QUORA Question – Answered June 15th 2019

What do you think of President Obama saying that he is the one responsible for the current booming economy?
Answered by Chuck Diaz

Obama taking credit is so insane it’s incredible. He shut down coal and steel. He was against increasing production of fossil fuels. He almost destroyed our military. He thought manufacturing jobs were gone for good. He admitted he didn’t know how Trump would do what he did, he thought Trump would need a magic wand!

He watched as the economy tanked. I know it did. It hit home with me. I lost money in a partnership that owned a building here. Out of 16 businesses in the building that were up and running in 2008, six went out of business by 2012.

A town in Mexico that depends on American tourism lost 75% of its business during the Obama years, When Trump took office and in the next year and a half tourism has returned and the town is almost back .

I know, I own property in that town and I watched the value of what I own drop to the point I couldn’t sell anything.

In his first year Obama ended the F-22 program. We needed $1.5 billion to keep the line going another year and he cancelled it. Instead he gave $3.0 billion for Cash for Clunkers that didn’t help anyone.

He said he had shovel ready jobs weren’t as shovel ready as expected:


His administration announced the summer of recovery with an $831 Billion stimulus and in two years the GDP dropped from 3.0 in 2010 to 1.9 in 2012. Now he’s taking credit after not knowing what to do. What a ridiculous buffoon.

Trump has done it all and I will admit it wasn’t really that hard. All he had to do was get the government out of the way and he did. The tax cuts and cuts in regulation are a huge reason.

Do you have any idea how important being able to right off an entire cost of capital equipment in the first year is? How important it was to end the Death Tax? How important it was to lower corporate tax rates?

I don’t think there is anything on the list of Trumps’ accomplishments that Hillary would have done and Obama didn’t have a clue.

What’s worse is he thought it was OK to raise Capital Gains Tax even if it would reduce the amount collected. He would do it for fairness.


Obama knew exactly what he was doing, he planned to fundamentally change America

He wanted to increase the cost of electricity:

He tried to destroy our America and now he’s taking credit for the economy? Give me a break.

Talk about collusion with the Russians, this was caught on a hot mic:

He also thought the war with ISIS was going to be a multi generational war. Trump took them out in six months. I had two sons in Iraq and Afghanistan and all they wanted was a change in rules of engagement. Trump did it.

Trump has done it all.