by Chuck Diaz


Having been born before World War Two, I’ve often wondered who or what was responsible for the mess America is in today. I’ve concluded the generation immediately following mine, the children born after 1945 and their children are the culprits.

Yep, the baby boomers. THEY started it when THEY were teenagers in the sixties and have kept it up as THEY became the academics, intellectuals and politicians. THEY fought the establishment, our establishment.

THEY brought on the sexual revolution but that was only the beginning. THEY were the first generation that didn’t dress like their parents. THEY didn’t like the songs their parents liked. THEY didn’t like the traditional movie industry, so now we have one far better than before don’t we?

THEY have attempted to give us an accident free life, complete with warning labels and by finding blame for any accident with all sorts of lawsuits creating a lawyer’s empire. Collectively THEY did all what THEY did to improve America.

Individually, I believe some of them became socialists or even communists claiming that capitalism is the cause of all problems created in the USA. THEY gave us political correctness that is as extreme as any censorship the brown shirts of Germany’s youth movement imposed during Hitler’s regime. THEY created a world where if I disagree with a woman, I’m a male chauvinist. If I disagree with a homosexual, I’m a homophobe. If I disagree with a black person, I’m a racist.

THEY made the act of driving home from your daughter’s wedding a crime because you had a few glasses of champagne. With that THEY created the victimless crime. That is, a crime where there is no personal or property damage. Just the act of driving under the influence is a crime. At the same time, THEY have made a sham out of our criminal court system where crimes are not prosecuted for what they are, but with a good enough reason a person can get off with murder.

In my day a husband would not allow his wife to work after the first child was born but THEY changed that. THEY created the motherless home with the two-worker family.

THEY created the National Organization of Women (NOW) and claim it’s an organization that promotes women’s issues when in truth it supports liberal left and lesbian issues. At the Women’s Conference in Beijing China THEY along with Hillary Clinton called for five genders: female heterosexuals, male heterosexuals, female homosexuals, male homosexuals and trans/bisexuals. THEY created a “don’t ask, don’t tell” military and now THEY want to allow transgenders in the military.

In 1974 THEY removed homosexuality (wanting to have intercourse with another man or boy) from the American Psychiatric Association’s list of Mental Disorders while generalized anxiety disorder (suffering with unrealistic or excessive anxiety and worry about life circumstances) has been added. In the past thirty years a couple of hundred more disorders have been added and created a psychiatrist’s empire.

Within that empire THEY removed the family when tragedy strikes. THEY took the government out of our bedrooms while giving the government control of our most sacred responsibility, our children. THEY send our children “counselors” when our children need family. THEY have been giving our children drugs to take care of imaginary mental disorders that weren’t allowed when I was a kid. THEY have taken away our children’s childhood with reality training about condoms and bananas and call them better off. THEY have mocked masculinity.

THEY have allowed our flag to be burned and God cast aside. THEY have allowed the environmental movement and the UN to be stolen from the world and used as flagships for one world socialism. THEY tell us swamps are wetlands, jungles are forests and deserts are wildlife preserves. THEY tell us a burning forest is “more natural” and better than logging to build American homes.

THEY turned our Constitution into a moral document that it was never intended to be. The Constitution was created to define political freedom. It never had any reference to any moral law. The Constitution doesn’t contain anything about it being illegal to rob, or murder anyone. It was never intended to be a moral document. THEY somehow changed that and now the Constitution must change to keep up with the changing moral decay of our country. THEY describe the Constitution with terms like “a living document” as the reason the judiciary now legislates from the bench. The Constitution does allow change, but only with Constitutional Amendments that the people vote for within our republican system of government, not by activist judges.

THEY have created an atmosphere that allows a Supreme Court Justice to refer to other countries laws when making a decision, an action in direct violation of the oath of office to protect and uphold the Constitution of the United States of America. When will that action be called treason and these Un-American one-world socialists be removed from office? NEVER! Why? Because THEY have chipped away at America’s foundation to the point that someday soon there will be no America.

I have to admit I’m probably one of “THEY” and you’re probably one of “THEY.”

We are because we didn’t stop THEM!!!! When are WE going to stop THEM??????