QUORA July 6th 2019

What percentage of the political editorials in the New York Times and Washington Post could be considered as anti-Trump and why that many?

Charles H Diaz Editor www.suanews.com (1991-present)

Answered 17h ago

What percentage of the political editorials in the New York Times and Washington Post could be considered as anti-Trump and why that many?

I’m not sure of the exact percentage, but it’s in the high 90’s against Trump. The real reason is, he alone has put the brakes on globalism. More and more countries followed his nationalist agenda and hopefully it will also mean the end of the EU.

I want my fruit and vegetables grown here and my TV’s and cars made here. Every leader of every country should feel the same way for their country. If a country can’t grow or make something the they should buy or trade for what they don’t have.

We are not against trade, but the globalist view of moving our factories to make our products to another country and then selling it back to us is not my idea of trade. It’s the globalist vision of dividing the world into growers and manufacturers where everyone would buy from, and we don’t like that.

More and more the Brazilians want to be Brazilians, the Italians want to be Italians, The Hungarians want to be Hungarians and Americans want to be Americans! To hell with the, we are all from earth and one people. We are Nationalists!

The term, “Nationalist” or “Nationalism” has been misinterpreted by the Left and the Media because it fits their purpose of dividing us so their globalist intents can win the day.

What is a Nationalist? The left will immediately say Hitler was a Nationalist and yes, he was, but all Nationalists aren’t Hitler.

To be a Nationalist means you believe in your nation, in its traditions, heritage, customs and culture. It doesn’t mean you want to take over the world.

We believe a country should have borders and determine who should migrate here. We believe in economic security where Made in America needs to return. The left will call us everything in the book from racists xenophobes to White Nationalists.

We who love our country are not the stupid, deplorable, racists or haters the main stream media tries to make us out to be. That is a narrative they have thrust upon us. We are American Nationalists and it’s time to take the narrative away from the media and define ourselves.

The main stream media insists using the term “White Nationalists” because of a few lunatics. Both sides have lunatics and I claim to be American Nationalist. The media and the left seek to deceive American Nationalism as a KKK, Nazi loving bunch of racist haters, but that’s their lie. The truth is, being a Nationalist has nothing to do with race and everything about one’s country. An American Nationalist is just that.

We believe in the identity of our Western Culture, our American culture and our country. We believe in our Constitution as conceived, we believe in enforcing our immigration laws. We believe there are two sexes. We believe in strong borders and we believe in one on one trade deals.

A Nationalist is not a Globalist and that’s what it’s all about. Trump is destroying the globalist dream with our approval.

We don’t believe in White Supremacy; we believe in American Supremacy.

We don’t believe in White Privilege; we believe in American Privilege.

Those two privileges are that which comes from being an American Citizen able to enjoy the fruits of what the greatest political document in the history of the world, our Constitution, has given us.

People of all races, nationalities and all ethnicities can have that privilege. All they have to do is accept America and assimilate to her in their heart and soul. They must accept Western Culture as their own. They must accept America’s traditions and its values as their own and apply for immigration legally.

This does not mean they must give up their own traditions, but they must love the idea of becoming an American and accept that America wasn’t created to keep us diverse. America was created to bring us together as one people in one country under one flag speaking one language with the freedom to worship our God, as Americans.

George Washington said:

“The name of AMERICAN, which belongs to you, in your national capacity, must always exalt the just pride of Patriotism, more than any appellation derived from local discriminations.” – President George Washington, Farewell Address

The Democrats have done a good job conning everyone into believing we are a diverse nation, we are not. We are a nation made up from a diversity of people who become ONE. We are one as American’s.

E Pluribus Unum – From Many, One

The Left wants us to be many people, they want us separated by our ethnicity, by our race, our religion, our sex and anything else they can throw at us. They are wrong and we are paying the price for the Lefts influence in this country. We are not a diverse nation! We are one America!

It’s too bad there are those on the Left who consider it American Privilege as white privilege and American Supremacy as White Supremacy. All other groups can form their own organizations, i.e. ANTIFA, BLM, REVCOM, CPUSA, The Black caucus, La Raza, LGBTQ, Feminist organizations like NOW and every other group you can think of, but if the White voters elect a White president, they say they do so because they are racist, bigots, homophobe and every other name the left can come up with.

While there are a few lunatics the media likes to call White Nationalists, there are American Nationalists who happen to be White. There are lunatics on both sides, but they don’t represent the far greater majority.

There are American Nationalists who are of every race. We aren’t racists, the left is.

We don’t hate our country, the Left does.

My last name is DIAZ and I’m an American Nationalist. I enjoy all the privileges that come with being a person who loves this country. I’m also of Mexican descent and I grew up eating tortillas and beans on a daily basis. But my heritage is American, my traditions are American, my heroes are American and my values are American. I have nothing in common with the government of Mexico. I do have many friends I love who are Mexican.

In America some of us can celebrate more than one set of traditions customs and culture, but we only pledge our allegiance to our America. I’m an American of Mexican descent and own a condo in Mexico. I have many friends there who wouldn’t think of entering the USA illegally.

In 2008 when, Obama took over, all consumer confidence took a nose dive and I watched as our little tourist town in Mexico went broke. They all didn’t head to America, in fact very few did.

I enjoy my American Privilege and if anyone wants to call it White Privilege, they do so with the hate they have in their heart for our America.

I was able to become an American because during the time I was growing up in school, the school system still taught American values, American History and they taught us The Constitution and how our nation and Western Civilization was founded. We learned the Western Civilization was the most advanced civilization in the history of mankind. Of the Western civilization it’s the United States of America that has led the world for over a hundred years with American Supremacy, American Exceptionalism and the American Privilege our Constitution grants us.

The left believes that because we think that we consider ourselves as supreme we are evil and wrong. The call us White Supremacists. If being the most advance society means some take that as us being supreme, as in white supremacy, so be it. The truth is Western Civilization is the most advanced.