CO2 in Your Home

While watching a talk on the climate change disaster perceived by the left, the speaker had a device with him that measured CO2 levels in the room. I instantly had to buy one and this is the one I bought.

At the time of the reading there were four people in our Arizona Room, no one was smoking and we were just talking and laughing about different things.

Notice the measurement shows the CO2 PPM level at ONE THOUSAND THIRTY TWO Parts Per Million. That was a measurement with four of us in the room. The fellow on the YouTube video had a measurement of 1700 PPM of CO2 because he was in a room with about twenty other humans who were exhaling the dreadful CO2.

It is time we, as a nation, put an end to this giant hoax about CO2.

In the Space Station, the limit for CO2 is 5000PPM. In a Nuclear Submarine, the limit is 8000PPM and now in an article posted on The Science Times, “Scientists Warn a Prolonged Solar Minimum is Coming,” it states:

“Vijay Jayaraj, one of the environmental scientists from the Cornwall Alliance for the Stewardship of Creation, believes that global warming is the product of solar cycles. The said alliance is a Christian group that does not believe that global warming is caused by man’s actions. Jayaraj pointed out that the sun is the biggest influence when it comes to global temperature.

Jayaraj added that the National Aeronautics And Space Administration (NASA) has a page explaining that solar influence has been determining the atmospheric and surface temperatures of the Earth. The scientist also cited an example explaining that temperature changes since 1990 have coincided more with the changes in solar activity as compared to atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration.”

The mentioning of NASA having a page that explains the coming solar minimum seems to be a change in direction, but NASA does not mention anything about why we are about to get a lot colder and the CO2 levels are still over 400PPM.

Remember, according to NASA, the higher C02 level is their explanation for man made global warming, climate change, excessive droughts, excessive excessive rain, excessive heat, excessive cold, a tornado and a hurricane, but our Sun won’t cooperate and it’s just going to get colder. Go figure.

Well, at least we still have our Yo-Yo’s