How Many Is Too Many? God Bless Pres Trump

by Chuck Diaz

I was born in 1937 and grew up as a kid in the 40’s. I grew up in South Central Los Angeles at a time when the city ended at 120th Street on the South and Western Avenue on the West.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with Los Angeles, the land was unsettled from 120th to the port San Pedro, a distance of about 16 miles.

During WWII, all those thousands of acres were filled with Barrage Balloons. I remember visiting relatives who lived on the South edge of Los Angeles looking out at the balloons.

On the East side of South Los Angeles was the town of Southgate and then Orange trees almost all the way to San Diego. Thousands and thousands of acres.

Knott’s Berry Farm, in Buena Park, was a small restaurant with a small Ghost Town in back. The biggest attraction was the Jail. There were no rides except a Stagecoach and the Train.

In 1945 the population of America was 139,928,165 and almost zero illegal immigrants. While I didn’t give it a second thought back then, I’m thinking about our population a lot now. I never thought I would ever agree with any environmental organization, but I do agree with Numbers USA. We need to cut back our immigration policy.

Today we have about 320,000,000 people and that’s an increase of about 80,000,000 in 72 years. It is estimated that the population of our beloved country will be 525,000,000 by the year 2100.


Do we really want to become another India? We know the Liberals want to destroy this country and over population is one way to do it.

It’s a pity the Al Gore’s of the world are worried about a couple degrees warming by 2100, which by the way, would help feed more people due to the increase in CO2. But, let’s set global warming aside and ask ourselves at what point is too many, too many?

At what point are we overloading our country’s operating systems and their ability to support so many? Our hospitals, our schools, our electric grid, our infrastructure, our transportation, our roads, our ability to employ so many? Everyone is talking about how robots are going to replace people, what’s it going to be like with another 205,000,000 people?


This is insanity!!

I remember after WWII life was great when we were around 150,000,000 and we need to have a national conversation about what we want this great nation to become. We have to have this conversation because we are killing it. There must be a number established and we should say enough is enough, stop all immigration. We must have a plan to take care of ourselves and we must have a plan to protect this great nation. We can not continue being the refugee camp for the world.

I believe we have already passed the point of too many and we need to stop immigration now. We must let our population linger down to around 300,000,000 if at all possible and set that as our maximum goal if American citizens can keep our numbers there. If they can’t then no mass immigration should be allowed. I say “no mass” because there will be individuals who would be such an asset to us, they should be allowed. But even then, that person would have a job offer and never receive any government aid.

Between 1930 and 1949 (20 Years) only 1,555,983, or an average of 77,799 people a year, were allowed to immigrate into our country. So we know we don’t have to allow the 1,000,000 a year we do now.


How did the Liberals get that mind set going anyway? The answer is, they are active, they stay active and they just don’t vote, they get involved and they want to destroy our great nation.

Mexico has a program that includes a 72-hour visa, a yearly visa, that allows you to work or own a business, and a permanent visa. No American or any other nationality can ever become a Mexican citizen. What’s the matter with us? If we were to copy Mexico’s immigration system verbatim, we’d be better off.

We must continue to deport all the criminal illegals as the DOJ and ICE are now doing. But we should be ready to issue a new Green Card that would allow most of the illegals to remain, but never become citizens. We should also only issue Green cards to those who can support themselves, no new Green Card holder should be given any government aid. If they need aid, they should return to their country of origin. If necessary by force.

We should also look at a Temporary Work Program much like the Bracero Program of the 1950’s to allow seasonal workers. They would be approximately six-month visa’s and the participant would also not be eligible for any government aid.  For more in depth info see Illegal Immigration, The Solution.

We must eliminate the anchor baby definition of the 14th amendment and end the DACA program entirely. We would place those individuals with the rest of the illegals, but issue them the non-voting Green Card as long as they don’t have any criminal record.

Regardless of what we do, we must take back our immigration policy from the Liberal, no borders globalists and think of America first. We must stop all immigration for a minimum of twenty-five years and see the direction our population goes by our own doing.

There should be a drop when the Baby Boomers start dying off and maybe we could get down to 300,000,000. That may sound like an arbitrary number, but if we could drop it to 250,000,000, naturally without government interference, I’d be for that.

At any rate, this should be an issue discussed and we must make a decision one way or another. It is also another plank in the American Nationalist way of thinking.

To Summarize:

  1. Stop all illegal immigration by building a combination of a wall and using all technology available.
  2. Stop all legal immigration for twenty-five years. (possibly longer)
  3. Set the maximum number of citizens we will allow in our country to 300,000,.000.
  4. Create a Green Card (Permanent Visa) that will allow the individual to come and go, but never receive any government aid or be able to vote in any local, State or Federal election.
  5. End DACA
  6. Institute a Temporary Work Program with no benefits and no cost to taxpayers.
  7. Redefine the 14th amendment to exclude anchor babies.*

Editor’s Update: I published this originally years ago and have not changed it in light of President Trumps birthright citizenship decision. I applaud him for again attempting to return us to our Constitutional roots.