Greens Attempting Forest Service Purge

In a November 30th, 1993 letter to the new US Forest Service Chief, Jack Ward Thomas and Assistant Secretary of Agriculture, Jim Lyons, thirteen Green organizations including The Wilderness Society, The Sierra Club and the Audubon Society have started round one of the purging of the forest service by asking that Larry Henson be removed as Regional Forester. The three-page letter and press release contains accusation after accusation regarding everything from “gross mismanagement of the forests in Region 3” to calling him “racist.”

If you believe all these accusations one would have to believe Larry was put on this earth to ravage the forests for some evil purpose. The truth is closer to the fact that the Clinton Administration has managed to pack the Interior Department with Greens from just about every environmental organization there is. And just as the Nazis did in Germany, anyone who isn’t a card carrying Green blooded socialists will be on their hit list.

It’s an insult to create ideologic driven accusations toward anyone who has served the Forest Service for 33 years with distinction and honor. A man who has received numerous awards and citations from the Department of Agriculture and the Department of the Interior. In 1985 he even received the Nature Conservancy President’s Public Service Award. He is a man who loves the forest and believes in science and technology to best manage the forest. But in the Green mind that is wrong. Science shouldn’t be used when managing anything unless it’s one of their scientists. And above all, decisions should be made based on emotion! That is how they’ve suckered most Americans with their BS stories about every catastrophe and pending crisis. Keep the sheep in an emotional frenzy. In their insane mind if you don’t agree with their antihuman beliefs you are expendable.

It’s probably too late for Larry Henson because while an inspector has been assigned to investigate the “charges,” the decision has probably already been made. The Greens only worry is how they can give the appearance of fairness before they pronounce him guilty. And if they can’t appear to be fair, they’ll hang him anyway because they know one thing. They know sheep are used to standing by and watching while the predators devour another sheep.

I would have more respect, (NOT), for the Greens if they just came out and said what and why they will purge good Americans from all government position. This Larry isn’t the first to go, Dr. William Happer Jr. lost his job with the Department of Energy because he doesn’t agree with Captain Ozone’s position on global warming.  At the same time the Greens are purging anyone who disagrees with their pseudo-science they take care of their own. Former Senator Timothy Wirth (D-CO) lost a bid for re-election, which in anyone’s book means the people don’t want him working for them, and the Clinton gang gave him a key position in the State Department.

EPA Administrator Carol Browner is the former associate director of Citizen Action.

EPA Deputy Administrator Robert Sussman is currently co-authoring a book for the Environmental Law Institute.

EPA General Council Jean Nelson is formerly the president of the Tennessee Environmental Action Fund.

EPA Assistant Administrator David Gardiner is former a director of the League of Conservation Voters.

EPA Associate Administrator Mary Nichols was senior staff attorney and Los Angeles Director of the NRDC.

EPA Associate Administrator Bailus Walker Jr. is a former board member of the Environmental Defense Fund.

Forest Service Chief Jack Ward Thomas was named chief with NO prior forest service experience, breaking a 100-year history of promoting from within.

Assistant Secretary of Interior George Frampton is the former President of the Wilderness Society.

Director of the Bureau of Land Management Jim Baca is a former member of the board of directors of the Wilderness Society.

Secretary of Interior Bruce Babbitt is the former president of the League of Conservation Voters AND Vice President Al Gore is the author of the Green bible, Earth in the Balance………..Enough? §