Oliva in jail, the agency touted its pro-business turn as the key to XCEL’s decision not to flee the state. But Oliva said benevolence didn’t come easy or cheap.

In 1990, the AQMD slapped XCEL with a lawsuit demanding that the Ontario electronics company pay $25,000 a day for not developing a ride-share plan. XCEL counter sued, claiming it couldn’t possibly be inflicting that much daily damage on the environment. Today, Oliva believes his victory laid the groundwork for a kinder, gentler AQMD.

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U.S. Forest Service Protects the Public

In the early 1990’s new rules have been proposed by the U.S. Forest Service to provide protection for the public. They would ban: obscene language or gestures, loud noises, hunting, fishing, trapping, digging, possessing a firearm, collecting any fossil or artifact, and littering.

Editor’s Comment:

They’ll probably follow the National Park Service’s lead and buy automatic weapons to enforce these rules while they watch the forests burn killing us.

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Forestry Myth’s Sound Good

ONE MYTH ABOUT FORESTRY “is that cutting only the large trees leaves the smaller ones room to grow and become large and more valuable. The problem is that not all small trees are young and not all small or young trees are valuable for lumber or for wildlife. For example, some smaller trees may be as old as the large ones. They may have been shaded out completely and had their growth suppressed. Cutting only the larger trees is like selling only the best cows in a herd. You may be changing the genetic base of the forest. This practice is often called ‘diameter limit cutting.’ This means cutting everything above, for example, 12 inches in diameter. It is referred to by foresters and wildlife biologists as ‘high grading.’ It actually is high grading the lumber and low grading the forest. It often leaves culls for the future forest.”

Source: Renewable Natural Resources Timely Tips

From Capital Ideas

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Forest Products Companies are Concerned About Wildlife
Between 1982 and 1992, forest products  companies spent more than $100 million on wildlife and environmental research. As a result of careful forest management, the white tail deer population has grown from 4.5 million to over 16 million in the past 30 years; wild turkeys have gone from near extinction to more than 4 million today.

Editor’s Comment:

The Greens will take credit for the  increase of all wild animals.

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Greenpeace Leaves Norway

Putting People First reported, on 10/2/92, Greenpeace has, shut down its operations in Norway. Bjoem Oekern, Chairman of Greenpeace Norway, resigned and said the money Greenpeace raised was not used for “environmental protection” but to support a “grand life-style” for what he described as an “environmental jet set.” He called Green Peace an “eco-fascist group.” Former Greenpeace chairman, David McTaggart, also resigned in November of 1991 and now lives on his olive farm in Perugia, Italy. Rumors have it that there may be a film of this failed ex-real estate promoter who has a history of leaving ventures just in time.

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Years ago when Quebec Canada decided all signs would be in French, they did so except one word. The word was “Exit.” They determined it would cost millions to change the word so they voted to make it a French word. 

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All of the garbage America produces in the next 1000 years would fit in a landfill that occupies one-tenth of 1 percent of the continental United States. My source is the National Center for Policy Analysis, not CNN or Time Magazine.

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The hamburger patties in a Big Mac are two ounces each?

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JP Morgan, in 1895, personally bailed out the US government?


Ernesto Miranda confessed to kidnapping and rape but the Supreme Court threw out his confession because he had not been informed of his right to an attorney.  That’s why suspects must be given their “Miranda” when arrested.  Within one year of the Miranda ruling, confessions dropped from 49% to 14% in the New York County District alone. In Ann Coulters book Godless, she states “Federal Judge and former law professor Paul Cassell has calculated that…. “Miranda has led to the release of about 100,000- violent criminals a year.”


The risk of dying from an asteroid impact is higher than many EPA-regulated pollutants! The average American consumes 1500 mg per day of natural pesticides.  That is 10,000 times the daily consumption of man made pesticide residue.

Editor’s Comment:

The Greens don’t even consider natural carcinogens because they don’t fit their ruin America formula.


Clear-cutting a forest is the closest method that can be used to duplicate nature’s growth cycle.

Editor’s Comment:

Nature “clear-cut’s” by using fire to remove an entire dead or dying forest.  In this way growing trees get an equal chance to the sunlight needed.  But we have become a society of “visual scientists” who believe if it looks bad it must be.



Only 59 mental disorders were listed in 1917 by the American Psychiatric Association. In 1952 they came out with a Manual of Mental Disorders which contained 106. The latest version, DSM III, increased to 292 by adding things like “Nicotine Dependence” and “Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder” as a mental disorder. There are 94 more suggested for DSM IV. That would bring the grand total to 386 mental disorders if all 94 were accepted.

Editors Note: Given enough time they could probably come up with 250 million disorders in a population of 250 million. Except for homosexuality, they removed that from the List of Mental Disorders in 1973.


The war in the Pacific was a savage game of island hopscotch – from Guadalcanal to the Gilberts, the Marshalls, the Marianas, the Philippines. But the most violent battle of that war began on February 19, when U.S. Marines invaded a tiny volcanic ash heap called Iwo Jima. Aware that the islet could become an unsinkable aircraft carrier 660 miles from Tokyo, the Japanese had made it the most heavily fortified place on the planet.

Nevertheless, after a 74-day bombardment by B-29s, battleships, cruisers and destroyers, 30,000 Marines stormed ashore in the face of brutal counterfire. Within three hours one out of every four men in the first assault waves lay dead. After four days of nonstop combat, the Marines raised Old Glory on the summit of Mount Suribachi, a moment immortalized by Joe Rosenthal in the war’s most celebrated photograph. But it took another three weeks to blast out the last defenders. When the guns fell silent, 6,821 Marines had been killed and 19,938 wounded. Of 21,000 Japanese troops, only 1,083 survived. In military terms, Iwo Jima was worth the price. During the firebombing of Japan, B-29s made some 2,500 emergency landings on the island’s three airfields.



Only 59 mental disorders were listed in 1917 by the American Psychiatric Association. In 1952 they came out with a Manual of Mental Disorders which contained 106. The latest version, DSM III, increased to 292 by adding things like “Nicotine Dependence” and “Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder” as a mental disorder. There are 94 more suggested for DSM IV. That would bring the grand total to 386 mental disorders if all 94 were accepted.

Editors Note: Given enough time they could probably come up with 250 million disorders in a population of 250 million. Except for homosexuality, they removed that from the List of Mental Disorders in 1973.


The September 1993 issue of Petersen’s Hunting Magazine featured an article by Samuel R. Pursglove, Jr., Executive Director of the Ruffed Grouse Society in which he expounds on the negative effects of forest lockup on species dependent on early successional forests and edge habitat.

“As young forests become less abundant, so do American woodcocks, as do other species of forest wildlife that require young forest habitats”

Pursglovc points to the fact that nationwide, young stands are decreasing dramatically as more and more land is being locked up for preservation purposes. He contends that over 20 species of neotropical migrant birds (birds that breed in North America and winter in Central and South America) are experiencing startling population declines. Of these, 40% require young thriving forest for breeding and habitat purposes.


The average American driver uses twice as much gasoline as the average European driver.

Editors Comment:



The earth is hit with an average of 500,000 earthquakes a year.


The passenger steamer SS Warrimoo was quietly knifing its way through the waters of the mid-Pacific on its way from Vancouver to Australia. The navigator had just finished working out a star fix and brought the master, Captain John Phillips, the result. The Warrimoo’s position was LAT 0o 31′ N and LON 179 30′ W.  The date was 31 December 1899.
“Know what this means?” First Mate Payton broke in, “We’re only a few miles from the intersection of the Equator and the International Date Line”.
Captain Phillips was prankish enough to take full advantage of the opportunity for achieving the navigational freak of a lifetime.  He called his navigators to the bridge to check & double check the ships position.  He changed course slightly so as to bear directly on his mark.  Then he adjusted the engine speed. The calm weather & clear night worked in his favour.
At mid-night the SS Warrimoo lay on the Equator at exactly the point where it crossed the International Date Line! The consequences of this bizarre position were many:
The forward part (bow) of the ship was in the Southern Hemisphere & in the middle of summer.
The rear (stern) was in the Northern Hemisphere & in the middle of winter
The date in the aft part of the ship was 31 December 1899.
In the bow (forward) part it was 1 January 1900.
This ship was therefore not only in:
Two different days,
Two different months,
Two different years,
Two different seasons
But in two different centuries – all at the same time!


The Sun: Increasingly, we are seeing more papers stating solar changes may have major influences on the earth’s climate. Unfortunately, due to the strong bias in western scientific journals against major natural influences on climate, and any data that question the assumption that human influence dominants changes in the earth’s climate; the conclusions of these papers do not generally appear in the US popular press.” SEPP.org



“Mr. Trump is being diagnosed as crazy for insisting on an undisputed fact. Sociologically, this is interesting. A columnist of a more polemical bent might even make reference to the Soviet-era practice of condemning citizens to mental institutions for questioning the lies of the state.” – WSJ



According to the Hurricane Science Society at the University of Rhode Island, on June 30, 1502, a fleet of Spanish ships, not controlled by Columbus, but by the local governor Don Nicolas de Orvando, were hit by a hurricane off the coast of Hispaniola (present-day Dominican Republic and Haiti). “Twenty-five of de Orvando’s ships sank, 4 turned back to Hispaniola, and only 1 ship actually made it to Spain. Approximately 500 of Orvando’s men lost their lives during the hurricane.”

That event occurred 515 years ago. It is meaningless to argue that a hurricane is new, unprecedented, or proof of human-caused climate change.


Government reports show the US has spent over $42 Billion on “climate science” since 1993 and has yet to produce hard evidence that CO2 will increase dangerous weather. These efforts have not even bothered to validate the models used.

SEPP 9/9/2017

Chances of Dying

Your chances of dying from:
Motor vehicle accident                             1 in 100
Murder                                            1 in 300
Fire                                                                1 in 800
Firearms accident                                      1 in 2,500
Passenger aircraft crash                           1 in 20,000
Flood                                                            1 in 30,000
Asteroid/comet impact                            1 in 250,000
Fireworks accident                                    1 in 3,000,000
Drinking water with EPA
Limit of TCE                                                1 in 10,000,000

Editor’s Comment: Any function dependent on crisis and catastrophe for its existence will create crisis and catastrophe to exist and expand. The EPA’s powers approach being un-Constitutional and now they are training their own police force!


Rex Tillerson of ExxonMobil was interviewed by Charlie Gibson

TILLERSON:  “Everything we do, the numbers are very large. I saw someone [Barack Obama] characterize our profits the other day in terms of “$1,400 in profit per second.” Well, they also need to understand we paid $4,000 a second in taxes, and we spent $15,000 a second in cost.”

GIBSON:  When profits are so high, why is spending on exploration so low?

TILLERSON:  Well, we’re spending at record levels. Through the first half of this year, we have spent $12.5 billion. That’s a record level of capital and exploration expenditures for us.
And remember, 80% of our oil is off limits because of environmental scare tactics.


“The Independant Oil Companies, (Little Oil) have an average of 12 employees and drill 90% of our new oil and gas wells, produce 82% of our natural gas and 68% of our oil.(Energy Keepers, Energy Killers, Page 74)”

While the Democrats are diverting your attention with BIG OIL, at the local level, the environmentalists are on a campaign to shut down Little Oil.  And they are doing it every day with new regulations that add costs to the little guys that run them out of business.

Did you know?

The world’s natural wetlands produce a greater ‘greenhouse gas’ contribution, in the form of methane (CH4, 20 times more effective an IR absorber than CO2), than all human sources combined.

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Spotted Owl Affects Logging

A U.S. Court District Judge, Carl Muecke has issued an injunction of all cutting on all eleven of the national forests in Arizona and New Mexico until federal agencies study the region wide cumulative effects of logging on the Mexican Spotted Owl.  This is an area bigger than Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, New York, Maryland, Delaware and New Jersey COMBINED! Arizona governor Fife Symington called the ruling “absolutely crazy” and said it is time to “stop Judge Muecke’s reign of terror, . . . this will hurt people in our rural communities.”

From Alliance for America

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Few people know that researchers have found that exposure to 400,000 millirems of radioactivity will result in cancer in half the cases. AND! The Three Mile Island nuclear “disaster” released 1.2 millirems to the surrounding population. That’s ONE POINT TWO!
One-millirem of radiation is equal to watching TV for an entire year. The 1.2 millirems released at Three Mile Island is 399,998.8 millirems short for any concern. Yet the anti-nuclear liberal left Green’s want you to believe the accident was on the brink of wiping out half of America.

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The ‘Permanente’ in Kaiser Permanente came after Kaiser’s extremely successful participation in constructing the Hoover Dam when it expanded at an enourmous pace to become one of the largest industrial companies in the world. One diversification was to start a concrete/cement company to take on other giants in the country. This was the ‘permanente’ play on words and they won the contract to supply concrete for the massive Shasta Dam. Hat Tip Kim

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That Irving Berlin donated all of the royalty rights to the song, God Bless America,  to the Boy Scouts and the Girl Scouts of America?

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From the Economist 1994

“July 20 1993 – Vince Foster – Suicide. Allegedly committed suicide, the body was found with carpet fibers all over its cloths, semen stains and blond hairs from the head of a human on the underwear. Close friend and council to the Clinton’s, was formerly an employee of the Rose Law Firm with Mrs. Clinton and rumored to be involved with Mrs. Clinton. Even though the FBI has stated the body was moved, Investigator Fiske has ruled it a suicide.”


Clinton Visited With Communists

Originally Published 1994

When President Clinton visited Prague in 1970 he stayed with the Kopold family for seven days.  The current deputy minister of international relations says the Kopolds were members of the communist “ruling class.”    Mrs. Kopold’s mother was the founder of the Czechoslovakian Communist Party.

Editor’s Comment:

On his recent visit to Prague why didn’t the press identify the “elderly couple” sitting with Bill at the Golden Tiger as the Kopolds?

Did YOU Know

Editor’s Comment: I first published this back in 2003 but the statistics are too important to not know.

Coal Mining in China

According to an article in USA Today:

“Far from the soaring glass towers of Shanghai and Beijing, China’s often-primitive coal mines epitomize the human cost of the nation’s rising living standards. Last year,(2002) 6,995 coal miners were killed in explosions, roof collapses and floods, according to government statistics. (By comparison, 27 American coal miners lost their lives in 2002.) Independent experts say China’s death toll is actually closer to 10,000, because some mine owners routinely minimize casualty figures and pay victims’ families to keep quiet.”

Editor’s Comment:
In 1993 a Chinese government official proudly announced recently that China had equaled America’s one-year production of coal at over 1 billion tons. When asked how many people were in the coal mining industry in China he responded, “7 million miners.” The U.S. does it with 130,000 miners.

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One Hundred Two years ago that July 10th 1913 was Hottest recorded temperature on earth at 134 degrees?
Furnace Creek Ranch, Death Valley CA

Did You Know?
Wednesday July 1, 2015
Speaking on the MSNBC’s Thomas Roberts Show, DR Reese Halter a conservation biologist blamed the latest shark attacks on CLIMATE CHANGE. He said, “this is another indicator that the climate crisis is very real.”
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NASA changes data?
One of the best web sites on the internet is Real Science published by Steven Goddard. In a recent post he reveals how our very own NASA is changing data concerning sea level.
Posted 2/23/2015

What the Supreme Court said in finding Constitutional authority to dance nude using the Freedom of Speech

Here are three of their comments as they upheld the right to dance totally nude under the first amendment.

Nude dancing of the kind sought to be performed here is expressive conduct within the outer perimeters of the First Amendment,” — Chief Justice William Rehnquist

Pasties and a G-string moderate the expression to some degree” — Justice David Souter

Nude dancing conveys an erotic message,” and “the message would be muted if the dancers wore pasties and G-strings. — Justice Byron White

Do any of you think our Forefather’s were thinking about nude dancing when they added Freedom of Speech to the First Amendment?

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Posted 2/04/2015
Statement by Borderland Books, San Francisco
“In November, San Francisco voters overwhelmingly passed a measure that will increase the minimum wage within the city to $15 per hour by 2018. Although all of us at Borderlands support the concept of a living wage in principal and we believe that it’s possible that the new law will be good for San Francisco — Borderlands Books as it exists is not a financially viable business if subject to that minimum wage. Consequently we will be closing our doors no later than March 31st.”
Editor’s Comment: I don’t think there is anything that hurt’s the poor or struggling to survive more than the Federal Government getting involved in our business. Remember when president Clinton stopped most the the logging in the North West? What happened? The price of wood studs skyrocketed and who did that hurt? First time home buyers.
Read more at HERE
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Posted 1/30/2015
According to the American Petroleum Institute.”Pennsylvania has a combined gas tax of 68.9 cents per gallon ,with the federal gas tax of 18.4 cents per gallon and the Pennsylvania’s state tax at 50.5 cents per gallon. Californians pay 63.7 cents per gallon. New Yorkers pay 63.4 cents per gallon, according to the American Petroleum Institute.”
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Posted 1/30/2015
USA: First in World in Gun Ownership – Not Even in Top 100 Countries for Murder Rate
Read more HERE
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Ewan Palmer, with the International Business Times, reported that during a discussion on free speech on the BBC Radio 4’s Today program, it was revealed that Oxford University Press has advised all of their authors to not write about pigs or anything to do with pork. They claim that doing so could offend Muslim……….
Read more HERE
Editor’s Comment: I guess movie’s like “Babe” will also be banned. Oh well, we can’t go around pissing off Muslims can we?
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The economic recovery since the Great Recession of 2008 has been the slowest in U.S. history, with millions of out-of-work Americans so discouraged they are no longer even trying to find a job. Forbes puts the real unemployment rate at 12.5 percent.

From “Is Life Worth Living, National Review Online, January 8, 2015

Editor’s Comment: That’s right 12.5%!!!~ BUT, the media and the administration are giving each other high fives for the 5.x% unemployment rate they are broadcasting.

Read the entire article I quoted above, the title tells it all. “Is Life Worth Living.”


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If you make $34,000 per year you are in the top ONE percent of wage earners in the WORLD!

Source: Doug Ramsey, 2015


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German Cop Admits Killing U.S. Airman

FRESING, Germany, July 16 (AP) — A thin, sallow-faced German policeman confessed to a U.S. military war crimes commission today that he shot through the head a young American flier who had parachuted safely from a disabled bomber last December.

William Haefner, a 50-year-old former carpenter who was drafted into the police force, calmly admitted the killing, declaring that it was the order of the police chief and that he was afraid of being killed himself if he refused.

The victim, T/Sgt. Donald Ludwig Hein, of the 8th Air Force, parachuted into the village of Langenselbold on the afternoon of Dec. 12, 1944.

After bringing the young flier before the village police chief, Albert Bury, policemen escorted the victim a short distance from the village.

“What did you do then?”  asked prosecutor Lt. Col. Albert Langeluttig, of Chicago.

“I shot him in the head,” said Haefner. 

“Was he attempting to escape?” asked Langeluttig.

“No, it was impossible.  There were three of us.”

“Did Hein attempt to attack any of you?”

“ No,” said Haefner.

Bury told the commission he had given orders for Hein’s death in accordance with instructions given him Oct., 1944, that Allied fliers guilty of “terror” attacks were no longer to be treated as war prisoners but were to be shot.

Originally printed in The Stars and Stripes, Tuesday, July 17, 1945


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Posted 12/3/2014
The Hannoversche Allgemeine Zeitung (HAZ) reports on a regional Hanover study that found senior citizens are responsible for harming the climate because “they like driving their cars“. According to the HAZ, the study was conducted by the GGR expert assessment office based in Hamburg, on behalf of the Hanover regional government.
H/T notrickszone.com

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Posted 11/27/2014

According to More than 85% of the surface area of the Lower 48 reached or fell below freezing Tuesday morning, November 18. All 50 states saw at or below freezing temperatures that day.
Boston.com reported 1,360 daily low maximum records were set, meaning  those 1,360 cities and towns saw their coldest daily highs ever recorded.In addition, snow covered more than 50 percent of the country, more than twice the coverage the U.S. usually experiences in mid-November.
CNN reported areas in Buffalo, New York, among other cities along the Great Lakes, experienced a year’s snow in just three days.Following 18 years of no global warming, the latest cold weather is dumping a lot of snow on global warming alarmists.
H/T to The Heartland Institute
Did You Know
Posted 11/25/2014
The total immigration into the United States through all ports of entry for the year ending June 30, 1911, was 1,052,649. Of these 22,349 were debarred for various reasons, leaving a net increase of 1,030,300. The chief port of entry is, of course, New York, where 749,642 aliens were examined. Next in order of importance come Boston, Baltimore and Philadelphia, and at a greater distance Galveston, Tampa, San Francisco, Honolulu, Miami and Portland, Me.
Editor’s Comment: That’s over 2000 medical inspections a day 7 days a week, 365 days a year in New York alone.

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(I sure would like to know who wrote this one! They deserve a HUGE pat on the back!) Like a lot of folks in this state, I have a job. I work, they pay me. I pay my taxes and the government distributes my taxes as it sees fit. In order to get that paycheck, I am required to pass a random urine test with which I have no problem. What I do have a problem with is the distribution of my taxes to people who don’t have to pass a urine test. Shouldn’t one have to pass a urine test to get a welfare check because I have to pass one to earn it for them? Please understand, I have no problem with helping people get back on their feet. I do, on the other hand, have a problem with helping someone sitting on their ASS, doing drugs, while I work. . . . Can you imagine how much money the state would save if people had to pass a urine test to get a public assistance check? Pass this along if you agree or simply delete if you don’t. Hope you all will pass it along, though . . .
Something has to change in this country — and soon!!!!!!!
Hat Tip unknown email

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Banker Deaths Climb to 15: Goldman Sachs Managing Director Found Dead

Nicholas Valtz, a 39-year old managing director at Goldman Sachs Group Inc. in New York, was found dead Sunday afternoon in Napeague Harbor where he had reportedly gone earlier that day to kiteboard. Valtz’ body was found still tied to his kite.

Kiteboarding, also called kitesurfing, combines elements of windsurfing and paragliding which can garner speeds of up to 40 mph.

Read more HERE


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Al Gore has made hundreds of millions from “global warming”, and may become the first climate-change billionaire. In 2007 a High Court judge found nine errors in his film serious enough to require 77 pages of corrective guidance to be sent to every school in England.

“Gore said Mount Kilimanjaro’s glacier had lost much of its ice because of “global warming”. In fact, the cause was desiccation of the atmosphere caused by regional cooling (Molg et al., 2003). Mean summit temperature has averaged –7 °C for 30 years and, in that time, summit temperature has never risen above –1.6 °C. The Fürtwängler glacier at the summit began receding in the 1880s, long before mankind could have had any influence over the climate. Half the glacier had gone before Hemingway wrote The Snows of Kilimanjaro in 1936.



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According to the BP Statistical Review of World Energy, June 2014, at the end of 1993 the proved reserves of natural gas in the US stood at 4.6 Trillion cubic meters. At the end of 2013 the proved reserves of natural gas in the US stood at 330 Trillion cubic meters, 72 times the amount calculated in 1993. During the same period, world proved reserves increased 56 times. So much for the 1970s claim that the world would run out of oil and the US would run out of natural gas by the end of the 20th century. Price, but mostly changing technology made the difference. The change in “proven reserves’ should be a warming to the followers of the Club of Rome, and others, who use state-of-the-art computer models to make long-term forecasts, without fully understanding the assumptions.

See page 20:  http://www.bp.com/content/dam/bp/pd…


Did You Know

The days of this CO2 malarkey are coming to an end – sooner or later. Therefore, Professor Rossiter’s fellowship at the Institute for Policy Studies should be reactivated since he got the point. We have emphasized that there are no atmospheric CO2 greenhouse effects in physics, and climate models are not based on physics. The anti-CO2 campaigners never presented measurements, which show that an atmospheric gas volume warms up in response to a concentration increase of the trace gas CO2. And never it was proven that so-called “fossil fuels” are fossil. The earth ball is a huge repository of resources wrapped into a thin film of mankind. So what? An enlightened, up-powered and industrialized Africa will be a source of our future inspirations and creativity.  IPCC, Al Gore, and their buddies should turn off their light bulbs sustainably. This would solve most of these (pseudo-)problems of our time immediately.”

GERHARD GERLICH ·  Institut für Mathematische Physik, Technische Universität Carolo-Wilhelmina,

Dr. RALF D. TSCHEUSCHNER ·   Dipl.-Phys.


News From 1947

ARCTIC CLIMATE’S ALARMING CHANGE LOS ANGEL.ES. May 30.1947 — A mysterious warming of the climate is slowly manifesting itself in the Arctic, and in the Antarctic ice regions and the major Greenland ice cap should reduce at the same rate as the present melting, oceanic surfaces would rise to catastrophic proportions, and people living in lowlands along the shores would be inundated, said Dr. Hans Ahlmann, noted Swedish geophysicist to-day, at the University of California’s Geophysical Institute. Dr. Ahlmann added that temperatures in the Arctic have increased by 10 degrees Fahrenheit since 1900.

An ‘enormous’ rise from the scientific standpoint. Waters in the Spitsbergen area, in the same period, have risen from three to five degrees in temperature, and one to one and a half millimeters yearly in level. ‘The Arctic change is so serious that I hope an international agency can speedily be formed to study conditions on a global basis.’ said Dr. Ahlmann. He pointed out that in 1910 the navigable season along the western Spitsbergen lasted three months. Now it lasts eight months.

H/T Steven Goddard



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Tax Increases Don’t Work

As a result of the 1990 tax increase, 1991 revenue’s on the “rich” were $99.6 billion. The bill increased the tax on the rich (over $200,000 per year). Proving tax increases don’t work, the previous year’s receipts, in the same category, were $106.1 billion. $6.5 more than before the increase.


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Power station sues government for axeing contract after MoS exposed its switch from coal to wood from precious U.S. forests

  • Drax in North Yorkshire has committed to switching from coal to biomass
  • And the government agreed to pay DOUBLE for power generated this way
  • But offer withdrawn after it emerged it was shipping wood from the U.S.
  • The biomass pellets were being brought 3,000 miles from North Carolina

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“86 Million Full-Time Private-Sector Workers Sustain 148 Million Benefit Takers”

Read more about it HERE

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Back in 1912, Hellman’s mayonnaise was manufactured in England. In fact, the Titanic was carrying 12,000 jars of the condiment scheduled for delivery in Vera Cruz, Mexico, which was to be the next port of call for the great ship after its stop in New York.

This would have been the largest single shipment of mayonnaise ever delievered to Mexico. But as we know, the great ship did not make it to New York. The ship hit an iceberg and sank, and the cargo was forever lost.

The people of Mexico, who were crazy about mayonnaise, and were eagerly awaiting its delivery, were disconsolate at the loss. Their anguish was so great, that they declared a National Day of Mourning, which they still observe to this day.

 The National Day of Mourning occurs each year on May 5th and is known, of course, as Sinko de Mayo.

Hat Tip Anthony Ag


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“I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies.

If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around the banks will deprive the people of all property – until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.”

– Thomas Jefferson

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In 1943, a couple of hundred Jews in the Warsaw Ghetto armed only with pistols held off the Nazis for over a month. They died fighting with dignity, rather than being hauled off to the gas chambers.


Imagine what they could have done armed with rifles – the kind which progressives want to illegally confiscate from American citizens.

From Real Science


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“For most of the nation, the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration predicts equal chances for unusual warmth, cold, snow, rain and even average weather.”

Editor’s Comment

These are the actual words in the actual sentence made by NOAA in November of 2013. How can they be wrong?


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There’s more information on the 1940s BLIP?

Click HERE



How to take a look at the U.S. Debt and Fiscal Cliff?

US tax revenue: $2,170,000,000,000 (Two Trillion)
Fed budget: $3,820,000,000,000 (Three Trillion, almost Four)
New Debt: $1,650,000,000,000 (One Point Six Trillion)
National Debt: $14,271,000,000,000 (Fourteen Trillion)
Recent budget cuts: $38,500,000,000 (Thirty Eight Billion)

Now let’s remove 8 zeroes and pretend it’s a household budget.

Annual Family income: $21,700
Money the family spent: $38,200
New debt of the credit card: $16,500
Outstanding balance of the credit card: $142,710
Total budget cuts so far: $38.50 (Yep, Thirty Eight Bucks)

Got it??…… OK, now,

Here’s another way to look at the debt ceiling:

Let’s say you come back home from work and find there has been a sewer backup in your neighborhood….and your home has sewage all the way up to your ceilings.

What do you think you should do….

Raise the ceilings, or remove the crap?

Hat Tip to Unknown email January 2013


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The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) tracks crime statistics based on property and violent crimes. For 2013, the numbers are in for the ten most violent cities in America: Camden, NJ —Mayor Dana Redd, Democrat
Flint MI — Mayor Dayne Walling, Democrat
Detroit MI — Mayor Dave Bing/Mike Duggan, Democrat(s)
Oakland, CA — Mayor Jean Quan, Democrat
St. Louis, MO — Mayor Francis Slay, Democrat
Cleveland, OH — Mayor Frank Jackson, Democrat
Gary, IN — Mayor Karen Freeman-Wilson, Democrat
Newark NJ — Mayor Corey Booker/Luis Quintana, Democrat(s)
Bridgeport, CT — Mayor Bill Finch, Democrat
Birmingham, AL — Mayor William A. Bell, Democrat
Editor’s Comment:
It’s no coincidence that the top ten violent cities are run by the Dem’s. They want to take your guns away from you too. Someone should check the financial status of States run by Dem’s.
Hat Tip to http://gopcontacts.com/articles/fbi-crime-statistics-out-for-2013-the-10-most-dangerous-cities-all-run-by-democrats#sthash.hsCV9U4p.dpuf

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From SEPP (For more, See this weeks LINKS)

Climate alarmists managed to get about 105 Olympic athletes, mostly Americans, to sign a petition about global warming/climate change. Lubos Motl calculated the number was about 4% of the athletes attending, or 96% did not sign. Motl also points out that the Olympics are being held in a former, premier, summer resort city of the former Soviet Union. The average February low is above freezing, 2.5ºC (36.5ºF), and the average February high is 10.4ºC (50.7ºF). The organizers of the petition made the signers appear to be fools. See link under Expanding the Orthodoxy.

Editors Comment:
The writers at SEPP call these people “Climate Alarmists,” I call them the Green SS gang. “SS” standing for Settled Science and no association with Hitler’s SS even though their tactics may be simular. What was it that Hitler said about repeating a lie often enough and it will become the truth?


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How they vote in the United Nations:

Below are the actual voting records of various Arabic/Islamic States, which are  recorded in both the US State Department and United Nations records:
Kuwait votes against the United States 67%of the time
Qatar votes against the United States 67%of the time.
Morocco votes against the United States 70%of the time.
United Arab Emirates votes against the United States 70%of the time.
Jordan votes against the United States 71%of the time.
Tunisia votes against the United States 71%of the time.
Saudi Arabia votes against the United States 73%of the time.
Yemen votes against the United States 74%of the time.
Algeria votes against the United States 74%of the time.
Oman votes against the United States 74%of the time.
Sudan votes against the United States 75%of the time.
Pakistan votes against the United States 75%of the time.
Libya votes against the United States 76%of the time.
Egypt votes against the United States 79%of the time.
Lebanon votes against the United States 80%of the time.
India votes against the United States 81%of the time.
Syria votes against the United States 84%of the time.
Mauritania votes against the United States 87%of the time.

U S Foreign Aid to those that hate us:

Egypt, for example, after voting 79% of the time against the United States, still receives $2,000,000,000 annually in US Foreign Aid.

Jordan votes 71% against the United States and receives $192,814,000 annually in US Foreign Aid.

Pakistan votes 75% against the United States receives $6,721,000,000 annually in US Foreign Aid.

India votes 81% against the United States receives $143,699,000 annually.

Editor’s Comment:
No comment.


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In The Environmental Handbook created for Earth Day, 1970 it stated that we should:

“work toward reducing the current three and a half billion people to something less than one billion.”  (The 3 ½ billion were in 1970)
Garrett De Bell
Environmental Handbook
Earth Day, 1970

Editor’s Comment:
Ever since Paul Ehrlich’s Population Bomb and Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, the socialists of the world have found environmentalism to be their flagship. Case in point, Mikhail Gorbachev, the self proclaimed “communist forever” heads the Green Cross with its HQ in San Francisco.

The extreme anti growth movement would love to create a situation so the famine would happen that Ehrlich predicted in his book. The only way to do that would be to convince America and the world that pesticides are bad for humans. To accomplish that the socialists are proving an old Confucius Proverb that said, “An uneducated people are a docile people.” We are currently graduating idiots.

In Dr. Ehrlich’s book, The Population Bomb, he had a suggestion on how to accomplish the reduction:

 “Many of my colleagues feel that some sort of compulsory birth regulation would be necessary to achieve (population) control.” “One plan often mentioned involves the addition of temporary sterilants to water supplies or staple food.  Doses of antidotes would be carefully rationed by the government to produce the desired population size.”

Long live freedom.


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The Panama Canal was originally started in 1880 by the French.  After losing 20,000 lives the French quit and America took over.


Did You Know This Quote?

“Perhaps of even greater significance is the continuous and profound distrust of science and technology that the environmental movement displays.  The environmental movement maintains that science and technology cannot be relied upon to build a safe atomic power plant, to produce a pesticide that is safe, or even bake a loaf of bread, if that loaf of bread contains chemical preservatives. 

When it comes to global warming, however, it turns out that there is one area in which the environmental movement displays the most breathtaking confidence in the reliability of science and technology, an area in which, until recently, no one — not even the staunchest supporters of science and technology — had ever thought to assert very much confidence at all.

 The one thing, the environmental movement holds, that science and technology can do so well that we are entitled to have unlimited confidence in them is forecast the weather. — for the next one hundred years.”

 Dr. George Reisman, In his book, “Capitalism: A Treatise on Economics”

Editor’s Comment:

The chickens are coming home to roost and today the Green SS lies are being exposed on almost a daily basis.


Did You Know

As of 1994, television sets used more than 35 different minerals in their manufacture; telephones more than 30.

Editor’s Comment:

Let’s get those evil miners!


Did You Know

From 1900 to 1982 the average life expectancy has rose 27.2 years from 47.3 to 74.5.

Editor’s Comment:

Why aren’t all the cancer causing pesticides killing us off sooner? Oh! They were helping grow more food so we could eat more for less.


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87 % of all paper in the U.S. is produced from trees planted and grown for that purpose by the paper industry.

Editor’s Comment:

The Green SS want you to believe differently.


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In 1907 New York City had a population of 120,000 horses. The horses caused a daily problem of an estimated 1.25 million tons of manure per day!

Editor’s Comment:

Then it would rain.


Important Quote From the Past

“What historians will definitely wonder about, in future centuries is how deeply flawed logic, obscured by shrewd and unrelenting propaganda, actually enabled a coalition of powerful special interests to convince nearly everyone in the world that CO2 from human industry was a dangerous, planet-destroying toxin.
It will be remembered as the greatest mass delusion in the history of the world – that CO2, the life of plants, was considered for a time to be a deadly poison.”
Dr. Richard S. Lindzen, MIT

Richard S. Lindzen is the Alfred P. Sloan Professor of Atmospheric Science at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and one of the most highly regarded scientists in the world.  Only, then Senator Al Gore, disagreed with Dr Lindzen and blasted him in a Senate hearing on Global Warming.  Cause good ole Al knows better.

Editor’s Comment:

And now you know the EPA has labeled CO2 as a pollutant harmful to humans and the US Supreme Court has unconstitutionally ruled in the EPA’s favor. What a CROCK of BS!

Tell the Supreme Court CO2 is Good for Us

I’m pushing the fact that CO2 is naturally good for humans. If you haven’t watched either “The Greening” documentaries, have you ever considered what plants live and grow with? CARBON DIOXIDE, Yep CO2. With CO2 increasing the earth will get greener and food will flourish. Has the media ever come close to suggesting that an increase in CO2 is good for us? Is O’Reilly still claiming global warming is a fact? Now that’s idiocy! Try learning, go to www.co2science.org


I look for older news clips from my files to remind you of how the Green SS (Settled Science) gang has been influencing our lives in all kinds of environmental matters. Read this one from 1994. Reflect on this, it’s gotten worse.

Radioactive Threat Handled In New Jersey

New Jersey

Mayor John Gregorio of Linden, N.J., was a bit upset at the state’s Dept. of Environmental Protection’s response to a recent spill. It seems that city police and county emergency personnel rushed to the scene with a clean-up crew, donned in proper apparel including masks and gloves, to remove the offending material in accordance with New Jersey’ environmental regulation regarding radioactive spills, Mayor Gregorio’s response: “

A very good and typical example of an agency gone overboard and out of control. The source of the mayor’s annoyance was the nature of the spill. A city resident had vomited after being given a radioactive iodine pill to treat a thyroid condition.    

From Insight, as quoted in Loggers World, September 1994.


Popular Science, a staunch supporter of man made global warming has decided to shut off “comments” on any article it posts. WOW! I guess shutting them off will end a debate they don’t want to have. This is just another example of science of the left not wanting you to read any opposing opinion. What a sham.

Here’s the first part of their article explaining why:

Why We’re Shutting Off Our Comments

Comments can be bad for science. That’s why, here at PopularScience.com, we’re shutting them off.

It wasn’t a decision we made lightly. As the news arm of a 141-year-old science and technology magazine, we are as committed to fostering lively, intellectual debate as we are to spreading the word of science far and wide. The problem is when trolls and spambots overwhelm the former, diminishing our ability to do the latter.

Read the rest below:



Do You Know Who Siad This

“It’s time to dump that agenda and chart a new, democratic and progressive path of development, one that puts people’s needs ahead of the corporate drift for profit.”Answer: Miguel Figueroa, Canada’s communist party leader.

Editor’s Comment:

Sounds like something Gephardt, Gore or Clinton might have said.



UK Daily Mail September 2013

The British Met Office has issued ‘erroneous statements  and misrepresentations’ about  the pause in global warming  – and its climate computer model is fundamentally flawed, says  a new analysis by a leading independent researcher.

Nic Lewis, a climate scientist and accredited ‘expert reviewer’ for the IPCC, also points out that Met Office’s flagship climate model suggests the world  will warm by twice as much in response to CO2 as some other leading institutes, such as Nasa’s climate centre in America.

The Met Office model’s current value for the ‘equilibrium climate sensitivity’ (ECS) – how much hotter the world will get each time CO2 doubles – is 4.6C. This  is above the IPCC’s own ‘likely’ range and the 95 per cent certainty’ level established by recent peer-reviewed research.

Lewis’s paper is scathing about the ‘future warming’ document issued by the Met Office in July, which purported to explain why the current 16-year global warming ‘pause’ is unimportant, and does not mean the ECS is lower than previously thought.

Lewis says the document made misleading claims about other scientists’ work – for example, misrepresenting important details of a study by a team that included Lewis and 14 other  IPCC experts. The team’s paper, published in the prestigious journal Nature Geoscience in May, said the best estimate of the ECS was 2C or less – well under half the Met Office estimate.

He also gives evidence that another key Met Office model is inherently skewed. The result is that it will always produce  high values for CO2-induced warming, no matter how its control knobs are tweaked, because its computation of the  cooling effect of smoke and dust  pollution – what scientists call ‘aerosol forcing’ – is simply incompatible with the real world.

This has serious implications,  because the Met Office’s HadCM3 model is used to determine the Government’s climate projections, which influence policy.

Mr Lewis concludes that the Met Office modelling is ‘fundamentally unsatisfactory, because it effectively rules out from the start the possibility that both aerosol forcing and climate sensitivity are modest’. Yet this, he writes, ‘is the combination that recent observations support’.

The Met Office said it would examine the paper and respond in due course.

Editor”s Comment:

The lying global warming alarmists will certainly circle their wagons and deny the truth. They will have the government bureaucrats to defend them and the lie will probably continue. They will defend their Cap and Trade scheme to the death and this is only Round One of a championship fight. They have been untouchable for decades, but the crack in their ranks is widening on a daily basis. The truth will eventually win, hopefully before too much damage is done.


Coal Mining in China

According to an article in USA Today, July 2003

“Far from the soaring glass towers of Shanghai and Beijing, China’s often-primitive coal mines epitomize the human cost of the nation’s rising living standards. Last year, 6,995 coal miners were killed in explosions, roof collapses and floods, according to government statistics. (By comparison, 27 American coal miners lost their lives in 2002.) Independent experts say China’s death toll is actually closer to 10,000, because some mine owners routinely minimize casualty figures and pay victims’ families to keep quiet.”

Editor’s Comment:
In 1993 a Chinese government official proudly announced recently that China had equaled America’s one-year production of coal at over 1 billion tons. When asked how many people were in the coal mining industry in China he responded, “7 million miners.”

The U.S. did it with 130,000 miners because we are exceptional.

______________________________________________ DID YOU KNOW?

UK’s National Health Service Going Broke, British Docs Say It’s Worse Than Communist China

(CNSNews.com) — As the U.S. government takes its first faltering steps to implement Oba macare, doctors in Britain are complaining that their country’s £5.6 billion publicly funded National Health Service (NHS) is “worse than Communist China.”
Physicians attending the British Medical Association’s annual conference in Edinburgh said they were fed-up with NHS bureaucrats overriding their medical decisions, “bullying” doctors, and putting money concerns before patient care, according to a June 25 story in the UK Telegraph.
“Not even in Communist China did they have managers overruling doctors in the operation of hospitals and health services,” Dr. Peter Holden, a member of the BMA, is quoted as saying……READ MORE





From http://protecttheharvest.com/

The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) is not really an animal shelter organization? The HSUS is not, and has never been, an animal shelter.  In fact, HSUS head Wayne Pacelle famously declared “We never said we funded animal shelters…That’s not in our history or in our statement.”  The vast majority of Americans (71% in fact) believe HSUS to be a collection of local humane societies, but sadly, they are wrong.

So who or what is HSUS? Turn on your speakers or put on your headset. Make sure you watch this couple minute video and find out.

Click Here —-HSUS Revealed!



While Al Gore’s Oscar and Nobel Prize winning film, “An Inconvenient Truth”, had serious students of climate change laughing their heads off, the British didn’t think it was very funny. The British High Court ruled that it cannot be shown to students without first having a disclaimer that it is “propaganda”, instead of a “documentary”.  Those Brits just don’t seem to have a sense of humor… or maybe they just think scaring little kids isn’t an honorable pastime.

Editor’s Comment:Some American’s and definitely Hollywood have a hard time understanding documentaries don’t use CCGI unless the documentary is about CGI.



Between 1946 and 1958 more than 20 Atomic bomb tests occurred at Bikini Atoll.  The first Hydrogen bomb was also tested in the largest explosion of all in 1952.  According to scientists at the time the Bikini Atoll was to be off limits for humans for centuries due to radioactivity.  Sea life was to be gone for a long time.

Guess what?

A web search revealed the following:

“In 1996 the people of Bikini opened their atoll to the outside world as a dive, sport fishing and tourism destination, and has since drawn praise from many around the globe. When you visit Bikini, it has been said that you don’t just dive, fish or sunbathe, you get a history lesson for the ages.”

A representative from Skin Diver magazine recently proclaimed Bikini Atoll as one of the top five dive destinations in the world, and in October of 1997 Conde Nast Traveler magazine named Bikini as one of the “Ten Best” scuba diving destinations. In 1998 Bikini opened for sport fishermen.

Field & Stream magazine declared in their November 1997 issue: “Bikini is the last of the best saltwater fishing in the world.” Bikini was featured on Discovery Channel’s Shark Week in 1999 in their opening show, entitled: Live from a Shark Cage from Bikini Atoll . Bikini Atoll was featured in the PADI Diving Society’s officially sponsored dive magazine, Sport Diver, in February 2000.

Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, in their July 2000 issue, declared Bikini Atoll as one of the “Top 50 Worldwide Island Escapes” stating: “…There are not many places that could look more like the Garden of Eden…” In the October 2002 issue of Skin Diver magazine Bikini Atoll was named one of the “24 dives of a lifetime.”

“The October 2004 National Geographic Traveler Magazine 20th Anniversary issue declared Bikini as one of their 80 “Around the World Destinations.”

Editor’s Comment:

We can’t destroy the planet, (we could destroy human life), and we can’t harm the climate. Global warming or cooling is natural and we need oil to survive.  Oil is good, CO2 is good, drilling for oil is good, not oil is bad, drilling for oil is bad.  It’s time to get involved with yourself and wise up.



The anti synthetic pesticide gang, another wing of the environmental extreme far left, has done everything in its power to scare us into believing pesticides will kill either us, our children, a fetus or prevent men from being men.

What average American doesn’t know is that fourteen scientific societies representing over 100,000 microbiologists, toxicologists and food scientists have stated, “The risk of pesticide residues to consumers is effectively ZERO.”

Editor’s Comment: Considering true scientists will not make statements that imply “positively” one way or another, this statement is good enough for me. _____________________________________________________________________________________________


Researchers have found that exposure to 400,000 millirems of radioactivity will result in cancer in half the cases. The Three Mile Island nuclear “disaster” released 1.2 millirems to the surrounding population.

Editor’s Comment: One millirem of radiation is equal to watching TV for an entire year. The 1.2 millirems released at Three Mile Island is 399,998.8 millirems short for any concern. Yet the anti nuclear Green’s want you to believe the accident was on the brink of wiping out half of America.

In fact later they stated that when a person dies there are still trace amounts of radio activity in your body when you are buried and the so called Three Mile Island DISASTER released less.


A Gulfstream III jet emits 10,078 pounds of CO2 per hour. You know the kind that Hillary flys in.

A Hawker 800 emits 4,149 pounds of CO2 Per hour

An average American generates about 15,000 pounds a YEAR!!!!


The huge wind turbine in Brunsbüttel, Germany, is advertised as the largest in the world. It’s 183 meters tall—600.39 feet. (For comparison, the Empire State Building is 1,472 feet high.)

It’s big, but it still needs a back-up power source for reliability.

Denmark is the country that has the most wind turbines per capita. But even with its large number of turbines, as of 2008 Denmark has never been able to shut down one of its coal-fired plants. Now it builds back up coal fired plants in Germany and Scotland.