“The media’s middle name is not objectivity”

Americans have known the media contributes as much to the problems of America as any other single entity. Because of the influence the media has, it may be the major problem.

From once great media outlets the American media gives the most perverted side of our society a national platform. Like alcoholics in denial, the media, our national shame, has continued to claim it has no bias.

In a Los Angeles Times poll, eighty three percent of the people polled believe differently. They stated they did not trust the media. EIGHTY THREE PERCENT!

The National American media companies, especially CNN, have taken a path that leads them to believe they are somehow outside America when it comes to journalistic loyalty. They are international so their loyalty is to a greater cause. As if there could be a greater cause than the United States of America.

This attitude was brought home during the Gulf War when Peter Arnett comforted the enemy in Bagdad and when Bernard Shaw refused to debrief intelligence officials on the grounds that as an international journalist he could not reveal anything he saw.

The media’s anti-American bias rose to an all-time high during the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the bombing of Hiroshima. Typical of the media’s attitude was the Peter Jennings report for ABC News entitled, “Hiroshima, Why the Bomb was Dropped.”

The program ended with Jennings stating, “It’s unfortunate, we think, that some veteran’s organizations and some politicians felt the need to bully our most important national museum so the whole story of Hiroshima is not represented here.”

The only part of the story not represented was that of anti-America revisionist historians who certainly don’t reflect the opinions of most Americans. If anyone does, it is the American Legion and some of our politicians. And Jennings problem is, he has sided with a handful of revisionist historians and calls the majority of America, “some veterans” or “some politicians.”

The American Legion did lead the fight and chided ABC News for being “led down the primrose path of historic revisionism” by a “small biased circle of historians.”

Besides a small circle of revisionist historians, the media supports many other small circles. The few radicals that support radical feminism, political correctness, green dogma and just about every liberal cause you can think of. They are darlings of the media and most “experts” you see on the networks as advisors represent the fringe of American belief.

As far back as June 13-19, 1992 an article in TV Guide entitled “The media’s middle name is not objectivity,” writer Harry Stein discusses media bias and quotes Bernard Goldberg of CBS’s 48 Hours. Goldberg says, “We in the press like to say we’re honest brokers of information, and it’s just not true. The press does have an agenda.”

The American media, in its continuing campaign to act as liberalism’s defense attorney, has hit new lows reporting in the hatred of our president and a revolution is needed to purge the media of people who are not willing to objectively report the truth, the whole truth with no bias.

The media as a whole, and each journalist, has an ethical pact with America. That pact should be as sacred as any oath any other profession takes. It must include reporting the truth, free of bias. They must report only what has happened without editorial comment unless it is presented as such.

When the pact is broken, the offending person or organization must lose the privilege of reporting the news to America and stop writing liberal rubbish.