Citizenship For Illegals – Never

Originally published by SUA July 2007

An American Solution to Illegal Immigration

By Chuck Diaz

The differences between the House and Senate versions of the immigration bill can be worked out with an honest compromise.


Most Americans do not want to grant any form of amnesty to illegal immigrants.
Any path that leads to citizenship IS AMNESTY!

The major difference between the House and Senate versions is the path to citizenship.


Add the following to an immigration bill:

“People who enter the USA illegally will never be allowed to become citizens”
Define the Constitutional law giving citizenship to anyone born in America to mean:
“only those born of American citizens are citizens of the United States of America regardless of where in the world they may be born as long as the parents are legal citizens.”


Build the wall.
Send the troops to the border.


Allow the illegal entrants who are currently here to receive a permanent green card after the 11 year path as the Senate wants,,, but not a path to citizenship.
Legal immigrants will always have the path to citizenship.
With the permanent green card as the concession and no possibility of citizenship as the punishment both sides win. The illegal immigrants have a path to stay but, and rightly so, will never have the opportunity to become a citizen. Only legal entrants should win that honor.

With a permanent green card people can work and live in America and enjoy all the benefits but one. They can’t vote. Anyone who enters illegally should NEVER be given that right.

Offer the illegal immigrants a chance to sign up for the green card program and issue a temporary green card that would be impossible to counterfeit. To qualify for the temp card the illegal must have been in the US for more than 1 year and over the next 11 years they must, learn to speak, write, read and understand English, not have a criminal record, have a job, pay taxes etc.

American schools must teach all classes in English. Night school English classes will be established for illegal immigrants who sign up for the green card program.

If they cannot prove they have been here for more than one year they will be deported as they are caught.

After 11 years as model temporary green card holders they would be issued a permanent green card that would be impossible to counterfeit.

Any child born in the US to green card holders would not be given automatic citizenship. They would become green card participants at the same level as their parents, temporary or permanent.

During the temp green card period the temporary green card holders would be allowed to leave and re-enter the US, but the 11 year clock would restart if they leave for more than 60 days.
Any illegal immigrants who choose not to sign up get deported as they are caught.

In the future and forever, anyone crossing the border illegally gets deported as they are caught, no jobs, no health care, no schooling. Employers hiring non temporary or permanent green card holders would be fined twice and serve jail time for a third offense.

Any states, counties, cities, townships or elected officials who do not enforce the arrest and deportation of illegal immigrants will lose all federal funding or if an elected or appointed official would be arrested for not upholding his sworn duty to protect the United States of America.
We are The United States of America and we will not be dictated to by President Fox, the UN or any size band of illegal aliens or allow the illegal invasion of this country, SO HELP US GOD!

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