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I agree that the criminals must be deported ASAP. This solution is for after the gang bangers and other criminals are gone and we are back to somewhat normal.

Illegal Immigration COVER

By C. Howard Diaz


Illegal Immigration

the Solution

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Throughout my life I have known and sat at a dinner table with the people we now call illegal immigrants. The people I knew were either family or very close family friends. Over the years they have been legal, illegal, then legal and now again, illegal.

My family came to the United States legally back around 1925 and my mother had her Green Card all her life. She never wanted to become an American citizen and I believe most of the “illegals” don’t come here to become citizens either. They come here to work.

But politicians are using these people as a political football instead of actually trying to solve the problem.When I wrote my book “A Charter of Negative Liberties, Defining the Bill of Rights and Other Commentary”, I tried to educate the reader to what I consider the true meaning of the Bill of Rights and its connection to the original Constitution and now I am offering a solution to the illegal alien problem that has been manufactured by politicians on both sides of the aisle for far too long.


Dedicated to Sarah and Chilo



 Chapter One

Defining Illegal Entry


For the sake of this discourse I will only use the term “Illegal Immigrants” with regard to those who enter the United States illegally from Mexico.  Not because I’ve decided to pick on Mexican’s, but because for sake of conversation it will be easier to make one group of people the identifying group and because Mexican’s are by far the majority of people who enter the United States illegally.

Having said that we should first determine of what crime these people are guilty.

Any person, who enters any country in the world illegally, without the prior approval of that country, is guilty of illegal entry.  That’s illegal entry, not immigration.   I emphasize any country in the world because it is true and enforced by every country in the world. That is except the United States of America.

In the United States there are those who want us to turn a blind eye to anyone from Mexico who enters our country illegally and that group is headed by the Democratic Party, the Socialist Party and the Communist Party. In addition there are individual’s in America who also believe we should turn a blind eye to any Mexican, (by any Mexican I mean any Mexican who is not a criminal in Mexico), entering America without prior approval because they believe in the humanity of it. There is much to be said about the humanity of helping our neighbors from Mexico and I hope this writing will open some eyes to how we can be more compassionate and still maintain our laws.

The battle lines that have been drawn by those of us who believe in the law and those of us who have a political interest turning a blind eye have only made the situation worse and harmed the Mexican who comes here. The vast majority come here for one reason, to find work for them and their family to survive. Let me repeat that because we must understand they come here to find work.  It’s very important that we establish that as the reason.

The United States of America has always been the one place on earth that represents freedom and opportunity and we, as American’s, can figure out a way to help our Mexican friends, if we just put politics aside. That’s why I am writing this paper without a political agenda and only to offer a solution to the problem. As you will see, it can be done.

Chapter 2

 The Typical Illegal Immigrant and Short History of Mexican Work Programs

While I may be painting my definition of a typical illegal immigrant with a very broad brush I don’t mean to imply my definition fits all those who come to the United States illegally but more of a combination of a bit of all of them.

As I mentioned before they come here to find work because they have no other options.

Consider this; I’m an American of Mexican descent. All but one of my aunts’ and uncles were born in Mexico. My mother, grandmother all their friends were born in Mexico.  I have always had a strong mental and emotional connection to Mexico.

Years ago the United States modified its position and allowed a work program called the Bracero Program (BP). For the record there were other programs that existed before the Bracero program. 

From Wikipedia

“The Bracero Program (named for the Spanish term bracero, “strong-arm”) was a series of laws and diplomatic agreements, initiated by an August 1942 exchange of diplomatic notes between the United States and Mexico, for the importation of temporary contract laborers from Mexico to the United States.

American president Franklin D. Roosevelt met with Mexican president Manuel Ávila Camacho in Monterrey, Mexico to discuss Mexico as part of the Allies in World War II and the Bracero Program. After the expiration of the initial agreement in 1947, the program was continued in agriculture under a variety of laws and administrative agreements until its formal end in 1964.”

As with all things there were some consequences when they ended the Bracero program and Operation Wetback was put into action.

From Wikipedia

“Burgeoning numbers of Mexican migrants prompted President Dwight D. Eisenhower to appoint General Joseph Swing as INS Commissioner. According to Attorney General Herbert Brownell, Jr., Eisenhower had a sense of urgency about illegal immigration upon taking office. In a letter to Senator J. William Fulbright, Eisenhower quoted a report in The New York Times that said, “The rise in illegal border-crossing by Mexican ‘wetbacks’ to a current rate of more than 1,000,000 cases a year has been accompanied by a curious relaxation in ethical standards extending all the way from the farmer-exploiters of this contraband labor to the highest levels of the Federal Government.”[2]

Operation Wetback in action

The effort began in California and Arizona in 1954 and coordinated 1,075 Border Patrol agents, along with state and local police agencies. Tactics employed included going house to house in Mexican-American neighborhoods and citizenship checks during standard traffic stops.

Some 750 agents targeted agricultural areas with a goal of 1,000 apprehensions per day. By the end of July, over 50,000 illegal aliens were caught in the two states. An estimated 488,000 illegal aliens are believed to have left voluntarily, for fear of being apprehended. By September, 80,000 had been taken into custody in Texas, and the INS estimated that 500,000 to 700,000 had left Texas of their own accord. To discourage illicit re-entry, buses and trains took many deportees deep within Mexican territory before releasing them.

Tens of thousands more were deported by two chartered ships: the Emancipation and the Mercurio. The ships ferried them from Port Isabel, Texas, to Veracruz, Mexico, more than 500 miles (800 km) to the south. Some were taken as far as 1,000 miles (1,600 km). Deportation by sea was ended after seven deportees jumped overboard from the Mercurio and drowned, provoking a mutiny that led to a public outcry in Mexico.

The end result is they still come to America with the same hopes they were offered when it was temporarily legal, if almost a half century can be called temporary, but they come here illegally out of necessity.

The problem with coming to America illegally places each illegal entrant in a position of having to live underground, outside the law and they become easy targets for those who use them for their own advantage.  They come here with the intent of making a bunch of money and either sending part of it home or returning to Mexico with an amount enough to give them a start at some kind of business or improve their living conditions. As it turns out, because they are illegal, it becomes very difficult for them to return home.

The primary reason individuals from Mexico don’t return to their homes is they dread the cost and suffering they put themselves through when they decide to come back to the USA.  Paying Coyotes and crossing the desert, as many do, is a difficult task that has killed many who have tried.  Once in the USA, in the beginning, they wish they could return to visit family and loved ones but the fear of the returning to the U.S.A. prevents them.

This situation takes its toll on Mexican men and the family who leave a wife and children behind.  Unwilling to take the chance, they become alienated to their own families and begin to live a “single” life which often leads to a second family.  Once that happens it becomes virtually impossible for them to return to their home country.

In the late 1940’s my grandmother moved to her first own home in another part of South Central Los Angeles that my Uncle Danny bought for her, probably with his GI Bill.  By the way, my Uncle Danny was a POW in Germany during World War Two.

It was a small two bedroom house on a large lot. It also had a detached garage and another room attached to it.  That room was used for various friends and relatives that would come from Mexico to work during the various picking seasons. It was probably the Bracero Program that allowed them to travel to and from Mexico without any hassles from the government.

It was a guest worker program that worked very well and I met many men during their stay with my grandmother. They usually were men in their late teens or early twenties who stayed with my grandmother for a short while during any number of years.  They would stay a short while, find a job, and return to my grandmother’s home before returning to Mexico. They would stay in Mexico for awhile and then come back to the U.S.; it was probably the picking season that determined how long they would stay here or back in Mexico. There were so many the back garage room was usually occupied with someone.

I don’t remember any of them staying in the U.S. because their reason for coming was just to get enough money to go back to Mexico and start some kind of business, buy or build a home.  Three of them I do remember, was a teenager named Memo, two others named Angel and Francisco were in their early twenties.  All three returned to Mexico, started businesses and Francisco actually became one of the largest apple growers in northern Mexico.

When the Bracero Program ended, the need to make money and the hope of starting a business or building a home in Mexico either worked out or not. The problems that caused them to come to America didn’t go away.

The Mexican citizen that decided to still try and move his family up the ladder of prosperity did by committing two illegal acts. The first crime is leaving Mexico without the permission of the Mexican government. The second crime is entering the United States without the permission of the American government.

But one by one they came and now there are so many we have a giant legal and humane problem created by America’s inability to re-enact a simple guest worker program and understanding or accepting the fact that these people want to come here to work for a while, not to become citizens. They for the most part love their country and yearn to return home.

I’m not condoning the fact that they enter illegally, it just has become a fact of life for so many we must address the problem for their sake as well as ours.  We can’t ignore it any longer and we can’t continue to make it the political football it has become.


Chapter 3

 The Political Football


When any human being becomes a “political football” it is due to the most corrupt and inhumane part of any society.  It’s as bad as slave trading or child abuse as done in countries like Thailand and countries in Africa today. I emphasize, “As done today.”

So just how are the Mexican illegal immigrants a political football?  At this point I will probably get both Democrats and Republicans mad at me, but here goes anyway.

Democrats are perceived as protectors of the illegal immigrants because by doing so they can lock up the “Latino” vote. Not the illegal’s vote, because by law they cannot vote, but the illegal’s friends and families that are here legally. The friends and family who are here legally want to get their “compadre’s” legalized any way they can.

Republicans are perceived as heartless and cruel because they want to ship ten to fifteen million human beings out of the country without thinking of the roots that have been established over decades. Even wanting them to “self deport” as Mitt Romney suggested during his run for president, which was about as dumb a statement I’ve ever heard.

They also don’t want to give illegals a path to citizenship which would certainly place the majority of them in the Democratic column when critical votes are needed to defeat the Democratic running for office. To the Dem’s chagrin I believe they should not be given a path to citizenship just as Mexico’s legal work, (FM3), program doesn’t allow a path to citizenship to American’s who enter Mexico under their program. In fact the Mexican program could be used as a model for an American work program and its common sense simplicity is what makes it work in Mexico.

So my contention is that both sides have been treating these human beings as objects for political gain on both sides of the aisle without trying to solve the human problem.

My plan will eliminate the political reasons on either side and treat the problem as a human problem while still not breaking the law.

The terms “immigrant” or “immigration” implies the primary reason these Mexican workers are coming to America is to become American citizens.  I don’t believe that at all. While today that is the only golden goose they have, I believe they would cheer for a program that would allow them to work here and travel between Mexico and the United States as freely as a citizen without being a citizen, just as the Mexican FM3 program allows Americans free travel between Mexico and America.

All we need to do is put in place a program that would allow that and I believe it would greatly improve the status of the Mexican who has a family in Mexico allowing him to visit his family as often as he wishes without fear of having to cross the desert and deal with Coyote’s.  It would also allow him to live out in the open and not underground outside of the law.

It would allow us as Americans to still the opportunity to have our yards landscaped, our children cared for, our homes remodeled and the hundreds of other things the legalized Mexican worker brings to the table.

It can be done.

Both Democrats and Republicans would have to give up any political issues that could be perceived by fixing the problem.

Chapter 4

 Mexico’s Visitor and Work Program


First, for comparison, we should look at Mexico’s current laws regarding illegal entry as I understand it.

If an American wants to work or start a business in Mexico there is no such thing as doing it illegally.  Mexican jails have gained the respect of many a criminal or wrong doer as a place you’d rather not visit.  There is a way for a person, who is not a citizen of Mexico, to obtain a right to work or own a business.

A person fills out some forms, provides a color photo and a copy of all the pages of a US passport.

I’m not sure but all this can cost up to $300USD.

After receiving your temporary resident card you may live and work in Mexico for two years.  You may then renew until you may decide to become a permanent resident that has some other requirements like proof that you can support yourself.

If you try to live in Mexico illegally there is:

No schooling for your kids.

No health plan.

No free hospitalization.

No free anything except JAIL, when you are caught, and rightly so.

There are other rules in Mexico for those who want to work or live there like:

You may not own a radio or TV station,

You may not attend or instigate political debates and

You cannot hang an American flag outside your home in Mexico or in a window.

There is no negotiation on any of the above mentioned laws, rules or regulations.  So if anyone tries do enter illegally there is one thing that will happen to you and that is you are going to JAIL!

If you have completed all the required documentation you will be issued, each year a temporary resident card.

The “Residente Temporal” tells that you are not an immigrant in Mexico but a temporary resident who is allowed to work, open a business, buy a home and stay in Mexico longer than the 72 hours allowed by the simple Visa.

The fact that the Mexican government believes anyone entering Mexico to work, run a business or live is not an immigrant is key to their “Legal Entry” program. So much so they have “RESIDENTE TEMPORAL” in bold letters on the face of the card and that is what’s missing in the American system.  The idea that there can be a system to allow a guest, to work, own a business or buy a house, outside the immigration system is a good one.  If you say it can’t be done, Mexico is doing it.

Chapter 5


The Plan


It would be easy to simply say we should re-institute the Bracero program, but times have changed and job availability have gone beyond those offered by the agriculture industry alone.  We need a program that would allow a guest worker to not only work in America, but also allow them to start a business. Like it or not American work ethic isn’t what it used to be and there is a lot of work American’s just won’t do.

Under the plan illegal workers currently in the United States would be required to comply with the all American laws and respect American tradition as the Mexican program requires of Americans in Mexico.  With that said, I am suggesting we introduce a Temporary Work Program (TWP) that is a simple and yet a comprehensive plan to solve the illegal entry (not immigration) problem facing the United States of America (USA) today.  It is a plan that will identify all the illegal workers who live in the USA, allow them to participate in a Temporary Work Program (TWP) while generating between $3- $4.5 Billion in TWP revenue annually to pay for the program

On the surface it may appear to be an amnesty program and it is if amnesty is defined as not fining the illegal entrants currently in America.  Most Americans do not want to grant any form of amnesty to illegal immigrants, but their definition of amnesty is granting a path to citizenship. The TWP would follow Mexico’s program in that any work program participant would not be able to become citizens as part of the TWP. Therefore the TWP would not lead to citizenship using Mexico’s program as an example.

By definition it is a temporary work permit program.  Temporary in that the official Green Card System for people who want to migrate to the USA and become citizens of the USA remains intact.

The TWP will be offered only to those illegal workers and their families currently in the USA as well as any new Mexican workers wanting to work in America.  The TWP will continue as an alternate worker’s program allowing individuals to work in the USA alongside the official immigration migrants program currently in place.

The TWP allows individuals the ability to come to the USA to work and return as often as they see fit.  While they are here the TWP gives us the ability to know who they are, where they are, who they work for and collect taxes.

Any TWP holder would have the right to return to his country of origin without restriction as long as the TWP holder doesn’t expect or receive any special consideration from his employer in the US.  Employers would not be forced to allow time off for anything other than vacation time accrued or emergency time off as given to any American citizen or because the job was of a temporary nature such as a picking season.

 Individuals who originally entered the USA illegally will be given the opportunity to join the TWP with the understanding the TWP is not a path to become citizens.  It is a temporary work program.

Temporary in so far as while there is no time limit one may stay in the USA, TWP participants must be renewed yearly. The goal is an inexpensive, quick and easy way to enter the USA and yet complete enough to maintain our national security.

While not being allowed to become a citizen could be considered, by some, against the Constitution, the TWP is a work program, not an immigration program and the law written could address that as a condition of participating in the TWP. Legal entrants who followed the rules of the official immigration program shall continue to immigrate under current law.

The American law allowing a legal immigrant a path to citizenship and citizenship to anyone either born in America to only those born of American citizens and legal immigrants who are on path to becoming citizens would remain intact.

Normally a Mexican, who comes here to work and is married, is not interested in having a second wife here.  It’s the current law that creates that situation.  But if a single man comes here and starts a family the children born of TWP participants will be issued a TWP card and not be eligible for immediate citizenship because they are not in the U.S. as legal immigrants.

The idea that a married Mexican who wishes to come to the U.S. to work will get involved with a second family will be greatly eliminated by the mere fact that the married Mexican can return home as often as he pleases. It is the current situation of the fear of going back to Mexico and suffers the chance of being caught, paying Coyote’s and enduring the desert on a return trip that causes the circumstances of a second family.

Children of TWP participants will be allowed to apply for citizenship after a minimum of ten years in the program and not until they turn 25 years of age.

Sealing the border would not be a requirement because of the migrant worker problem but we should build the wall for national security reasons.

The migrant worker wishing to enter the USA without going through the legal immigration channels could opt for the TWP without delay.  By filling out the request with a birth certificate, passport or Mexican visa, two passport size photos and $300 to $500 the migrant worker can enter the USA immediately. Mexico would have to change its exit visa rules to allow exit visas more easily for its citizens.

Illegal Immigrants in the USA

 Allow the illegal entrants who are currently residing in the USA a chance to apply for the TWP immediately.  This first time offer will only be offered for the ten months following the introduction of the TWP.  Any illegal immigrants who choose not to sign up get deported as they are caught because there should be no reason for them to not join unless they are wanted by the law.

The illegal immigrants will receive a card issued by the TWP that would be impossible to counterfeit. To qualify for the TWP the illegal must have been in the US and show proof of residency in one or more of many methods, to be determined.

Any individual who cannot provide proof of residency must go back to the country of origin and apply for the TWP in that country of origin. Or they must provide a sponsor by an employer or a legal family who will agree to provide food and housing for that person while looking for work. Just as my grandmother did.

With the TWP the illegal immigrant can work and live in America indefinitely and enjoy all the benefits of citizenship, but one. Immigrants who choose to utilize the TWP shall never be given the right to vote in the USA, just like Mexico’s program.

American schools must teach all classes in English. Night school English classes will be established for illegal immigrants who sign up for the TWP and the legal immigration green card program.

After 10 years as a model TWP, the participant can then apply for a legal immigration Green Card that is equal to Mexico’s FM2.  They would be issued a permanent green card that would be impossible to counterfeit, good for life.  My mother came to the United States the first time when she was about nine years old.  Her family came here legally under a program that was in place before the Bracero and never became an American citizen.  She died at age eighty two with her green card and lived an excellent life and did not mind not voting, ever.

With the TWP as the concession and no possibility of citizenship as the payment there is no need to fine any illegal immigrant living in the USA who qualifies for the TWP program beyond the yearly $300-$500 TWP fee. The illegal immigrants have a path to stay but, and rightly so, will never have the opportunity to become a citizen. Only legal entrants who migrate using the official immigration system should be given that honor.

Any child born in the USA to TWP members would not be given automatic citizenship. They would become TWP participants at the same level as their parents, temporary or permanent.

During the TWP period the individual TWP card holders would be allowed to leave and re-enter the US, but the 1 year clock would restart if they leave and the one year TWP term ends. Any illegal immigrants who choose not to join the TWP will get deported as they are caught.

After the initial TWP signup period has passed, any illegal immigrant without a TWP card will be deported immediately.  In the future and forever, anyone crossing the border illegally will be deported as they are caught.  Any individual entering the USA illegally would receive no work, no health care and no schooling. Employers hiring non TWP or permanent green card holders would be fined the first two times and serve jail time for a third offense.

Any states, counties, cities, townships or elected officials who do not enforce the arrest and deportation of illegal immigrants will lose all federal funding or if an elected or appointed official refused he/she would be arrested for not upholding his sworn duty to protect the United States of America.


American employers may hire people with TWP cards and treat them as they would any other US citizen hired for the job in question.  Employers shall deduct taxes in the same manner as any US citizen.  All aspects of employment remain as with any US citizen except the requirement for the TWP card identification.

Because TWP card holders work in so many American household, the law will be changed to allow the head of household to issue a 1099 the TWP holder and that head of household may deduct the TWP card holders’ salary as a legal deduction from the head of household’s tax for the year.

If the TWP card holder decides to not pay his/her taxes for that year and returns to his/her country of origin, that person shall not be allowed to participate in the TWP from that date on until the tax with interest is paid.

Self Employed

If the TWP participant decides to open or buy a business, he/she may do so following all the rules, regulations and laws as written for US citizens.

Social Security/Unemployment

Employers shall match the TWP participants donations to FICA just as American citizens do, but this money shall be invested in private retirement accounts and not be accessible to the government.  TWP participants may cash out when they return to their home of origin for the last time. This program would encourage them returning because in the beginning it won’t destroy the family and there would be an incentive to cash out.

Health Care

The TWP system will initiate a healthcare program for TWP participants to be bid by any American insurance company and not controlled by any State.  All TWP participants will join the system at time of registration.


In Mexico credit cards are very difficult to obtain, even for American’s. I believe you have to have an amount in a savings account before you can apply for a credit card. Banks in America currently charge outrageous interest amounts for an illegal because they can. Slum lords provide horrible living conditions to illegal’s, because they can. This must stop and the TWP will ensure it does stop.


All TWP participants are required to renew their permits before the yearly anniversary passes.  There is no grace period.  Any renewal date that falls on a week end or holiday is due the day before the week end or holiday.

If an un-documented alien is caught without a valid TWP card he will be arrested, given an opportunity to fix the problem or be returned to his/her country of origin.

All background information given by a TWP participant will be verified by the TWP Registration System.  If any information given by the TWP participant does not check out that individual and his/her family will be arrested and sent back to the country of origin.

As this is a temporary work program all applicants must have a job or a written job offer at the time of registration.  Married women and children must have a head of household with a TWP card registered to receive their TWP card.

Minors, ages 6 to 18 must be registered in a school and pass an English reading and speaking test within two years of registration. They will do so as my mother did with no special language instruction classes.

Sidebar about my mom and learning English

According to what my mom told me, my family started when they came to the United States from Mexico around 1925.  They came as legal immigrants and worked picking mostly peaches somewhere outside of Los Angeles.  The family consisted of my Grandfather, (who I never met), my grandmother Concha, Uncles Pancho and Danny, my aunt Beatrice and of course my mom Elisa. I don’t know if they went back and forth to Mexico but my mother Elisa did attend Manchester Avenue Elementary School which I also attended from Kindergarten to the 6th grade.

The story is kind of piecemeal but as the story goes my mother didn’t know a word of English at nine years of age and at Manchester, in 1925, no teachers or other children knew Spanish.  It was practically impossible for her to communicate but a year later she won an oratory award in English.  So right off the bat I’ll make a statement about the necessity of teaching kids in their own language by stating, it’s baloney!  My mom made it through total emersion and so can anyone else.  Anyone who says anything different is a liar, stupid or someone who is making money off the backs of those they claim to be helping.

Because she was only about eight or nine years of age, it was easier for my mom to learn to speak, understand and write English, unlike my grandmother Concha who was in her mid thirties. She learned to understand, but could never actually speak the English language.  I think there is a time when the human brain just solidifies when it comes to speech and the older a person is, the harder it is or almost impossible it is to learn to speak a new language.  I think the turning point age, that is the age when it starts getting harder to learn a new language as you grow older, is around twelve to fourteen years old.  But that’s just my opinion from the people I have met in my seventy five years of living on this planet.



TWP office space will be provided by current Federal and State government office locations to a private contractor that will run the TWP system.  While using the offices the private company employees will not work for the federal or state government.

The locations should be locations that will not scare people like a police station. They should be libraries, churches, DMV offices etc. Non threatening locations.  They should be provided, rent free to the contracting company running the TWP program.

Offices shall open in numbers and locations as estimated by the number of illegal immigrants in each town, city and state.  Each TWP office shall have staff trained in TWP data collection and supporting equipment to:

Collect all data required by the TWP Data Registration System

Photographic and fingerprint equipment to take and transmit the TWP participants photo and fingerprints with the data via the internet

Equipment to print a TWP Passport, that will be designed to not be easily counterfeited, the size and makeup of a normal passport.

The goal will be to register all illegal immigrants in one year.  During that year all illegal immigrants in the U.S.A. shall be asked to return to their country of origin if they can’t prove they are working or have a sponsor family.  Any who don’t comply shall be arrested as they are caught.

The TWP employee will not interview any applicant, they will collect the data and issue a 90 day temporary TWP Card to give the illegal time to provide proof of where they came from or proof of employment and or a sponsor family.

Participants who leave the U.S. for any reason will be required to exit via the U.S. Border Patrol stations.  When they leave their TWP Passport will be stamped and their exit recorded in the TWP system.  When a TWP participant returns to the U.S they must show their TWP passport.  It will be checked for the departure stamp and the entry will be stamped and recorded in the TWP system.

If the TWP participants passport does not show an exit stamp and record of departure, that person/family shall not be allowed entry to the U.S. until that person/family has a background check that will provide proof of home address or a sponsor family and or employment in the U,S.  The system will generate the background check request via the participant’s local police department in the USA.

In verifying the job, the employer must sign a form letter verifying the applicant’s job.

 TWP Registration IT System

The TWP Registration System is designed and ready to program, to store and retrieve all pertinent data to keep track of all TWP participant’s movement within as well as any movement in and out of the U.S.

Conduct of a TWP Participant while in the USA

TWPP’s must respect the laws of the USA, not participate in any political events, displays, speeches, or any conduct not allowed by Mexico to its guest worker program.  As mentioned above, they must learn to read and write English as the USA is an official English speaking country.




So, that’s it.  It really would be that easy to implement and solve one of the worse humane problems facing our nation.

Do I believe it will be implemented?



Because the Democrats will hold out for a so called “comprehensive immigration reform” that we don’t need, the illegal entrants don’t need, no one needs but the Democratic machine.


Because they want to win the political football game and they could care less for the individual Mexican that is living in a hell outside the law.  They want to get that Mexican the right to vote so they can further their political agenda and they won’t accept a WORK PROGRAM because it doesn’t give the illegal the right or a path to voting.